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Jul 2015 · 248
Daisy C Jul 2015
I was starving.
I ate expired meat.
And now I'm sick.
Food poisoning.
Jul 2015 · 180
Daisy C Jul 2015
People come and they go.
Some change us, some teach us.
Some times losing a person is not always a lost.
Its more of a gain if you ask me.
Jul 2015 · 242
Daisy C Jul 2015
You'll miss me.
You took me for granted.
I took you for granted too.
I'll never miss you.
Jul 2015 · 215
Daisy C Jul 2015
I wonder if your awake.
I wonder if your alone.
I wonder if your listening to music.
I wonder if your so tired you can hardly keep your eyes open.
I wonder when your gonna be my friend again.
I wonder if your smoking a CIG.
I started the bad habit of it.
I wonder if your wondering about me.
Probably not.
I'm probably not even in your dreams.
Jul 2015 · 243
Daisy C Jul 2015
We don't realize what we have done wrong.
Until its to late.
Jul 2015 · 292
Humans do...
Daisy C Jul 2015
Are you coming?
Will I have to stand here long?
My legs are starting to **** me.
Were are you?
Were can you be?
Come save me,
I'm hanging off the branch
of this tree.
Its about to snap in three.
Come save me from this catastrophe.
My hands are shaking.
God ******!
I knew you wouldn't save me.
Clench your wrist I say.
Clench em!
I'm not letting go of this branch.
Even if it kills me.
You don't always need people to save you. Learn how to save yourself. In the end you'll have to anyways.
Jul 2015 · 199
Daisy C Jul 2015
Hundreds of wasted paper,
dedicated to you.
Jul 2015 · 223
Daisy C Jul 2015
For the first time in a while
I ate a sandwhich and let me tell ya
it was the best sand which I ever had.
Little things... Make me happy.
Jul 2015 · 177
Daisy C Jul 2015
I didn't need love.
I just wanted it.
There's a difference.
Jul 2015 · 266
Head up
Daisy C Jul 2015
As time goes on.
I look back and regret too many
Im too strong to fall behind,
stumble and fall.
To become numb.
I wanna feel the pain.
I wanna feel love.
I wanna smile, naturally.
I can't depend on anyone but me
in order to fill in the check marks on my wanna list.
I never trusted myself,
but now I know I'm my only friend,
to hold
to support
to love.
I gotta keep my head up.
Jul 2015 · 150
Daisy C Jul 2015
As the sun set the moon awake,
that's when I had to say goodbye
and that's what broke my heart.
This don't make any **** sense but its what I'm feeling.
Jun 2015 · 144
Daisy C Jun 2015
If you feel lost
look up to the sky and breath.
Tell the stars how you feel,
if anything they'll just sit there
and listen.
Gazing back at you.
Jun 2015 · 174
Daisy C Jun 2015
After seven days or so
the grass looks greener on the other side.
So I've been told.
Jun 2015 · 202
Daisy C Jun 2015
I imagined a world with out you,
and god it broke my heart.
Jun 2015 · 224
Would I?
Daisy C Jun 2015
Why would I clean a house,
that wasn't even mine?
Listen lady I don't care.
I'm too depressed to clean your ****.
So why would I?
Jun 2015 · 181
Daisy C Jun 2015
I miss my best friend.
Its starting to hurt when I breath again.
I could tell you why.
I'm heart broken again.
Jun 2015 · 140
Daisy C Jun 2015
I just wanna let go
of all the ******* I've been through.
Its hard to not look back.
But its time I move on.
Its time I don't look back.
Jun 2015 · 160
Daisy C Jun 2015
Lets write a story,
I'll grab the pen
and you'll grab the paper
and we'll write our story
all over again.
And in the end
we'll look at each other and thank the fact
that we started our chapter again.
Jun 2015 · 746
Daisy C Jun 2015
She doesn't write poetry about me anymore.
I wonder why.
Jun 2015 · 157
Daisy C Jun 2015
I've learned to live one day at a time.
One step then another.
Don't over due every little thing.
Jun 2015 · 270
Mrs Independent to be
Daisy C Jun 2015
One day I'll realize there's a greater plan for me.
But until then I'm stuck in this quick sand that's taking me in quickly.
I'll just struggle until I make it.
Be a big girl.
On my own.
This doesn't make sense does it
May 2015 · 264
Daisy C May 2015
One lovely Sunday morning
I'll open the door to find sun shine seeping
May 2015 · 828
Daisy C May 2015
Promises broken by individuals
we love is what hurts
the most.
May 2015 · 165
Daisy C May 2015
I took
and it took just that
for life to go
May 2015 · 239
Daisy C May 2015
You left me in the cold,
to fade away while the snow melt.
May 2015 · 179
Daisy C May 2015
You don't give a **** about me,
so why should I give a **** about you?
May 2015 · 277
Its called a waltz
Daisy C May 2015
I grabbed your hand
dragged you to the floor
placed my hands over your shoulders, you naturally grabbed my hip and we tried to move to the beat.
We talked and scrambled all over the floor. It didn't last long, you kept saying you couldn't dance.
Neither could I.
But it didn't matter to me because for the first time it was our perfect waltz,
and that's all that mattered.
It was a dream.
Apr 2015 · 541
This is for you
Daisy C Apr 2015
I looked up towards the night sky,
and upon my gaze I noticed
your face laying upon it,
slowly you were consumed by the other constellations,
you slowly faded away and what seemed like forever, was only a mere second it took you to leave me behind...
This doesn't make sense but....
Apr 2015 · 170
It was you...
Daisy C Apr 2015
How you made me forget the hardships that were ahead.
But god only knows what life would be like for me if you were truly here.
I love you.
But hate you.
Its a love hate thing.
It has been that way since the day I admitted to myself how much I truly love you.
Honestly it scares me.
Somebody asked me today what my greatest weakness was.
My dear it was you.
Mar 2015 · 195
Lets Play.
Daisy C Mar 2015
God took away everything from me
even you.
Im gonna drown in my own tears.
I'm gonna break down no wall.
I'm gonna be stuck once again.
Because of you.
I use to take the blame.
Well my dear its your turn.
Take all of my anger and pain and lay it on your shoulders.
It'll be a game.
Let's see who'll play better.
Sep 2014 · 295
So beautiful
Daisy C Sep 2014
Your so beautiful
you shine.
Your so beautiful
I can see your soul,
God your so beautiful
if you only knew.
Your so beautiful
with your green eyes.
I love you.
Your so beautiful
stay with me.
I love the way you walk.
The way you laugh.
Dear God your breaking my heart.
Why do you do this to me?
Aug 2014 · 486
Daisy C Aug 2014
Lost together
but drifting far apart.
Aug 2014 · 274
lay down.
Daisy C Aug 2014
I'm gonna lay down in bed
and look at the ceiling and try
to forget about you people for a little while.
I know its going to be almost impossible.
You all broke my heart.
Even though I know I broke all of yours too.
I wanna forget about everybody in the world.
PEOPLE caused me pain...
Don't worry though after I lay down I will ignore all of the things
and try to drift off to sleep.
Aug 2014 · 842
Daisy C Aug 2014
Give me the strength to stand up
for I am falling down,
way too hard.
Everyone is the same.
Nobody wants to help.
So I stand by myself.
What I needed to learn a long time ago
is to not depend on
I depended on the wrong people.
Even if blood is thicker than water,
you all hurt me.
You ****** me off.
Get out of my face.
I cant depend on you no more.
You're are all toxic.
All of you.
Aug 2014 · 622
Entitled Life.
Daisy C Aug 2014
I miss you guys
my family.
I miss my best friend.
I miss my parents.
I miss my mom and dad.
I miss the way we used to be.
I miss your laugh.
I wish I could be happy.
I don't know how.
Its 2:30 in the morning and all I hear is
I miss me.
I miss the way we used to be.
All I have is nobody.
I am *******.
This room is a fight free zone
if only you could understand what that
Jul 2014 · 450
My heart stopped
Daisy C Jul 2014
I hate you.
Well that made my heart stop beating
for a while.
Jul 2014 · 586
Fairy tale...
Daisy C Jul 2014
Life is no fairy tale sweetheart!
Even though we try and find our princes and princesses  
they are surely hard to find!
Life is about magical things don't waste
your time!
Try and find the good in a persons soul
whether rich or poor.
Remember to not always depend.
Be confident.
Never give up on yourself or this world.
Make wishes and hold on to them.
Keep hope.
Make life fun.
Welcome to this
magical horrible beautiful thing
called life...
Jul 2014 · 354
I love you.
Daisy C Jul 2014
I love you so
Much that it physiologicaly
I wish I could take all your pain away.
Out of everyone on this earth
you my dear deserve to be happy.
I just want you to know that without a doubt that
I love you dearly.
Not even without second guessing.
To I.S
Jul 2014 · 319
Daisy C Jul 2014
Step outside and let
the cold breeze
carry you away
with the wind.
Jul 2014 · 275
I will change
Daisy C Jul 2014
Though* life has given me lemons
I have used them wrongly.
Though life is a blessing it can also be a curse.
Though I feel sad I will try and appreciate life
Though I am more negative than positive I never intended on being that way.
But through all of these harsh feelings
I kept going.
No more grudges.
No more negativity.
No more curses.
One thing I can say through all of this confusion is
**I will make a positive outcome this I promise.
Jun 2014 · 286
Love what a game
Daisy C Jun 2014
Love what a funny little game
we choose to play.
Why do we continually play it?
Well because in the end we feel as if we will win.
Which is not always the case.
Jun 2014 · 915
Daisy C Jun 2014
Beaming bright from the sky
galaxies away
stars that shine all the way through
its so beautiful.
Jun 2014 · 647
Daisy C Jun 2014
I can't even save myself
so in reality I don't expect
you to save me.
Jun 2014 · 259
Side to Side....
Daisy C Jun 2014
People have a way of swallowing me up
with out me even realizing it.
I have to change my life
look straight ahead and not side to side.
Jun 2014 · 554
Emotional train wreck...
Daisy C Jun 2014
In a few short ways it can be described as
overdramatic, and
taking everything way too seriously.  
It controls your brain.
Makes you confused as hell.
Not knowing what to do is even worse.
Bipolar disorder takes a hold of your life
and uses it wherever and whenever it can.
Bipolar disorder gets to your head.
Its literal hell,
unless you do something about it.
No matter how much you wish it would just go away
but it wont and that is the hardest part about it.
Its an emotional train wreck.
Jun 2014 · 233
At first...
Daisy C Jun 2014
At first everything seems so sweet
then life hits and that's when it becomes sour.
You got what you wanted a broken heart in your
hand and you just squeeze whenever you feel like it.
That's people for you.
Jun 2014 · 321
Control me evil...
Daisy C Jun 2014
When I look in the mirror
I see a thing that's not even
The thing is evil
it continually taunts me,
picking and pulling at certain
It controls every thought
about me.
This is this and
that is that
why cant I just be me ?
Evil thing, go away !
If only it was that
Jun 2014 · 346
Daisy C Jun 2014
How can anyone love me
when I dont even love
Jun 2014 · 355
Take me dancing
Daisy C Jun 2014
Spin me around
make me feel
Take me out
and hold me
We will dance to
acoustic beat,
spin me again
make me feel wanted
make me think that I have
Thunder and lightning
inside me.
May 2014 · 1.1k
Puff, Puff
Daisy C May 2014
Take a hit
blow it out
***** up time.
Take a hit
fall out of your head,
invision things
that aren't even there.
Ruin your life
just for a feeling.
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