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I want to be a resource like I want to be The Truth
I want to point my fingers toward The One Who died for you
I want to start recovering the person that I am
by telling you The Story of the God Who made my hands

I want to disconnect myself from words that are not true
I want to  be okay with all that I am going through
I want to wine and dine my heart because I know I can
But when my heart is broken I’ll return to where I am

I want to  know the reason that I am alive at all
I want to understand the whys and ways of my own fall
I want to share A Word with you that made my life complete
I’m here until I’m not and then I’ll be what all I eat
“Опять сказал им Иисус: Я отхожу, и будете искать Меня, и умрете во грехе вашем. Куда Я иду, туда вы не можете придти.”
‭‭От Иоанна ‭8:21‬
when you look at the beauty in Nature
and embrace all The Truth in its hands  
you will sooner than later take notice
it’s a gut that’s completely intact

Nature moves on the backbone of Seasons
and endures every cycle in Time
Nature lives within all of our ***ies
but a person has also a mind

when you look at the human condition
so degraded and triggered by Time
do you look to your gut and your conscience?
or do voices pollute what’s inside?

Nature teaches the oldest of lessons
and takes all of the praise and the blame
but it leads by example forever
and I wonder if we do the same
“Я о них молю: не о всем мире молю, но о тех, которых Ты дал Мне, потому что они Твои. И все Мое Твое, и Твое Мое; и Я прославился в них.”
‭‭От Иоанна‬ ‭17:9-10‬
If I could begin to define you
I’d start with a parallel life
I’d put all my bones in a basket
And watch how you mold them to size

If I could explain what you’re doing
I’d use only words that you spoke
I’d lay them all out into lessons
That you would believe were a joke

If I could impart conversation
I’d use only Words you don’t know
In hopes that inside of you, somewhere
Their Light would implore you to glow
“А Я говорю вам: любите врагов ваших, благословляйте проклинающих вас, благотворите ненавидящим вас и молитесь за обижающих вас и гонящих вас, да будете сынами Отца вашего Небесного, ибо Он повелевает солнцу Своему восходить над злыми и добрыми и посылает дождь на праведных и неправедных.”
‭‭От Матфея‬ ‭5:44-45‬
if you took all the minds of the people
whose lives have been jaded by Time
and you put them in one room, together
I wonder how much you would find

there’d be glories gone trampled by bullies
who couldn’t themselves so they stole
as they walked around high on their mighty
and ravaged of Spirit and soul

   if you took all the minds of the people
   whose lives have been ravaged unkind
   you would learn every Truth that there
   could be
   you would stop and stare with your eyes
“Когда же он шел и приближался к Дамаску, внезапно осиял его свет с неба. Он упал на землю и услышал голос, говорящий ему: Савл, Савл! что ты гонишь Меня? Он сказал: кто Ты, Господи? Господь же сказал: Я Иисус, Которого ты гонишь. Трудно тебе идти против рожна.”
‭‭Деяния 9:3-5
Olga Valerevna Dec 2020
I constantly walked on the lines that are fine
and hoped that my feet wouldn’t take Yours for mine
I barely considered how wrong I could go  
until I remembered how little I know

I wandered and wondered again and again
one moment I’d be here, the next I would end
“If this is the way I will be my whole life,”
“then help me be ready to hear You tonight.”
“Then they said to him, “Who are you, that we may give an answer to those who sent us? What do you say about yourself?” He said: “I am ‘The voice of one crying in the wilderness: “Make straight the way of the LORD,” ’ as the prophet Isaiah said.””
‭‭John‬ ‭1:22-23
Olga Valerevna Dec 2020
you will not know how much you are until they take it all
when every part that profits them means nothing when it’s gone
you’re not the way they paint you and you’re not what’s being sold
you’re not appraised commodity, you’re not what you’ve been told

you’re not a man’s perdition in the absence of The Truth
you’re not a force to conquer by the sin you made him do
you’ll know how much you are when you’ve acknowledged what you hid
and in the very act of, you will walk away from this
“впрочем спасется через чадородие, если пребудет в вере и любви и в святости с целомудрием.”
‭‭1 Тимофею‬ ‭2:15‬ ‭
Olga Valerevna Dec 2020
for those who need to see and feel the physical to breathe
there’s always been an element of, “show me You are here”
the movement of Your Spirit led my spirit to Your Hands
and even though I saw them, it was hard to understand

while both my eyes bore witness to the Miracle You are
my body clung to science and the meaning of the stars
by primitive behavior and by ways You spoke against
I tried to learn the heavens with all hell as my defense

I wandered and I wondered and I wore my body down
I made of my own senses nothing more than passing clouds
I tried to let The Meaning of the reason I am here
convince me You’re a thought that I could make to disappear
“Фома же, один из двенадцати, называемый Близнец, не был тут с ними, когда приходил Иисус. Другие ученики сказали ему: мы видели Господа. Но он сказал им: если не увижу на руках Его ран от гвоздей, и не вложу перста моего в раны от гвоздей, и не вложу руки моей в ребра Его, не поверю.”
‭‭От Иоанна‬ ‭20:24-25‬ ‭
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