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Dec 2020 · 41
Neville Johnson Dec 2020
Doc Umentary wanted to make a film with Melody Maker, but his cameraman, Slim Chance, vetoed it because Jack Hammer, Charlie Horse and Steve Dore insisted on being involved. They were all drinking at the Round House owned by Phil I. Buster, managed by Tom Boy who periodically had to stand up to the unruly patron, Marshall Law and his pal,   Checkpoint Charlie. Sitting in the rear was ***** Nilly hanging out to with Will Call, phone by his side. Tess Osterone mingled and hit on Art Syfartsy.
Also vying for his attention was Pat Sies, Miss Match, Vi Rus, Merry Christmas and Quiche Lorraine, who always claimed she was hungry but never had the money to pay for dinner.
Uh oh, in walks Ty Tanic and his bodyguard, Vin Dicate. They buttonholed Frank Lee Speaking telling him to shut is trap. Vic Trola and Ray Dio intervened. “He was only having fun,” they chimed. Watching intently was Amazing Grace who also tried to calm the situation.
Sol Vang was surprised to see Con Descending, who arrived with Sir Viver. They sat with Marine Layer and Nick O’Teen who blew smoke rings for attention. Minnie Apolis brushed off **** Ta, who said he rather sit with
Miss Demeanor any way. Polly Graph, a real operator, got drunk with Ty Oneon, and had to be driven home by Des Ignate.
Out on a limb went Douglas Fir, egged on by Tom Foolery, who in turn was backed by General Denial, just as Claire Voyant predicted. The lazy N. Tropy picked at the food table presided over by Al A. Carte. Peg Leg couldn’t stand it any longer so she begged Hans Down to find her a seat. She was happy to sit with Erin Gobraugh, Morgan Car and Tom Collins.
Dee Escalate backed away form Mal Evolent and his **** friend, Rock Bottom. P. Nut munched on the table food, a garrulously chatted up Dan Ube who mention his great travel with Marv Elous and his gal, ***** Pack.
Perry Patetic was everywhere, dancing with Patty Cakes, laughing with Tim Buktu, and claimed he had an invited to the affair, which when he said so, Al Ibi, shook his head.” Did I mention that Scott Free was seen with Buck Teeth? They were paired with Deb Enture and Ray Vaughn, who raved about the quality of the people there: from Flora N. Fauna to Dolly Grip, to Hal I. But, and the seemingly ever-shrinking Morris Minor.
Herb Dressing and his sweet potato Ida ** dined outdoors with Al Fresco, the always great to see Stu Pendous, and the charlatan 3 Card Monte. Jim Beam got inebriated and couldn’t remember the same of his cousin, Phil in Deblanc. Colin Oscopy made an *** of himself, only to be topped by the show-off Cliff Hanger.
Earnest Money carped about deals gone south. Reed Thin seemed to get along pretty well with Daisy Chain, who batted away her date, Ron de Vouz. Clyde S. Dale horsed around with Will Power who had stopped buttering up Polly Unsaturated.
Cara Van and Ava Tar tried to get Tim Id to come out of his shell, which he did once Cardinal Sin chatted him up. Will Reading asked Count Les Opportunities for recommendations on his finances.
Hazel Nut savored the bon mots of Vera Fi. Donny Brook somehow ended up with Hope Diamond who was looking good. Del Taco scarfed with the religious Gen Uflect, next to Moe Hican and Ren A. Gade, who was dressed as a cowboy.
Ruth Less made a beeline to Georgia Peach, pitted against Frank Incense. Dusty Roads told stories to Ginger Ly, and that Southen gent, Beau Regard, with his date Rose Colored Glasses.
Mark Mywords spoke of dictionaries he adored, which bored immensely Ann O’Rexia  and Juan Dice.
Al Gorhythm had it all figured out. Buzz Cut agreed. Victoria Columbia just wanted to go home.
Dec 2020 · 99
For Sure
Neville Johnson Dec 2020
Love comes in all sorts of shapes, forms and sizes
It’s beautiful in everyone
Mysterious and wonderful
Cool and sublime
No more at the corner of sad and lonely
No, we’re gonna be just fine
It’s you and me and the wild blue yonder
It’s barge cruising down the Nile
It’s bicycling in the South of France
There’s no denial
We’re on to something and we won’t let go
I’m your man
And you, you’re everything
My woman
My woman for sure
Dec 2020 · 31
Stopping Here
Neville Johnson Dec 2020
I'm at a loss for words so I'll just stop right now.
Nov 2020 · 34
Neville Johnson Nov 2020
The air is crisp and clear
What a day this shall be
One of mirth and joy
For friends and family
We’re thankful for what we have
For the love we share
For the high hopes
Of all good people everywhere
Everything will be all right
That’s fair to say and pray
We have faith and the belief
Enough to say
We will brave these hard times
And be happy today
Nov 2020 · 35
Here to Stay
Neville Johnson Nov 2020
Despite it all
Amazing, isn’t it?
How love thrives, survives
Against walls of repression
As in dictatorships
Yes, people fall in love in North Korea
They go on to have kids
They smile beneath their public masks
At home they play
And sometimes sing
In their nuclear family
The state be ******
For love has invaded the world
It’s not going away
In case you haven’t heard the news
Love is here to stay
Nov 2020 · 24
The Side God Is On
Neville Johnson Nov 2020
The news gets grimmer
Hope combats desperation
We worry, we pray, we console, we stay
Embedded in our houses
As the world suffers
Still, life goes on amid the fear and pain
This is the human condition:
Times of happiness
Or of war
Or of fevers that are deadly and widespread
We cling to our family and friends
Those who need help discover who their true friends are
Yes, we are in this together, meaning we all have an obligation
to act and stay safe
To support each other
To stay optimistic
To smile underneath the mask
We are not the first people of the world to face a global disaster
We will get through this somehow
We have the will, the power, and God is on everybody’s side
Nov 2020 · 25
Where It All Began
Neville Johnson Nov 2020
Heather is a new arrival in the city of LA
She gets a job at the library
Meager is the pay
She’s trying to be happy
Finding her way
Hoping for love and a baby someday

Nick is new to LA too
He’s in from Edinburgh
Here for three months to do a book on Hal Ashby
Whose papers are stored at the library where Heather works
He is there every day
She helps him find documents and decipher Ashby’s scrawl
They become secret friends
Eating lunch together on a bench nearby

One thing led to another
They begin to hang out
From Venice to hikes in Will Rogers Park
But Heather worries
Is Nick too young?
If the difference is more than 10 years, she tells herself it must be wrong
She learns Nick is 24 to her 37
She is resigned to the fact that this romance cannot go on
Nick returns to Scotland despite their bond

There’s a rendezvous in New York
But ultimately they're resigned to their fate
It won’t work even though it’s been great

Heather drops him an email
Which led to a phone call
Nick says he wants to visit her
But Heather says no
She needs commitment
Surely, that he must know

Here’s the surprise for Nick replies
He wants to live with her
Their future relies on their love
Their love never dies
They are 13 years married with a kid of 10
Today they are showing her the library where they met
Where it all began
Nov 2020 · 32
Jerry’s Lament
Neville Johnson Nov 2020
Jerry waits
He tells Jenny he loves her
He’s waiting for her to say she loves him back
She has a daughter, Mary, to whom he says “I love you.”
Mary says “I love you too.”
Jenny, when asked about this, replies
“I want to show my love by my actions”
Indeed, she does, but Jerry wants more
You can’t blame him
He wants her to say so
Jerry waits
He may wait forever
He can’t live without Jenny
Nov 2020 · 33
The Mystery
Neville Johnson Nov 2020
As pretty as a full moon
As kind as can be
Everything one could want
Yet a mystery
She makes his heart race
He’s just done
He aches
He so wants her
She is the one
If she could
He would
It could be
Oh, he is anxious
But isn’t that what always happens?
If it’s love
He will be free
Oct 2020 · 40
Pret L'amour
Neville Johnson Oct 2020
Pret l’amour
Love to go
Available and free
Let me know
Come and see
No history
To make you go slow
I’m here all the time
Ready to be
Totally open
No man of mystery
Pret l’amour
I’m ready to love
Oct 2020 · 29
Joel Is Sad
Neville Johnson Oct 2020
Mary and Ted are on their honeymoon in Vermont
Joel sits in a dark room with the TV on
As the leaves turn brown
He turns up the sound
But it won’t drown the sorrow in his heart
For he loves her, really loved her
Forever now they will be apart
He did everything he could
Gave everything he had
He knows he did his best
It’s so bad and sad
Remembering her kisses
On that balmy beach at night
He smiles then grimaces
This is not all right
He’s powerless and misses
The one who was his light
But Mary has gotten married
The future is not bright
She doesn’t want to see him
To talk to him anymore
Vanished are dreams of happiness
Of that he is sure
Will his broken heart ever heal?
He hopes for a cure
Oct 2020 · 33
Neville Johnson Oct 2020
To love is to surrender
To the thought that there is purpose
Meaning in the world
That comes down to two
Turning into one
Each is hungry for the other
When the other is gone
That’s how Nev feels about Cindy
Saying so on her birthday
It’s a marriage made in heaven
Earth is where they play
She is such a beauty
Smart and brave and kind
Neville really loves her
She blows his mind
Neville Johnson Oct 2020
You can never get too much of love
Ain’t that true?
One dose and you’re hooked forever
Just as you knew
Falling in love and getting married
Isn’t that the dream?

It starts with holding hands
Next the arm around the waist
Followed by a kiss
Then the warm embrace

You connect on many levels
It feels like home
A magical event
No need to roam

It closes the circle
When husband meets wife
You can never get too much love
Welcome to life
Sep 2020 · 28
Neville Johnson Sep 2020
Autumn brings falling leaves
The need for a fireplace
For hugs and coziness
Regular embrace
Hot chocolate is necessary
Good books and scarves
Plenty in the refridge
Lest you starve
A great companion
With whom to share the nights
Brings it all together
So everything is right
Sep 2020 · 53
In the Shank of It All
Neville Johnson Sep 2020
I adore you in that blue bandana
You wear it so proud
My filly, so silly
Really, you brought me home
Taught me the meaning of life
Which of course is love

Now we’re in the shank of it all
Able to shed
All the heartache that got us to this nirvana
I don’t ever want to be bored
Impossible with you

Look at the crescent moon tonight
We own this sky
We own this night
As I belong to you
As you belong to me

The tear that runs down my cheek this moment
Is one of delight
It’s because of you
Sep 2020 · 48
Run With Me
Neville Johnson Sep 2020
Run with me
Let’s discover the fun in today
Come with me, let’s play
A picnic is in order, don’t you think?
At sunset we’ll have a drink
Toast each other and maybe get toasted
Let’s get on our way
You only live once so let’s live for today
Sep 2020 · 44
This Need
Neville Johnson Sep 2020
Deep attachment and intimate love are part of the human condition
Everyone needs a someone to be with, converse, maybe to touch
To have a shoulder upon which to cry
This need is for all who live
Age, station in life, wealth do not matter
The same wants and needs cross all borders
The desire never subsides

Inspired by Roger Angell essay
Neville Johnson Sep 2020
Marie is his great love
So he is to her
Tom asked her to dance at the disco
It began as a whim
She was a student, he a young professional
It was magic
They connected
United in love
One morning as they awoke,
She asked him if he thought forever they could be?
He nodded yes, it was evident, their eventuality
But they were double-crossed
So cruel their fate
A car accident kept them away
Time would not wait
There were further misconnections
The years marched on
They grew older
Their love never gone
Marie thinks of him
Tom does of her
Life and love are not fair
Of that both are sure
Sep 2020 · 36
Summer at the Pool
Neville Johnson Sep 2020
It was her first kiss
She’d waited so long
Summer arrived, and with it, John
Such a handsome lad
Fit and with style
A lifeguard at the pool
Working part-time
Jeannie taught swimming
The kids had a blast
It was at the hotdog picnic
John didn’t ask
He just went for it
That was that
Both of them enthused
They left hand in hand
Johnny is off to college
Jeannie is still in high school
They text every day
Everything is cool
I forgot to mention
That for Johnny too
It was his first kiss
Then there were more than a few
Aug 2020 · 41
The Perfect Pair
Neville Johnson Aug 2020
She moved into his life
And he into hers
Seamlessly they united
Love as the cure
The perfect combination
Sure and pure
Amazing and beautiful
Each with such allure
So it was
Now it is
Ever it shall be
She and him
The perfect pair
In love endlessly
Aug 2020 · 46
Train Tracks
Neville Johnson Aug 2020
Reed got on the train and sat next to a very pretty girl
She could be a model, he thought to himself
Indeed she was
The chatting went swimmingly
Then they each went their separate ways
Reed could've kicked himself for not being brave
For not getting her name and number
Oh, what a fool or a knave
As for Sarah, she didn’t think much about it
Other than that he was handsome and cool
Two years later on an app called Hinge
There was a match, a new way to begin
Reed told her, “I’m almost positive I think we’ve met“
They did connect, a mutual get
Palm Springs and Costa Rica then ensued
They got married by train tracks
Expect a brood
Aug 2020 · 35
In the Sea of Sorrow
Neville Johnson Aug 2020
I’m swimming in a sea of sorrow
This journey better end
I’m wrapped like a mummy
This emotion is no friend

It did not work with me and her
So I’ve gone away
Not sure where I’m traveling to
Still, I’m on my way

Was it fate or circumstance or both?
I’ll never know
She will not leave my thoughts
I can’t give her the heave-**

Still, I wouldn’t trade our love
Now so distant and far
I was happy as I’ve ever been
We shone bright as a star

I will live to smile again
And with someone new
But I’ll never forget my dear friend
I’ll change the color of my life from blue
Aug 2020 · 201
The Only Way to Go
Neville Johnson Aug 2020
The point of human life is love
It all comes down to this
Love, sweet love
Bliss, true bliss

Rambling down the road
One long good time
Nuzzling and cuddling
We’re gonna be fine

It’s easy if you try
Hard to say no
When it’s there
It resonates
The only way to go
Neville Johnson Jul 2020
The parties and galas are over
Now it’s just you and me
Hunkering in our hideout
Luxuriating in the sea breeze
Yes we had a good time
We’ve got friends galore
I sure like to be with you
For all your kisses and more

I’m very encouraged
Happy we are this way
After all the festivities
It’s time for us to play
You’re my best friend and I am yours
How lucky you and me
We got it together
How it’s gotta be
Jul 2020 · 37
Admit It
Neville Johnson Jul 2020
I know you’re dancing alone in your underwear
Me too
Not gonna show it
Turning off Zoom
Yep, hunkered down
In my aerie hideaway
Making calls to my friends
How are you doing today?
Glad to be here
Can you believe these days?
So we dance
We sing
We contemplate
Taking an enforced break
But not from life
Nor reality
We dance alone
In our underwear
Quarantined but still free
Jul 2020 · 192
Jamie Thinks About Tommy
Neville Johnson Jul 2020
Jamie loved Jimmy
He was just what she needed
Someone to love her
He never complained
Jamie was true
No fooling around
But she had a past
Someone in the next town
Many years before Jim
She fell for Tommy
A real her and him
But Tommy got drafted
They drifted away
When he returned
There was Jim in the way
Oftentimes each night and day
Jamie thinks about Tommy
Those happy days
She loves her Jimmy
Her Tommy too
That’s just the way it is
Nothing can she do
Jul 2020 · 48
The Story of My Life
Neville Johnson Jul 2020
The story of my life
Is the story of us
This is our truth
There is so much
So much we’ve endured
So much we have done
So good it has been
So much more to come

The story of my life
Is the story of love
Yes, the story of
Two who found the secret
The magic that is there
When two truly embrace
When you really care
Jul 2020 · 39
The Blank Page
Neville Johnson Jul 2020
The blank page stares back at me
It needs commentary, thought
Longing, sadness, joy, satisfaction
Are all candidates
Maybe whimsy, something wry
It beckons
The human range of emotions
Our complicated minds
Angst, depression, self-loathing
Vying for attention
And good old regret
For things that can never be turned back
Loss of love, of friends
Mistakes made
But then there are the victories
The happiness at home
No one is perfect
One tries to hit the perfect zone
Which cannot be done
After all, we’re only human
So I stare at the blank page
Wondering what to say
Jun 2020 · 50
Neville Johnson Jun 2020
It’s a crazy love
Crazy in love are you and me
Amazing, with grace
So go we
Building a future
On our great past
Jun 2020 · 50
Neville Johnson Jun 2020
Raymond Chandler, me, and Dashiell are chewing the fat down at
     the Formosa
Under a cracked red lamp where we are made to feel welcome for
    as long as we can pay
These are the mean streets of Los Angeles in 1948

The day's developments involved a lot of questioning -- we are
     tired of being grilled by hordes of grim-faced police
Detectives we knew, some we'd even played cards with
They said we weren't suspects --- at least not yet
All three of us had this agent, who now is very dead and someone
     who did not like him put a bullet through his head

Then pinned a note on his messy chest, which said, "I won't be
     needing you anymore, here's your ten percent."
Sam ***** and Philip Marlowe would have a tough one to figure
Here, everybody hates agents and ours had too big a mouth
Imagine --- he would tell us how he made us into writing stars
Someone punctuated him but just left question marks

On this grey and foggy evening where we chase the dawn
Our fedoras by our sides, just as cops have guns
We're heavy into whisky --- it's writers' remorse
Who will make the deals for us --- for a commission of course?

The bartender is so angry and weathered --- as if he'd fought World           War II all by himself
Dashiell and Chandler got so looped they took a cab ride home
I'm walking now towards the ocean - I will sleep all day
Then head for my typewriter -- maybe call William Morris or H.N. Swanson
See if they've got any writing jobs that pay.
Jun 2020 · 42
The Flame
Neville Johnson Jun 2020
It’s a small flame he guards against considerable winds
It’s why he lives
It’s why he loves
So he soldiers on
Doing the best he can
Hanging on for dear life
Hanging on for her
For their life
He would die for her
He has hope
He has faith
Faith in their destiny
So he watches over their fire
Keeps the cold winds out
Each day gets a little better
Each kiss a little wetter
They are in love
Sweet, loyal
In it to win it
Two peas
One pod
One love
Under God
She must never leave
She must always stay
Jun 2020 · 37
To Hold You
Neville Johnson Jun 2020
To hold you
Feel you
Touch you
Is what I dream of
My dear lover, my old friend
For I’ve been thinking
And I’ve been wishing you
Would give us another chance
Would you let me love you
The way we used to be?
I’m not used to being lonely
Rescue me
All I want is you
To hold you
Feel you
Touch you
Love you
Jun 2020 · 43
Affair of the Heart
Neville Johnson Jun 2020
An affair of the heart
I live for it
My lover loves me
Never to quit

So dear to me
So deep the trust
A perfect fit
Yes we must
Stay together
As we travel
Our merry way
This is what I dreamed of
She has come to stay
Jun 2020 · 53
Neville Johnson Jun 2020
I’m wearing my father’s tie and cuff links
Doing so to honor him
Who I am, what I’ve achieved
I owe to him
Oh, he was a blessing
Oh, how he is missed
By all
So many lives he enriched
Take me, for example
He taught love and kindness by example
With that joyous laugh of his
As I knot this tie it imbues me with strength and wisdom
To face the day
He had faith, and so do I
He still leads the way
May 2020 · 46
The One That Got Away
Neville Johnson May 2020
The daughter I never had
The son that should have been mine
The love never consummated
The years gone by
The sadness and the sorrow
The what I should have done
The memories we never made
It could have been such fun

I look back through rain-soaked windows
I see us walking in the sun
Rainbows all around us
The love we could have won

The feelings are forever
The lives we since have led
The paths that we both followed
The past we cannot shed
The grim smile as I give thanks
The words I did not say
To the one I truly love
The one that got away
May 2020 · 47
New Case
Neville Johnson May 2020
The red leather banquette gives comfort to the jazz loving private detective Peter Bend as the quartet grooves in the half-filled, restaurant-bar that borders on noir
Nursing his gimlet with a lime twist, he considers the events of the day
He’s been hired by a billionaire, Archie Kuehne, whose wife, Edith,
disappeared a week ago with a complex ransom note seeking mucho bitcoins left in the house
Archie has now become a suspect ergo Peter has a proper retainer
and a client who swears he’s innocent
In cases like this, the husband usually did it
Doesn't seem to be any evidence of suicide
Edith had signed a prenup agreement so money doesn’t figure
Nor are there signs of marital discord
Police are baffled, in a tunnel
Investigative journalists hover everywhere including in this semi-dive
Where to start?
Archie already paid $1 million to the kidnappers to confirm she was alive but that didn’t get him anywhere
Cryptocurrency is not easily traced
“Guess I’ll have to learn about it,” Peter thinks
The retainer feels pretty good in his wallet
Because there’s a job to do, Peter pays his tab and marches
into the twilight
He’s paid to produce miracles, but miracles are hard come-by
He whistles a happy tune, then looks at his rearview mirror
Uh oh, somebody is following him
His gun feels comfortable in the holster under his arm
He wonders what this is about?
May 2020 · 44
Getting Through This
Neville Johnson May 2020
Streets are empty
But we will be back on our feet sooner than someday
It’s not gonna stay that way
We’re all gobsmacked, aren’t we?
Everybody says, or hopes, we’re going to be OK
OK, we will but hey
It don’t look easy right now
Soldier on, they say
I’m calling old friends
I think it’s time
The streets may be empty
But the city is still filled with love
We’re all coming together
At least it seems that way
We’re in this together
The whole world
Amazing in a way
Let’s make the best of it
We’ll get through this
Tomorrow is another day
May 2020 · 53
The Early Days of Love
Neville Johnson May 2020
There’s nothing like the early days of love
The only thing that matters is it
A beginning that will have no end
That first touch, that first kiss
One ever remembers
Two birds are on the wing soaring above
Keeping them aloft —- the winds of love

Trust and kindness intertwine
Looking out for each other
It all will be fine
It’s magic, a mystery
Creating moments to last for all time

There’s nothing like all the days of love
Doesn’t time just fly away?
The flavor and fervor grow
Happiness, the sign
The current kiss is as good as the first
The ardor never wanes
This is love, real true love
Two hearts it claims
May 2020 · 46
Not Much to Direct
Neville Johnson May 2020
I recently directed my first romcom
Starred new talent who met on the set
There was a spark between them
The grips and gaffers could see
They didn't need much direction
When it came to the love scenes
They wanted more retakes
They insisted on rehearsing outside of my presence
They told me it was method acting
Then they stopped acting altogether
It became the truth
The show was a hit
Oh well, I’m onto the next production
They got married and had a kid
something light in these troubled times
Apr 2020 · 58
Clearly Love
Neville Johnson Apr 2020
It was chilly, the skies overcast
In our overcoats, scarves that matched
Our hands clasped, our faces bright and cheery
In love we were, in love clearly

We were one for the other
One for each other
Life wonderful, so free
As good as it gets
Giving the sense
Life is a dream

How I remember that December
The vows that we made
The fun we had just walking along
Protecting the other from the rain

Yes, those were the days
Those were the days
Those were the days for good
In my heart they still live
In my heart they stay strong
In my heart our love goes on
Apr 2020 · 54
The Old Man and the River
Neville Johnson Apr 2020
The old man and the river
Friends for so long
Family they are
Wild and strong
Sometimes angry
Rushing too fast
That old man is me
We’ve got a past

I grew up by the river
I learned from its currents
When to stay off
Where the fish hid
The submerged rocks
It provided comfort
When my love life turned bad
When I needed solace
The river was all I had

Now I’m an old man
Nothing has changed
We’re still in this together
Come sunshine or rain
Together, forever
We shall live out our days
My friend understands me
For me, I believe it prays
Neville Johnson Apr 2020
Anything goes and nothing matters
Ain’t that the way it seems?
Nobody has any answers
Who knows how long this will last?
It just hurts
So many suffering
What can we do?
It’s hard being an optimist during a pandemic
Still, I try
I’m holed up with the Missus
Oh, how she tends to me
I’m lucky to have her but what about the lonely?
Faith, hope and clarity are what is needed
How could this have happened in our lifetime?
This was supposed to be something that our parents went through
At least we’ll always have the big blue sky to enjoy
I’ll do my best to take care of my friends
I’m not giving up yet
No, I’m not giving up
Apr 2020 · 59
Pretty Good
Neville Johnson Apr 2020
I’m here for you and you’re here for me
Looking pretty good
You and me
Me and you
Sounds good to me
What has to be
I’m here for you
You’re here for me
Looking pretty good
Pretty good to me
Neville Johnson Apr 2020
We were married for 30 years
It was the best
Til the day Sarah came home from the doctor
Who said it was inoperable
She fell fast
In those twilight days she told me she wanted me to be happy,
Free to fall in love again
This retirement home ain’t so bad
But it can get lonely
Then I noticed her in the dining room
She was visiting her mother
Rene wore red, her eyes were blue
And she walked with a white stick
I made it my mission to get to know her
My pretext was that I offered to watch over her mother
So we stayed in touch by email and then subsequent visits
We grew closer
One kiss led to another and ultimately more
She was partially sighted and could make her way in the world
She’d won awards for helping others similarly afflicted
Rene became my second once in a lifetime love
So Sarah thank you
I’m about to say I do again
I love you both
Apr 2020 · 61
Legally Binding
Neville Johnson Apr 2020
We need a love contract
I can write it up
In it we will promise undying love
Kindness and humor
Daily pats on the back
Kissing and more
No alas or alack
We will be committed
To each other
Nothing shall intervene
We will strive for perfection
In each and everything
It will go on forever
Until the end of time
You can have a lawyer look at it if you wish
It will be just fine
Apr 2020 · 50
That Thin Line
Neville Johnson Apr 2020
That thin line between fame and oblivion  
All of us somewhere
Between the spark
And death
It’s everything in between
Making a mark
Or trying to
Staving off the inevitable
But that day will come
As it must to all
There is no permanence
We each find our way
Trying our best
Refusing to fail
Mar 2020 · 42
Three in a Row
Neville Johnson Mar 2020
First it was Kyle
Then it was Abigail
Then it was Carol
All dead in the last week
And it wasn’t even the virus
Just life doing it’s thing
There’s no death defying when your time arrives
So we are hunkered down making the best of it
Saying our prayers
Watching TV
Mar 2020 · 67
All That’s Left
Neville Johnson Mar 2020
All that’s left are memories
Of the one who shares them with me
Memories, sweet memories
But not enough to be
After all I’m still alone
We’re still apart
It’s going to stay that way
In the lonely zone
It hurts in my heart
Of course it must
For the dreams don’t go away
But at least I’ve got these memories
Of our great yesterday
Mar 2020 · 79
Neville Johnson Mar 2020
The bride was a widow, the bridegroom a widower and that’s where the story begins
She never thought she’d find another and certainly not him
He, for his part, was down on his way to out in a kind of middle aged funk
But there they were in Sausalito
It’s houseboats, who woulda thunk?
Corrine is a writer of mysteries, fond of wearing chic hats
She types away all day and looks at the Bay
With coffee and two Siamese cats
Downright laconic on the SS Ironic
Which needs some marine repairs
She called for help to get rid of the kelp
And voila, Big Bill appears
Brash and tough was he she thought
But with charms that did disarm
The fiction writer is
In need of a brighter reality, a depth charge
So they collided avec wine as the high tides washed upon their feet
Now undivided, the Lord has provided a place and a time, a destiny
For two who lost love but found it again
On the water
It’s no mystery
Mar 2020 · 47
She Used to Be with Me
Neville Johnson Mar 2020
I know what he has
Sweeter than can be
The perfect mix of desire and emotion
Her sinuous grace
The simple pleasure
The way it oughta be
When life is on a roll
The sense of being complete
Yes, I know what he’s got
She used to be with me
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