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Nicholas Rew Apr 2015
It's difficult, purposturous even, for some to conceive
Of a life that is fought for

A sense of security earned
With every waking hour you've been cursed

They baffle at the mute colors with which you paint
And half heartedly smile,

As they pass, with their fluorescent teeth
Yours ***** and yellow

From the brown water that has become your gasoline
From the cigarettes that are now your oxygen tank

The good air is all bought up
The good food is all turned to ****

**** for you to envy
As you scrub

They will loan you a dream
Knowing it is an unclimbable mountain

Because they are waiting at the top
With the soul of a shoe

You eat stew out of habit
Always chasing the wild rabbit
#struggling #school #nomoney #minimumwage
Nicholas Rew Mar 2015
What system giveth me?
Maybe a novel, on a screen
In a play, in a dream

What entity indebted me?
Maybe I'm code, on a screen
In a game, of some being

What consciousness cares for me?
Maybe I'm all, not a screen
There's no gain, there's

Nicholas Rew Mar 2015
Why must passion be frustratingly entangled in melancholy
The words remembered are acidic; a teary brine
Nights of foraging your soul alone hang in the hallways
When the only drunk that's worth a **** is nostalgia
And the only ink in the universe is trapped by old letters

You drown any fire mercilessly, unflinchingly
Because at least the colds consistent
And at least you've learned to cope
Breakdowns are receding with miles of open road
Nights of infinite stars drape a world's worries
Nicholas Rew Oct 2014
I want to fall in love so hard I can't get up
I hope for romance so breathless, my heart becomes a base drum
Loudly intensifying, calling to me, confused
Laying there, contently aware, the past is pessimistic
Introduce silent futures to the boisterous blues

Do you long to see the sweater stitched
Are questions your only communication
I can't dance, but would love to sit and talk
About the hem of your pants, or how earnestly you walk
And read to you the stories being written each day
Nicholas Rew Apr 2013
On the Eve of awakening
In a universe under my nose
Somewhere near adams apple
Two lives bound by time

Dreaming, and doing, dancing they went
Concocted crown sat on my head
Eyes met, "let there be light" was said
Illuminating exalted will divine
Nicholas Rew Dec 2012
There's a whole lot to be said
of 4 a.m.
and the men it's tortured.

Same goes for clocks two
and all those dead
amongst the barns red,

Recently painted,
in fact still wet,

Violently the say
was the spray
of artistic revolution,

But the shoe never fit
this little slit
we  narcissistically created.

So we Jew
them out of heaven
subjectively created.

Jaded fire stares at...
like a white wall

Too begin
The fall

Stated hatred
is hypocrisies
living breath.

Inflated by
dated school of thought
uneducated, wrought with..


Or Basic.

Nicholas Rew Oct 2012
Why did I stop,
Writing that is,
Games of hide and seek
Coyest the dream
Getting past by
Society in cab
To there next check
On the sixth list
Ever increasing, wants,
With if's

I forgot what the sky looked like
Or a tree yet pressed thin
Building the tunnel
Which will one day collapse

Maybe if I just,
Cut myself up,
Into the tiniest of pieces
There would be some left for me

Lord knows I've given in
Selling myself,
To the the devils lawyer,
But it's impossible to breath
No divergent existence
Prayers for content;
As I settle
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