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 Aug 2013 Nikki
Your cold abscent arms wrap around me
And as it seems I love you
Everything about you
I love how you make my lips turn blue when you kiss me
Or your constant nipping at my nose
And how you make everything colder
And beautiful
So beautiful
But I fear
One of these days I am going to fall asleep next to you
Fragile and pale
And you'll **** me in my sleep
By a cruel trick of nature
Because all you wanted to do was fall asleep next to me
And hold me tight
Today I waited for healing in the
r a i n
but not even the raindrops could
wash away the
p a i n
People tell me I live in a ghost town
but there are no ghosts to see
as good as luck would have it
they're unaware of the ghosts in me

they hang around at midnight
forcing me to stay
but all I really crave for
is to escape and get away

Sometimes they're really nice to me
and cheer me up when I'm down
but mostly they're evil as the devil
leaving me in the sea to drown

It's impossible to even run from them
since they're living in my soul
and not even your sweet love
could save me from this dark hole

But most of all they're my friends
'cause they are always hanging around
keeping me company in these lonely days
so it's okay, that I'm the one they found.
 Aug 2013 Nikki
You're the undead that people fear in the streets at night
You're so beautiful and poised and alluring
But you sunk your fangs into my neck and you drained me of my happiness and left me to suffer and become one of your kind
I don't want to be bitter. I don't want my heat to turn as cold as your touch
Why didn't you just **** me?

Ive left my mark so you can never forget my touch
I took a bite so I could feel warmth for once in my life
I regret my actions that have left you in the cold
Now I am forced to watch my handiwork as you slowly suffer

You always said I was beautiful
Why would you want something so fragile and beautiful to suffer
I was so innocent. I was so sheltered.
I would have given my life if only you had asked
But instead you took it from me

You're the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes upon
But as fragile and broken as I've made you become for that I am sorry
The broken pieces of me seemed to fall out of place with yours
Your life was too beautiful for me to take
For I am just a monster who steals what doesn't belong to me
Leaving emptiness in my wake
This poem was written by two people on twitter. So credit goes to both.
@eversoslowly and @fleuroculos
2nd and 4th ones are mine, 1st and 3rd one are her's
 Aug 2013 Nikki
Jenn Yeo
 Aug 2013 Nikki
Jenn Yeo
I was told from day one I didn't have to be perfect
I just had to be me
Which was a complete lie
Because I would get scolded and yelled at
Time and time again
For simple mistakes
Or worse
Just being myself
I couldn't even understand what it was I did wrong
And I would apologize
For not being perfect
And they lie to me again
By saying I didnt have to be perfect
Nor did they expect me to be
But everytime something went wrong
The fault was mine
And trust me I would willingly take it if it was
But it wasn't
So again I would apologize for not being perfect
Which made it worse
I guess perfect people aren't supposed to say sorry for not being perfect
Do you see how I'm trapped here?
Expectations so high a space shuttle couldnt get you there
So what was I to do?
Oh right
I was to be perfect
More of an angry rant, sorry

— The End —