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 Feb 2014 Olivia Pierce
 Feb 2014 Olivia Pierce
I stare at you
Sitting in front of me,
And I feel horrible

You ask me why we haven't
Spoken in weeks and I'm
So sorry, but this time
I am the villain and you
Are the innocent
I am the user, and you
Are the used

I can't explain why I
Do the things I do,
But I hope you can feel my
Sympathetic stare on the back of your head
And realize I never meant
To hurt you
 Feb 2014 Olivia Pierce
People say
Don't throw stones
If you live in a glass house,
But maybe the lesson should be
Don't throw stones, especially
At glass houses
 Feb 2014 Olivia Pierce
 Feb 2014 Olivia Pierce
Growing up is making me anxious because
I'm not ready to be an adult when
I still fear like a child with my flashlight
Under the covers

At what age does my blanket in a dark room
No longer protect me from the
Monsters I cannot see?
 Feb 2014 Olivia Pierce
This is a really hard pill to swallow
Swallowing ******* my unspoken words
But I let another person yell at me
Just to tell me I am
Worthless, but the other girls
Don't have this problem, so maybe
He's right

I hate the word **** because
Actions don't define me
If you have words you want to say, please
Whisper them, because everyone knows how closely
I will listen and believe what you
Say, but you will continue to yell at me and
Tell me all the worst
Things about myself and
I will continue to change who I am
From the inside, out
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