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Sep 2014 · 614
Site Down
Patricia Drake Sep 2014
Gasping for air like fish
freshly landed
we hit the refresh button
but we have lost all
to the sea
we no longer exist
Sep 2014 · 619
He Just Left
Patricia Drake Sep 2014
He was just an internet friend
they are not real
they said half joking
to offer some comfort
when he left

He was just an internet friend
I never got to meet him
although we planned to
we were trying to make it real
before he left

He was just an internet friend
they shook their heads
when I spoke of him as if
we had been really close
until he left

He was just an internet friend
but I miss him just as much
now that he is not around
I still cannot believe
he just left
In Memoriam, Ben Wright (1975-2014)
Aug 2014 · 452
Dark (haiku style)
Patricia Drake Aug 2014
Darkness feels different
something odd under the skin
sinister spreading
Jul 2014 · 535
Dragon (10w)
Patricia Drake Jul 2014
I breathe fire
Inside your mountain
Brandish your soul
Jul 2014 · 486
Moving Objects in Space
Patricia Drake Jul 2014
what if space
between us
did not expand

and if we
did not move
in circles

would we
at some point
Jul 2014 · 448
Patricia Drake Jul 2014
Like a ghost
you're always here
the mark you left
won't disappear

I see your face
behind the screen
and sometimes later
I may dream

Your name I whisper
in the night
that you may join me
in my flight

Thus we may fly
time and again
high on the thoughts
that still remain

There was no purpose
I could fill
but that of memories in a frame
sitting there on your window sill
Jul 2014 · 562
Tesseract Haiku
Patricia Drake Jul 2014
Suspended by chains
The inner chamber is kept
Safe from prying eyes
Jul 2014 · 470
Paranoid Activity
Patricia Drake Jul 2014
I hope this is a ****** joke
That there's no fire only smoke
Coming from guns loaded with ire
But lacking the guts the triggers require

I hope,  Sicko, that you're okay
That this is just another display
Of frustration or anger or sadness
I don't know,  help me,  this is madness!

Crying fire like that on the phone
Yelling help in that convincing tone
Quite an actor,  you are,  what a stunt
You must take me for a stupid ****

Tell me,  why did you send that text
When you know what will happen next
I'll be out of my my wits with fear
That you might this time actually disappear

It's been days now,  and I'm losing hope
I thought jokes were your means to cope
Now I'm not so sure this is fun
If it is, then please stop,  you have won!

Please respond,  please,  I beg you, call
I shall not hold a grudge at all
I just hope that you're safe, okay
Help me chase that paranoia away.
Jul 2014 · 4.8k
Ungrateful Sons
Patricia Drake Jul 2014
Sometimes we wish
We were Americans

We would have aced the Spelling B's
Been athletes on scholarships
Or won beauty pageants

Our institutions would compete
And we would win prizes
For accomplishments

If we were Americans
We would thrive with competition

We would live the American Dream
And be rich and famous
I just know it

Sometimes we just wish
Our Scandinavian system favoured people with our talents
Our lack of compromise
Patricia Drake Jul 2014
They are objects
Of no importance
In our lives
Often carelessly scattered
Over ripe
For somebody else
To pick up
But he takes them
To centre stage
On big canvases
With lots of colours
And no filter
Even sewn up wounds
Beyond the ordinary
Everyday decadence
They become parts
In our stories
Like memories of past
Or future lives
Like they have not been
He saw them
This way
And let us see them
Poetic review  of Cornelius Völker's solo exhibition at Esbjerg Museum of Contemporary Art
Jul 2014 · 281
Ghosts Outside The Store
Patricia Drake Jul 2014
You insist on not looking right at us
When we stand outside the store
Cross the street as if we are dangerous
We are ghosts sleeping at your door

In this country, they say, we are free
From birth, the system cares
We can be what we want to be
Just as long as we climb the stairs

But some of us didn't climb
And our talents were wasted at school
Maybe sometime you spared us a dime
Because showing off excess is "cool"

Since we do not exist in your mind
You have probably never thought
Of these ghosts and the tragedies behind
You just focus on the things you bought
Jul 2014 · 382
O at the library
Patricia Drake Jul 2014
The sounds
In the public library
With the bass
In her pulse
Made a discreet
To her first reading
Of O
Apr 2014 · 716
Patricia Drake Apr 2014
We board the same
Heading West
On a journey
Through Instagram landscapes
We travel
In open compartments
Where party clad snappers
Make sure the world is
And that we know
And Facebook knows
Even when they are busted
For free loading
We know
It's their scene
And we're already
Has beens
With our children asleep
Across the aisle
We still travel
In the dark
After they leave
The landscape barely visible
And it is getting late
We are tired
But soon
We will be home
Feb 2014 · 263
Conclusion (10w)
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
The best of us
won't be
the last of us
a friend of mine, a fellow poet and my mentor, just died. It's unbelievable
Feb 2014 · 809
Viral Lights
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
They are

a labyrinth

of low hanging

******* clothed lights


a clustered chaos

at the entrance

with seeming

velcroed circumference

of colour shapes



abstract tentacles

to obstruct paths

and invite


games like

seeking patterns

in viral coloured



and play

among the fragile

futuristic forms
Notes upon visiting the arts exhibition "Colour Me In" at Esbjerg Museum of Contemporary Art
Feb 2014 · 732
The Promise of Strawberries
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
I keep strawberry plants in my garden
for they give good yield with little toil
and the sweetness of self produce is greater
than something bought

I keep strawberry plants in my garden
and one in particular seems promising
it's not big in size, but it has many flowers
the promise of summer fruit

I keep strawberry plants in my garden
I watch over them from my window
and I dream of what they'll bring
especially that unseeming one in the corner

I keep strawberry plants in my garden
I water them in the absence of rain
and I **** out grass and other alien plants
so they may grow unhindered

I keep strawberry plants in my garden
and they are starting to show signs of fruit
but one of them is dying
suddenly, it just turned brown

I had a strawberry plant
it was my favourite
it bore such promises
it died and I care not for the rest
Feb 2014 · 389
Imperfect (10w)
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
is home
deliberately cluttered
and comfortable
so unlike mother's
Feb 2014 · 319
Some Words
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
Some words
like music
allow us
to touch
and caress
each other's

some words
in rhythmic flows
with rhymes
like brainwaves
soothing the soul
allow us
to enter each other
in a communal state
of euphoria

Some words
just connect
and form
not just some
but all things
Feb 2014 · 361
Space Puzzle
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
I sought
I am
still searching
I am lost
for pieces
for words
puzzle pieces
the puzzle
I collect pieces
to a game
of puzzles
I am game
but I am puzzled
My puzzle begun
in the garden
for I had a garden
and in it a tree
I had a tree
and it bore apples
last year it bore none
but something arose
from nothing
became many things
were created
became tales
inside words was creation
and it bloomed
in the garden
it puzzled me
puzzled and frightened
and excited me
into creating more
from words
words created worlds
as I created more words
inside the garden
and outside
but mostly inside
and now
I am searching again
I seek
to find space
space inside
and between words
space for images
a special image
outside my garden
outside me
Feb 2014 · 619
4-liner Valentine
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
When all butterflies are frozen too deep
Lifeless and brittle in the snow
The touch of summer you gave me to keep
Still thaws and brings life like spring,  you know
written for a Valentine's competition. The prompt was simply to write a romantic 4-liner.
Feb 2014 · 340
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
We smoke happiness
they say
we are happy
and we smoke more
than others
it seems
we die a different kind
of happy
this way
Feb 2014 · 234
Sometimes (10w)
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
I just want to bury
in you
Feb 2014 · 266
Twisted Valentine
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
For Valentine's
he said he'd take me
somewhere special
make me the centre
of attention

I smiled
I thought it would be
And we drove up there
To be alone

Nice place
for romance, I thought

But when I saw his room
I knew

I was so wrong
Feb 2014 · 207
Mornings (10w)
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
I know of no times
than mornings
with you
Feb 2014 · 239
Hello Berkeley (10w)
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
your work
if it does not
Feb 2014 · 602
Valentine (10w)
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
please        release
the hold you have
of my eager
Feb 2014 · 279
OK (10w)
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
He's ok
The kids are ok
will be
Feb 2014 · 320
Lost in a Dream (edited)
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
I dreamt of Columbia
of a city in the clouds
and my hands on fire
wielding powers

I dreamt of beauty
creating pathways
for narrative

I dreamt of towers

Burning structures

I dreamt of searching
then fighting
for truth

Today, even
I have spent my whole day
of going back
Feb 2014 · 471
Live Object
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
He is now art
The murderer
In Death Row
A live object
To an artist
A sinner
Sentenced to die
This is
The artwork itself

In exchange
He requested the artist
Help with an appeal
If successful
could change
The outcome

It did
For they won
The artwork will die
In prison

The object will die
By the system
And by the artist
But by God
and then
Become food
For Helena
To complete
The work of art
Feb 2014 · 249
Lost Days
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
I spent days
reading emptiness
flipping through
page after page
of absent words
certain they were there
between the lines
among the hours
Feb 2014 · 268
Patricia Drake Feb 2014

I hope that you are well
your words I have long been missing
I hope that you rather than going through Hell
some fortunate lips have been kissing
Feb 2014 · 248
Flip (10w)
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
how simple sometimes
means genius
and other times
Feb 2014 · 322
Baggage - Trilogy of 10Ws
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
despite their numbers
she never learned
her craft

it was poetry
that started it
the revolution
in her

poetry became
words literally
smashed her
and she
Feb 2014 · 955
Food For Lions
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
She wanders the streets unnoticed
past the news stand
with a front page giraffe
and letters in a foreign language
she barely speaks
sometimes she sits on the edge
of a bench or a litterbox
to rest her legs and her sore stilettoed
She doesn't talk much
she has no friends
just work
and people
even the media
leave her alone

Maybe if she was a giraffe
with big eyes
and an enormous mythological heart
to pump blood through her neck
to her head
and to pump news around the world
Maybe then
someone would notice her?

For what news is she
compared to a giraffe
put to sleep humanely
to secure its species
then displayed in scientific lectures
as insight for future generations
and lastly fed to lions
as if it had died on the savanna

But what purpose has she
that ******* the street
other than serving urban lions
she knows
no one will care
no one will learn from her experience
let alone from her death
by lions
Perspective on the news story about the death and subsequent public dissection of a zoo giraffe endingn with it being fed to the zoo lions. The story has caused an uproar in the media by animal rights activists all over the world, thus blocking the newsfeeds everywhere. This poem is to call for perspectives!!!
Feb 2014 · 342
Coward Trilogy
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
I want to sleep
and dream
of things
I do not dare to
make real

I want to write
those dreams
and capture
each fantasy
like frames
of a disturbed mind

I want to capture
your thoughts
and manipulate
your dreams
to make you write
in my name
Feb 2014 · 223
Prayer (10W)
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
That I write in faith
That I bear light
Feb 2014 · 297
Trace (10W)
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
please delete me
if you leave
please delete all
Feb 2014 · 735
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
My heart leaps
every time you pack your bags
to leave
it leaps in hope
of a safe return
Feb 2014 · 561
Exit Button
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
he spoke of exits
of rooms being tight
and the world outside too chaotic
only dreams
and dreamlike escapes
could make him calm

he wrote his visions
in verse with rhythm like a pulse
poetry like visions
of journeys
into calm
non existence

I feared his silence
the double absence of his words
and what it meant

I just pray
because I know
where the exit is
Feb 2014 · 312
Lost Lines
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
Amidst the noise
I know
I must find you, Linus
if you are lost
I must go
into your darkness, Linus
seek the flow
amidst the noise
I must bring you back
Feb 2014 · 713
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
a removal of
a woman's hair
always seems
so serious
Feb 2014 · 372
Sunblock Trilogy
Patricia Drake Feb 2014
I stopped writing
because of the sun
I could not see the dark
and my letters
became invisible
so I stopped
and waited for clouds

And darkness crept in
through the cracks
of a fake smile hiding
the real
painful enlightenment
that truly blocked
the sun

But in the dark there were letters
like keys
to boxes of treasured light
that did not sting
or burn out
like the sun
Jan 2014 · 562
Patricia Drake Jan 2014
They gotta eat
The swine
To feed us
Chops and bacon
They don’t discriminate
Or complain
If I feed them
***** pieces
Of trash
As long as I grind it
And I do
I treat them
Slicing and dicing
And feeding them
To the animals
And thus
To you
(based on the story of the serial killer and pig farmer, Robert Pickton)
Jan 2014 · 436
Acute Silence
Patricia Drake Jan 2014
I never liked silence
In my family we talk
A lot
About nothing
We talk non stop
Something serious
Comes up
There's silence
Like a useless spell
Against truth
Jan 2014 · 273
Patricia Drake Jan 2014
Perhaps it is here
In the blank

between the lines

we will find
which we do not agree on
but also that
for which we long
so much

perhaps it is here
Jan 2014 · 723
Patricia Drake Jan 2014
Is silent
and silent
when not
Oct 2013 · 538
Cheap Wisdom
Patricia Drake Oct 2013
Refrigerator magnets
Will tell
kitchen table truths
About family
And blood
And how it will stick
No matter what
To kitchen table believers
Oct 2013 · 943
Patricia Drake Oct 2013
I see her picturing me
In her image
A perfect lacquered surface
Fitting into  
Her polished plastic ideals
But as I rise
The surface breaks
Into an ugly ripple
And her image
Is cracked
Beyond repair
Oct 2013 · 364
Mum’s Sense of Perfection
Patricia Drake Oct 2013
I never could do anything
Although I was good
I was
always one step
Away from perfection
Always a pound too heavy
Or a pimple to many
From beauty
In my mum’s eyes

And now I won’t
Because I can
Choose not to
Try to live up to
My mum’s sense
Of perfection
And I do
I actually feel
Rather perfect
As I am
Oct 2013 · 495
Bird’s Eye View
Patricia Drake Oct 2013
From up here
I can watch the whole stage
How they act
As if they were actually
In a play
I can see them living
Their lives
Without really living
Only playing it
In their living room
On their sofa
With their kids
Beneath the telly
And the family portraits
I can listen
To their dialogues
And their pauses
Feel their silences
Like liquids filling lungs
Threatening to suffocate
Until love enters
And turns the whole play
Into comedy
And curtain fall
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