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Nov 2016
In the Beginning
the Colour of my eyes
were Black,
Just like the colour of
the Night.
Chilling & Fearful to
the Marrow.
it was the Colour of
Dregs of substance Drenched
by Fire
it was the Colour of the
Acres of Emptiness of space,
it was Black like Soot,
soiling anything it Mingled
it was Black like the
Depth of an Ocean.
Devoid of any warmth,
but now it's Crystal clear
like the Light of the Day
radiating it's Warmth in
all Directions.
It's Colour is bright &
white like Snow,
smooth to Glide on
it's Colour is a mixture
of Flowers in Bloom.
Provoking awe &
the Colour of my Eyes
were Once dark Black
now it's Crystal clear.........

Our bigotry, misconception & preconceived Ideas about different issues can only be removed through learning & accepting novel themes!!
Oliver Miamiz
Written by
Oliver Miamiz  Eldoret, Kenya
(Eldoret, Kenya)   
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