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Nick Moore Sep 2017
Mind is whirling
Just won't stop
What's taken a whip to this top?

Thoughts splatter to the sides,
Some good,
Some try to hide.

Something's coming
But when will it arrive?

Are we the dead
or are we alive?
Nick Moore Sep 2017
Angels and a dolphin's tale,

From the heavens to the
bottom of the seas,

To the inner space
inside you and me,

A wonderful feeling
you'r presence cannot
be denied.
Nick Moore Sep 2017
for far to long,

had ears
for the same song,

weren't sure
what was right,
but we knew what was wrong,

Good to know a place
to belong.
Nick Moore Sep 2017
There's a much bigger picture
than we can see,

Tiny glimpses escape through the cracks
inspiring you and me,

One day we will bathe in an ocean of rapture because I've seen your face.
Nick Moore Sep 2017
Dancing alone,
music takes me over,
no distractions,

At the right moment,
everything's transgressed,
time is someone else's concept.
Nick Moore Sep 2017
I love
that you

The things
that you

Even if I don't

Could you do the same for me?

If yes

What great lovers
Nick Moore Sep 2017
Every thought,
every action,
every word said,

Not just in your head.

How will you rate,
the movie of your life?
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