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mutant Oct 2020
Monkey zazu I can’t see you
mutant Mar 2020
Plant the seed
Forget about the weeds
Your not trying  no fence on my gate and they be prying what’s fair but her hair is long . Reinvest in the stocks
Will become the talks
mutant Mar 2020
Are you working
Is it safe
It’s about to get bad
Please wash your hands
don’t turn on the fans
This is how it ends
I don’t hit the send it’s only save
When I drive down to the rave
It’s bad I feel sad to become more familiar with who I am.  🌱
mutant Mar 2020
I can not write him
and not play a stupid sim
The mind is flexible I can learn  and expand my consciences ness .
Not be so obsessed with him
Look ,no filters .
What do I see ?
My eyes hurt from trying to see  I thought if I Live my whole life and die staying in love with him it would show love    
But it shows none
mutant Mar 2020
Another you
Maybe someone closer  
But no one  why
Nothing to love  
I offer nothing share my pain
While I go in sane
All at once it’s over
I am lost now they comin for the slaughter
I am a proud daughter
That brings shame to all  watch me fall
mutant Mar 2020
mutant Mar 2020
Learn new ways to cope
Give the people some ****** hope
My phone is Jeff’s phone
Everyone leave me alone
I am a master at disaster and awful at poetry  Biwitch
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