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  Jan 2019 Olivia W
I give you every single part of me
Every. Single. Part.
And god it hurts, so badly
to be away from you
and know you could be searching for more.
I want to be all you need.
And still,
you're talking to her
and her
and her.
Why can't I be enough for you?
Sometimes I want to rip out my heart and throw it away.
It hurts so badly and I feel so drained.
I know she's,
in every way.
But why can't it be me?
I just want you to love me.
I love you so much.
Love me.
  Jan 2019 Olivia W
Ruby Nemo
coming up with ways
for us to be close
finding little moments for us
to be alone
your nurturing care saves me early
you don't know my habits
I want to learn all your thoughts
that you won't leave me lonely
or drunken or cold
savoring happiness like we know
days like these don't last
and feelings like these
don't stand a chance.
Olivia W Jan 2019
i can never let you go
no matter how badly i can get hurt
you and your love is addicting
i have wanted you since the day i saw you
i will always love you
i want you baby
Olivia W Jan 2019
people just dont care bout me anymore. but its fine. i dont care bout me either
Olivia W Jan 2019
would you love me if i were skinnier?
would you love me if i were prettier?
would you love me if i were funnier?
would you love me if i was happy?
would you love me if i gave you everything??
because i can do anything you want me to
but what will never change is my love for you
i look at you and feel pain but love
its beautiful pain i guess
if you will love me like i love you
then i will be the happiest person in the universe
Olivia W Jan 2019
love is overrated
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