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Whenever I see you it seems like all the beauty in
the world collides and  nobody ever seems
to notice because it all happens
with every single one of my atoms
sensing every single one of yours.
In the middle of everything,
my soul is touched by
something so perishable
as you.

So, lately there's this woman and I can't seem to not feel anything when I look at her. She has this incredibly beautiful face and this adorable smile. Whenever she smiles at me it's like the whole world stops dead before my eyes and everything left his her and this striking feeling inside of me. The small encounters are moments of presence between to people but simultaneously pure and simple acts of kindness. But I feel more and sometimes I know deep within in my heart that she does too.
It says a lot about me
the way I stare into space
when sitting around the table
surrounded by people
trying not to notice
the feeling of being completely
alone - a feeling that sometimes
washes over me like a hurricane
It says a lot about me
the way I pretend, with a shiftly glance,
to seem okay whilst not trying to pretend at all
How I wish that someone notices, but they
never did. They never do.

somewhere in between all those smiles a glimpse of hope emerged
There are those human beings you don't know but whose existence and presence run through you and you can't do anything but captivate the feeling. But somewhere along these meetings I wish that I could get to know you for there's this special something about the atmosphere when we meet.
Everything comes in waves.
I've had a really bad day and it really hurts tonight. It's caused by a lot of things but mainly the order of the words coming from his mouth. I guess I'd hoped for something slightly different -  my mind is processing the words that we spoke. And inside of me there's a hurricane.
The most adorable thing
about happiness is when it
takes the pain away
even if it's just for a while*

When I see you
the world around me
scatters into millions of atoms
as if they were floating around
in a whole different galaxy
light years from here
from us*

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