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Olga Valerevna Aug 2020
have you ever read poets you thought you could trust
while they made of your body a temple of lust
if they portioned your pain into doses of words
they could smother your Spirit and feed you to birds

have you ever been rested enough to decide
you would rather be dead to your flesh than your mind
if you took up the weight of your struggle and fear
you could live in a body that serves as a Mirror
“Ко всем же сказал: если кто хочет идти за Мною, отвергнись себя, и возьми крест свой, и следуй за Мною. Ибо кто хочет душу свою сберечь, тот потеряет ее; а кто потеряет душу свою ради Меня, тот сбережет ее. Ибо что пользы человеку приобрести весь мир, а себя самого погубить или повредить себе?” От Луки ‭9:23-25‬ ‭
Olga Valerevna Jul 2020
I’ve been scraping my knees for a lifetime
just to learn they will always resist
and if I am alive it’s because of
all The Grace that I have to exist

I’ve been clenching my fists for no reason
just to learn that my knuckles need Truth
and if I don’t betray them to nothing
then my life will be honored by You

I’ve been voicing my thoughts for an answer
just to learn that my heart knows Your Name
and if I can be still in Your Presence
then I know You will show me The Way
“Остановитесь и познайте, что Я — Бог: буду превознесен в народах, превознесен на земле. Господь сил с нами, заступник наш Бог Иакова. Слава:”
‭‭Псалтирь‬ ‭45:11-12‬ ‭
Olga Valerevna Jul 2020
if I tell you that I regret nothing
then My Conscience has entered the room
He has already taken my choices
and remade with them all I can do

if I tell you that I am not perfect
then My Conscience is saving my life
He has already bled for my body
and today He sowed Peace in my mind

if I tell you that I will not judge you
then My Conscience is reaping the sow
He has already answered my question
“Who are You that You know how to know?”
“Кто думает, что он знает что-нибудь, тот ничего еще не знает так, как должно знать. Но кто любит Бога, тому дано знание от Него.”
‭‭Первое послание к Коринфянам‬ ‭8:2-3‬ ‭
Olga Valerevna Jul 2020
I started to ponder the person I was
and went to seek Life to stop seeking out blood
I turned to my mother, who gave me her shoes
so I could walk freely with her in The Truth

we stepped into soil of different kinds  
and learned to be humbled by moments in Time
I turned to my mother, who gave me her hand
so I could be strengthened again and again

I started to move like The Grace in her heart
and put away fear as I fell in her arms    
I turned to my mother and she turned to me
so I could say, “Momma, your Faith led me here.”
“И, взяв девицу за руку, говорит ей: «талифа́ куми́», что значит: девица, тебе говорю, встань. И девица тотчас встала и начала ходить, ибо была лет двенадцати. Видевшие пришли в великое изумление.”
‭‭От Марка 5:41-42‬ ‭
Olga Valerevna Jul 2020
a thief believes everyone steals, he once thought
but into his pockets he wept
“I’ve taken and sold for a penny to have,”
“and nothing but nothing is left.”

a thief believes everyone hides, he once heard
so out of the shadows he crawled
The Light would reveal every Promise He Kept
the thief was exposed by them all

a thief can exist when there’s something to take
but not when there’s something to give
so Grace can’t be measured or bought for a dime
or sold for a second to live
“Вор приходит только для того, чтобы украсть, убить и погубить. Я пришел для того, чтобы имели жизнь и имели с избытком.”
‭‭От Иоанна 10:10‬
Olga Valerevna Jun 2020
The Sun can Rise a thousand times for everyone to see
but dies a single death for one who asks, “can I be free?”
A hundred million answers turn to dust rebuilt by Grace
and Time becomes a Closer Friend than anyone you face
“Ибо, как непослушанием одного человека сделались многие грешными, так и послушанием одного сделаются праведными многие. Закон же пришел после, и таким образом умножилось преступление. А когда умножился грех, стала преизобиловать благодать, дабы, как грех царствовал к смерти, так и благодать воцарилась через праведность к жизни вечной Иисусом Христом, Господом нашим.”
‭‭Послание к Римлянам‬ ‭5:19-21‬
Olga Valerevna Jun 2020
my days have been numbered, my Soul has been bought
by all of the blood I could spill with my thoughts
and there is a Savior where ego once lived
Who grants me His Strength as I learn how to give
my mind was a riot, my heart was a stone
that turned into ashes and Rose when He Rose
a looter, a liar and addict of wrath
was given The Grace to be led to His Path
“Ищите Господа, когда можно найти Его; призывайте Его, когда Он близко. Да оставит нечестивый путь свой и беззаконник — помыслы свои, и да обратится к Господу, и Он помилует его, и к Богу нашему, ибо Он многомилостив.”
‭‭Книга пророка Исаии‬ ‭55:6-7‬
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