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Apr 2013
Is jealousy the green eyed monster? 
Or is it something closer
An arrow pierced my heart to leave me breathless
Crumpled in pain 
He leaves me in his wake
If only he could see that when he smiles I die
When he frowns I die 
Any move he makes I die 
The pain of constant love 
Keeps me paralysed 
The numbness of my secrecy 
Keeps me strong
The excruciating friendship we have
Keeps me by his side 
It's better than being without him 
Or is it
Is he worth the pain he causes?
Is a smile worth another frown?
Is the light worth the darkness?
I don't want to know the answer 
A blessing 
A curse 
My angel
My demon 
My freedom 
My death 
I love him
He is my Cupid 
My green eyed monster
Sorry I am honestly not sure what I'm thinking
Olivia Pierce
Written by
Olivia Pierce  England
   Philia, Jagdeep, Timothy, r l, --- and 1 other
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