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I do not walk around searching for acceptance from others.
No I do not care how many likes I get on that new selfie, I like photography and I value beauty in many ways.
No matter how much you think so,
I do not need your "incredibly life changing" word that Jesus supposedly gave you for me.
I definitely don't have to speak in tungs for God to hear me.
I don't need to have one night stands to feel loved and have worth.
I do not need your money, and no, money will NEVER fix all of your problems.
No I don't know the latest of what's happening with the kardashians, I have better things to do.
I don't need a big house I'd be fine with a one bedroom apartment.
I do not plan on marrying into money but if that happens, great.
Yes I like graffiti I think it's authentic and adds to the experience of the city.
I don't need or want **** or alchohol to have a good time.
I don't need to hear what you have to say about my make up or how I dress.
I like how I dress and I like me and I certainly  don't need your help to make me look how YOU want me to look.
I hate stereo types, I think you should too.
I like classical music and also rap.
I think to have dreams in life is a gift from God.
I see the beauty in tattoos and skin with none
I see the beauty in pale skin and the beauty in dark skin.
I don't think there is a such thing as a "normal person."
I'm real with God and talk to him about the confusions I have with him.
I say if you like ranch on your burger, get it.
I think piercings are fun.
My rooms not always clean.
And all together that sums up me:)
All together that sums up me:)
I hear the wind weaving it's way through the prickly branches.
I see the beauty of all the shades of this earth: summer, fall, winter, spring.
I hear the sound of T.V going on inside.
The sound of my mom making dinner.
I watch my chest move in and out as I breath deeply, feeling my mind working ruthlessly to figure out what I'm truly trying to concentrating on.
The minds a mystery.
She's beautiful.
Surrounded by angels.
She works hard for her money,
With a beautiful baby boy to come home too every night she does her best to be a great mother.
Covered In tattoos and piercings.
Just cause she looks different then you,
you don't know her, but you judge her?
And that's suppose to make you better?
Oh yeah cause that makes sense.
She's Angelic.
God made her who she is
Yet you look at her and hate her because she's too loud for you.
Her laughs a little weird, her smiles crooked and she wears too much make up.
Look at yourself!
You despise someone LITERALLY JUST, because she acts far from the way you would.
Do you hear yourself?
If you could make everyone just like you, you probably would.
I hate the way you think.
I hate how you can just pick people out just like you and me and reach this decision  of whether you like them or not.
You're fake, fabricated and a phony.
Haven't you ever been hurt before!
Maybe if you really knew these people you'd think differently.
My mind is going insane.
Just trying to figure out what I rely on.
Is it you? I'm doubtful.
It all seems so unclear now.
Just trying to figure out what I'm even thinking...
Are you everything you say you are?
I feel you pestering me, bugging me over and over again
Can't you just let me be?
Help me separate my thoughts, make it clearer.
Figure this out for me!
Am I wrong or right?
Is there a wrong or right, or do we just think so?
Push me in the right direction.
I want to be for you!
So show me!
Show me you, give me all of you so I can give you all of me.
Theres so many things that I will never get
So many things that everyone seems to understand but not me
For example, what the hell is a two year marriage then it's over?
And what the hell is a parent walking out on her beautiful daughter?
You think it's okay for her to grow up and wonder why she wasn't good enough for you.
am I suppose to believe you did the right thing
That giving up is the answer when it gets hard
Was it to dull for you darlin?
First of all your opinions make no sense.
Where was your faith in this one?
Did god just sit out?
Why does love always have a deadline?
since when did hate overcome peace making?
and why is giving up always the go to answer when things get hard?
Tell me what is love to you?
Does getting divorced,
getting *****,
Having angry bursts,
Not calling or letting people know you care,
And abandoning your kids sound like love to you?
Look further then your loves circumstantial issues and move on.
Stop using life's struggles as an excuse to be weak and leave.
Do the right thing and stay together.
Stay strong, when everything tells you to just give up!
Stay standing on the foundation you created with the person you fell in love with.

She played with your emotions.
Causing you to not know who you were anymore.
Depression is destructing,
You let it break down your walls
And burry it's claws in your skin.
I've seen how it's hurt you
And I can't bare to see you hurt anymore.
It's been breaking me down just watching you live in pain
Please please please just let the chains fall off your weary back
Please heal
Let me help you get you on your feet again.
Bolted to her pain.
Everyone sees how deeply she hungers for a break.
She thinks "behave yourself. Don't let nobody in, don't let nobody know what's lingering so intensely inside."
It's a battle to trust seeing through eyes of suspicion.
Having trouble with passion, can't seem to find a relationship that's hopeful cause there's too many people to arrogant to understand what commitment is, and what it really means to love somebody.
She grew up believing the love meant forever,
Then woke up to reality, that love always has a deadline.
She crys,
All I wanna know is will I get through this alive?
Will I get through this left with sanity?
Here I am.
I've come along way.
And I'm still going, I will never quite.
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