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please don't take this lightly..
yes i forgave you but don't think ill forget.
what you did brought tears to my eyes..
what you did made me end what we had..
i pray for your own good you don't use me again
cause if you do don't think I'll sit around and let you.
if you want me in your life put me there but i will not be the one waiting for an opening spot.
please don't take this lightly cause i wont forgive next time.
and i wont forget.
Youve changed so much.
Is that even you?
Should i even ask you?
You are mad at things I can't even comprehend.
I'm sorry that I'm not perfect. I'm sorry that I'm not ALWAYS gonna be there for you... I try too.
You search in me as if your trying to find fault...
Trust me if your looking for faults you WILL find them in me.
God your such a *****...
Before you judge me put a mirror to your own soul and look at your own faults be for you start looking at mine.
Has it ever come to you that maybe your not all that perfect either?
*******.. At least I'm trying....
I care about you... WITH EVERY **** PART OF ME I AM FOR YOU.!!!!!
I've done everything I'm possibly capable of doing just to make YOU happy !!!
An I'd do anything for you
But this??!!
I just can't take it anymore...
I just can't....
So I guess that's it...
I guess it's over for us...
That's fine.
But remember I ONCE GAVE A **** ABOUT YOU when NO ONE else did so I hope your happy you little *****...******* and have a good ******* life.
you are beautiful.
you awaken my cold beat-less heart, love.
i think i might even love you.
you are special
like a sacred treasure that i must keep.
you are amazing
and i love you
You're so predictable..
If you want me in your life,
put me their but I am not the type to stick around and fight for a spot...
You can push me away but, Just remember
I gave a **** when no one else did.
If I didn't care I wouldn't have stuck around this long.
If you were me wouldn't you do the same?!
I'd rather be alone than be with you who always makes me FEEL alone.
I'm tired of you accepting me at my strongest
but turning your face away from me when I'm at my weakest...
****... The hardest thing in life is giving up someone close to you.. Someone you thought actually gave a **** about you
But I won't stick around waiting for you to start caring about me.
I have other people to turn to I will be fine dad don't worry about me.. Not that you would have anyway.
And her... Yeah that mother ******* ***** you're with, she can forget about me too. I'm sure it won't be too hard for her.
Don't expect respect from me if you don't intend on giving it. Because that's ******* and I won't take it.
**** you really can't trust anyone anymore and I'm done trying to.
Yeah I'm giving up on you but just remember I've tried for 8 ******* years...
So if you plan on giving up on something......
Remember why you held on for so long.
Goodbye dad.
I feel so overwhelmed...
Right now I don't know what to think..
Snap out of it Grace he deserved it.
It's not the same between us anymore.
What happened to you?
What happened to us dad?
"I heard you recorded your first CD...
That's so great.."
"... I'm having a show daddy."
"I wish you could be there"
"Can you come?"
"Ohh... Your busy?... No it's fine..I understand"
Did I mention I miss you?
Even though I see you, I don't really see you... Cause your not ever really there..
I wish you were.
I wish you cared more...
I wish you could hold me now...
Ohhh your busy?
No it's fine I understand.....
I wish I could tell you how confused I am.
I wish you could tell me it's all gonna be okay and sort this out for me...
Am I a bad person?
Am I a disgrace to you?
Scream if you must but these questions are real....
I need you now daddy. Dad where are you?
Am I doing the right thing?
Don't answer that... I know you wouldn't anyway.
Dad? Are you listening?
Ohhh okay I'll try again some other time...
It's been almost 5 months since I've talked to you....
I just got a txt from you.. You said your sorry.
**** I really loved you...
Yeah I really did...
Why now?
Come on love... Why not earlier?
It's to late now.
I thought we both moved on..
But I guess neither of us really did. And I guess I realize that now.
**** babe why now? I'm in the middle of something? Can't you see I'm with someone else?
Is that why you said sorry? Cause you knew that could have been you?
I hope so.
I hope you regret what you did...
I hope it burns a whole in your mother ******* brain... Pow pow, call that piece of mind.
I hate you
I hate what you did...
Truth is though.....
I hope you know all I'm really trying to say is I miss you....
I really ******* miss you...
But you can't know that...
Look at me, dad.
I'm finally breaking down...
I'm finally crying...
Is that what you wanted?
I can hear you now..
"You are very important to me... I'm so proud of you!"
Then you turn right around and tell me you're not coming...
"But dad! You promised me..! You told me that you weren't leaving!."
"I'm sorry grace dads got work to do. Dads gotta be at church in five minutes"
I've learned that sometimes you have to walk through life alone...
Sometimes I wish I would have never met you.. So I wouldn't have to feel the pain of you leaving.
God you say you're there for me...
Where the **** are you in this....
When was the last time you answered even one of my prayers?
I guess this Jesus thing works for some people but to me it just seems like I'm hoping in something hopeless...
Dad where are you.....
You lied to me dad... You told me you'd be there for me... YOU PROMISED ME!!!!!
And now these tears have reached my throat..
But you don't care...
"Grace I care! I really do"
******* at least tell the truth..
I hate this.
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