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Olivia Pierce Sep 2013
What is a name?
A label that defines a person
Describes them flawlessly
Yet it also confines them
Puts them in a box
Live up to your name

A name serves an important purpose
To call you
To haunt you
Because names stick forever
Like glue

They follow you like a dog
You own the name?
Or does the name own you
Don't let a word define you
Drag you down with it
Been a while
Olivia Pierce Jul 2013
One for the lies
Two for the pain
Three for the hell of it
Four to stay sane
Five to stay grounded
Six so you're alive
Seven for all your hate
Eight for relief
Nine so you feel real
Ten as a last resort
And another because you can
Olivia Pierce May 2013
That lingering scent of death in the air
The smell of decay
Where is the carcass?
Is it an animal?
A human?
No it is just me
For I myself is just as corrupted as a foul smelling comatose creature
Forgive me for being simply
Olivia Pierce Apr 2013
Is jealousy the green eyed monster? 
Or is it something closer
An arrow pierced my heart to leave me breathless
Crumpled in pain 
He leaves me in his wake
If only he could see that when he smiles I die
When he frowns I die 
Any move he makes I die 
The pain of constant love 
Keeps me paralysed 
The numbness of my secrecy 
Keeps me strong
The excruciating friendship we have
Keeps me by his side 
It's better than being without him 
Or is it
Is he worth the pain he causes?
Is a smile worth another frown?
Is the light worth the darkness?
I don't want to know the answer 
A blessing 
A curse 
My angel
My demon 
My freedom 
My death 
I love him
He is my Cupid 
My green eyed monster
Sorry I am honestly not sure what I'm thinking
Olivia Pierce Apr 2013
Hey guys,
Thanks so much
I wanted to tell you that I got chosen as a finalist for my library's poetry contest
But most of all my sister Elizabeth has decided to quit poetry, if you have ever read or liked any of her poetry could you message her or tell her some how because she is really talented but she thinks that because she wasn't chosen that she isnt could you help show her that she does have talent
Olivia Pierce Feb 2013
****** light
straining through a mess of clouds
barely alive
awake without energy
sunlight fading to darkness
as my life fades to death
I die
left broken on the rusty floor
killed by the struggle of the day
as morning light burns bright again
I rise a phoenix
or am I an elusion
to be tomorrow
a great gift
of life its self
to carry on
if i were tomorrow
thanks guys
Olivia Pierce Feb 2013
Tears flowing down my cheeks
You have no right
To pull us in
To this web of painful tears
They sting
I try and hold them back
Yet they fall
I do have right
I do have opinions
In vain you try to make me conform
I will not
You have no right
The voice in my head echoes
You are pointless
It says
You dragged us in to this war
Well I am fighting
I will not hold back
I didn't want this
I wanted peace
Yet the insults fly
And the sting returns
In my head a new voice appears
It whispers
You'll lose them
You know you will
They don't need you
If you disappear they wouldn't notice
You are nothing
A waste of space
You ARE stupid
You ARE useless
A tear falls
I won't apologize
I love them
I need them but I know
I deserve more than what I get
I know they might leave me
Is that a risk I will take?
So tired of this
So tired of everything
Lying on my back staring at the white ceiling
Looking in the mirror two pills in my hand
Hopefully I can fade now
Sink into the earth
I will not apoligize for being treated badly
But I will apoligize for creating this
You say it's nothing
You say it's meaningless drama
It matters to me
I'm sorry but then again I'm not for Lana Elizabeth caitlin and sophia
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