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I was once in a dream but don’t feel so


I used to take pills and

would feel like a bore.

I used to have nights where i’d stay up



I used to sing songs

that meant

something to


I used to believe in Ghosts,

but now I just

don’t doubt.

I used to stay indoors,

now I can’t wait to


Staying up on nights that dont matter.

Listening to music that holds a key to forgotten locks

She breathes like an old flame.

Sings like the greatest of godesses.

I knew her then..

She had some temple to watch over,

be it in herself

or her lovers after me.

The road pulled her feet

not the other way around.

My one wish was that you’d someday

want me.

While I keep my soul somewhat untethered

and blowing in the wind..

I keep it on a first name basis

with you only.

But the reality is

is that

you get to become a movie

a poster encased in bright lights

- An overpaid actor who doesn’t


the dialogue quite right.

You get to become

my favorite movie..

The one I never watch


The one I memorize every



Just to make sure I

fall asleep before I feel

a thing.
My father is a hypocrite, my mother was a saint.

My brother has his own life now

Myself? I need a drink.

My fathers father died a drunk

his wife buried with a bottle of wine.

My mothers mother died too soon

& now i’m worried about mine.

My aunts & uncles have their share

of wealth & poverty.

The wrong ones live while the good ones die

& I wonder how that can be.

My father became what his money attained

My mother let him go.

18 years of untrue love

with nothing left to show.

A son who couldn't stop lying

just to prove himself.

The other, simply trying

to make the best of Hell.
In haunted places

something lingers of former lives

sounds played but not recorded

but by nature & her guise,

& the stone in the floor.

The seasons that leave & come back;

something short of an anxiety attack-

-in nature.

The immortality of it all contained in

energy & vibe.

Postmortem spies. (Ghosts.)
I don’t want to believe that I’ve wasted all your time.

Every set of lips that ever met mine

Every conversation past 3 am.

Contradicting vibes that color inside the lines.

I don’t want to know if you never really missed me,

Just wanna get through tonight without feeling tipsy.

Define a problem by the way that it lingers;

My problem is the way that my brain remembers.

How to go forward with so little truth?

Be it left lane


freight train.

Take me with you.
at that moment
there was a reason the fan was spinning
left to right
another instance of
highway driving
night time
no one in sight
front of you
behind you
cruise at

my peaceful night.
Every contender begins a beginner.

With wisps of gold passing through my essence

the dancers dance with no proper introduction; (unnecessary!)

For we see who they are

as they dance

in the shadows; with wolves

or in the light; rehearsed and uninspired.

Say what you will,


the wolves always sang more in key

and with more soul

to me.
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