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Mikhael Jul 2020
i love you
you may not know why
you never knew
and thats okay
if only i ccould sculp my love with clay
your eyes  a mix of many colours
each one more pretty then the last
and for your smile i fell so fast
Mikhael May 2020
its my in stomach
its in my lungs
i want to cry in my bed
and get this thing out of my head
yet neither will occur
its all just a blur
Mikhael May 2020
im scared im uncurable
and that im not inportant,
that you dont love me,
that i cant just be happy,
im scared that the feeling of pure fear in my gut wont go away
and that you still wont care,
that i cant stop caring,
that the river will keep making me trust you
that  the current wont stop bringing me towards
that i will always be sad
Mikhael May 2020
im not worth your love
im not worth your attetion
im not worth your food
im not worth your affection
im not worth your protection
im not worth time
im not worth any of it
Mikhael Apr 2020
i cannot be nice
i hear gun shots
i see knives
i taste bile
i smell death
every where i go
i cannot be nice
i gt an idea for this from a friend on discord he was imposibly nice
and i notice i cant be like him
Mikhael Apr 2020
i cant do this anymore
im almost out of power
i cant do this anymore
i feel like a crumbling tower
i cant do this anymore
im always feealing like a caword
because i feel and i wish i didn't
Mikhael Apr 2020
a single song can make me forget
for a little while
that im completely empty.
the music fills me
but its not plenty
and im still nothing
on the inside .
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