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Oct 6 · 13
Why Not Me?
As one entity
They fought for their love
The way it should be
They shared a knowing glance
The hands that clasp
Kisses that mean everything
Why not me?
Why not, and when?
When will it be
That I have someone to love
Someone to marry me?

I want someone who’ll fight for us
Someone who believes in me
Someone to share the good and bad
Someone happy
Which is why sometimes at weddings
There are tears that come from me
I’m happy for the bride and groom
But sad, so sad for me
For I so want my someone
Where can she be?
I have to believe she too
Is searching for me.
Oct 4 · 117
All For You
All for you baby
You’re always number one
I’ve had other lovers
But they’re over with and gone
It’s just you and me from now on
The way it shall be
It’s you I love
It’s you and me

Can we make it together?
You asked, as we lay side to side
I nodded yes, I knew inside
We are true lovers
We are meant to be

It’s knowing and believing
Faith and hope combined
Perfect clarity
Two lives defined
The future so bright
Our souls entwined

So good it felt
So good it still feels
We found our truth
It’s you me
Nestle in my arms
As I wrestle in my thoughts
Leaving the day’s vicissitudes
To the hours before dark
I need you
Thank God I want you
I always will
It’s easy to love you
To stay true
You make it easy
Keeping it breezy
With conversations fresh
As the tasty meals you cook
You’re soft and gentle
And tough as nails
Just what I need
My mother always liked you
Sep 21 · 659
Her face is like a poem
Her heart a willow tree
Bending softly in the moon-glow
Beating always for me
She’s the bell in my distance
The hearth at home
With me everywhere
Even when I’m alone
In the desert she is water
She’s the forest and the trees
Everything she is to me
Sep 19 · 35
Feisty as a hurricane is she
Kind and fair and soft
Who changed me for the better
Improving me by far
I want to please her
Every day in every way
And she loves me
What more need I say?

It’s everything about her
Her touch, her lips, her smell
Her class, her energy
We get on so well
She believes in me
As I believe in her
Sep 11 · 20
My gig is in hotspots
That’s what I do
I’m a journalist
I report the truth
But maintaining relationships is oh so difficult
Especially when there are landmines, IED’S
Bullets, missiles, kidnapping and assassinations
You gotta wonder, why me?
What’s with the danger?
There’s no good grief
But I’ve got editors and readers who want the truth
So here I am in Hong Kong, or Myanmar, spending my youth
I could have a girl back home
Instead I got an interpreter I love
Who wants to come to America — and deserves to as he protects me
But I love it, it sure beats the city desk
Every day is an adventure
Or a nightmare
Getting a haircut is tough
The food often *****
No end in sight for this life
Unless the world disappears
Sep 5 · 19
All women are cool
Some so very hot
I appreciate them all
Not that I have got
The key to understanding them
As to that I’m lost
They are such a mystery
Usually, they’re the boss

I succumb to their humor
Liveliness and style
I like a woman who is demure
But tough as nails inside

Women rule the world
We work so hard for them
All to make them happy
To be a family man

It’s always been that way
Since Eve and old Adam
Women are so very cool
Ask any men who has ‘em
Aug 26 · 37
I hear you, though I cannot see
Been blind since I was 13
Degenerative affliction got me
Nothing I can do, got this white cane
I’m listening to you
Including when you don’t notice
Like at the table to your right
I’ve been assigned to gather info
During times when you’re not uptight
Like at dinner at this fancy restaurant
Who would think I work for the Company
And do so at this haunt?

I know your voice well, I’ve heard it many times before
When you’ve been at embassy parties
I was near the door, my back to you
I heard all you had to say about those troop deployments
The retaliation then in play which I duly reported
And we dealt with that affair with one of ours
Stealth is my business, why I dare to be here tonight
With my good friend and confidant who watches out for me
Gives me cover on our jaunts

I hear everything, that’s what I’m trained to do
I’ve learned how to concentrate on everything that’s said
I can even feel it when you nod your head
And I’ve got this job, which truly I love
Good pay involving state secrets
Soon it will be time to leave
Then I’ll phone to my boss
Tell him what you believe
From my collection of secret agent poems, soon to be published.
This is certified for publication
Let the whole world know
Shout if from the mountaintops
Let the football horn blow
Put it on billboards
Say it on the evening news
Everybody has got to know
About me and you
Aug 16 · 70
Lighting the Match
We set them up, the babe and me
Two candidates for romance
Who wanted to believe their someone was out there
And within reach
That’s where we come in
We knew them each
He was charming in a Bogart kind of way
Well presented, dapper with that blue beret
Traveled and educated, witty you would say
And kind, so very kind, the kind of person you would relay
To a beauty you might also know
Which we did, last night, we so enjoyed them make a go
Dinner and drinks, the conversation lively and fun
They locked into each other
It was time for us to run
Today we got the verdict
Yes, a perfect match
I envision a wedding
Surely, they’re a natch
Aug 10 · 332
On the Train
On the train Trevor couldn’t help but notice
Miriam’s eyes, the perfect shade of green
He didn’t have much time to make his move
So he wrote on his card
That she was the prettiest he’d ever seen
After she got off, she looked him up
He was a happening guy
So she emailed him that he wasn’t the first
To give her a card on the train
But he was the one who made her smile the most
So she explained
They dated of course then came the day
They had to take the train
In the car, as they moved along, an a cappella group began to to sing
“I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You,” the refrain
Trevor then dropped to one knee
Now she carries his name
Aug 8 · 38
It’s not like in the movies
There’s much more to it
You can’t be superficial
Or the spirit goes flat
It takes a lot of work
Sometimes there will be pain
Relationships require the will to work it out
Let me explain
Love’s a train of commitment
Understanding too
Faith in destiny
Forgiveness so that one forgets
Just keep moving on
It’s a daily effort, but it is no chore
When two really tango, there is so much more
To living, to sharing in every way
When you can turn to another and simply say
I love you, when and then it’s really real
There’s a joy that permeates
To the world you can’t conceal
You’ve found the meaning of life
Surely this is love
Relationships, ah relationships
When they work, when you spend the time
Of them you can’t get enough of
Aug 3 · 39
Feisty as a hurricane is she
Kind and fair and soft
Who changed me for the better
Improving me by far
I want to please her
Every day in every way
And she loves me
What more need I say?

It’s everything about her
Her touch, her lips, her smell
Her class, her energy
We get on so well
She believes in me
As I believe in her
Jul 22 · 160

You can do it, anyone can write a love poem. First, decide you want to do it, then get something to write on, pencil or computer, and begin. Do it anytime, anywhere, whenever you have a few minutes to contemplate. View the ability to do so as a treat, for it will be fun to navigate emotion via words, akin perhaps to working a crossword puzzle as you fish for just that word or turn of phrase that gives meaning. It is challenging and exciting to find that rhyme that works.  It helps to have a strong vocabulary, but just knowing the language is all you really need. Some of the greatest poems ever created are utterly simple in the language used.
Metaphors and similes are always welcome additions to poems and utilize onomatopoeia, alliteration and assonance whenever possible. Using these tools delights the eyes and ears.
Put your mind at ease and enjoy and appreciate having the time and ability to create and think about life’s most precious gift. Start with a phrase or thought that has come to mind upon which you’d like to expand. (I have a collection of these I call upon when I’m looking for inspiration.) Focus on the what, why and how of love and its meaning to you. You can write about your feelings for someone you know or with whom you are in a relationship. Or, perhaps, you will be writing in a fictional context drawing from your own experience or from hopes and dreams. Is there someone you miss, or to whom you wish to be closer?  It helps to have someone to think about, but it’s not necessary.
There is no formula for a love poem, it can be free verse, a sonnet, or one of a myriad of rhyme schemes. When I write, I just start writing and words and rhymes just flow. It’s somewhat like riding a bicycle. It’s not that hard to learn, you can go faster and faster in any direction you want. The more you write, the easier it becomes stylistically,  
There are many kinds of romantic love:  those of longing for or missing someone special, and the contented, satisfying type when it’s really going well, among other variations. You’ll never be at a loss for inspiration. I get ideas from the newspaper, comments in conversation, and much of the time, out of thin air. So many times I’ll write a first line, not knowing where the poem will go, and lines come, one after the another, as if on a scavenger hunt. Then, voila, I have a perfectly formed little verse that is just right, at least to my eyes.
Writing has a salutary, therapeutic effect. Grappling with words and emotions in the context of love is invigorating contemplation which can assist in resolving thorny, important issues facing the poet. The problem may not be solved, but perhaps it may be defined. This is your opportunity to get back at a someone who hurt you in a failed romance. You’ll feel better after doing so and no one will ever have to know you really feel or how you were so hurt. When you do share your poems with others and loved ones, you’ll be gratified at the reaction and the recipient will be thrilled to have been the object of such affection.
Write for yourself, satisfy yourself first.  Poems are personal and can remain private forever, so don’t worry about being embarrassed about what you write. Get it down.  You don’t have to show it to anybody. However, once created, maybe you will want to. Love is about sharing, devotion, friendship. Writing poetry has gotten me through much sadness, given me goals, and been endlessly pleasing to my psyche over the years.
Be spare in your writing, don’t use any unnecessary words. There is elegance in simplicity.  It is in the editing that the poem truly comes alive. Doing a good polish is to eat the icing on the cake.
Once you start writing poetry, you will never stop. It’s addicting and just a great way to use time wisely. You will amaze yourself with what comes out of your mind and heart. It’s a process, writing, and will exercise your mind and bring much pleasure.  
Start today.
Some of you may find this helpful.
Jul 20 · 37
Hold On
You think she’s never gonna show up
That’s your single thought
As you venture out to parties
Go on dates a lot
The years are pushing you
Resignation reigns
Going uphill on a skateboard
Is no fun in the rain

Then one day you find her
She makes you crazy
You can’t sleep
Desire keeps you waiting by the phone
You get weak in the knees

That is when you hold on
For dear life
Hold on
For dear love
Buy a ring
And hold on
Hold on for the fun
Jul 7 · 117
On Our Way
Another day, another year
And the road stretches out ahead
Side by side, strong together
Invincible our love, full-speed, good stead
Through life’s hills and valleys
Looking back only to reminisce
For there’s still so much for us to do
So many places to see in this life so rich

If there’s a moral  to our story
I suppose one might say
If you hold out for the right one
He or she will come your way
And so it was, so it is
Bringing us to today
Our anniversary
We’re on our way!
Jul 2 · 87
Our Pact
It’s not about me anymore but the pact we made
We’re in this together
I’m not gonna lose her
No way
I’ve got my faults
But I get better every day
She knows I do
Sometimes we pray
That it will all work out
Sometimes we say
Nothing can come between us
Not tomorrow nor today
It’s all about us
And the pact we made
Jun 30 · 41
For Crying Out Loud
For crying out loud
What do I get?
No satisfaction
For being bereft
I yell at the wall
It just stares back at me
I want her back
That ain’t gonna be

No one can see
Me weep all alone
I keep to myself
And the great unknown
But I know that I loved her
She was the one
Unfortunately it’s sunset
And she is the sun

For crying out loud
All I can do
Love is so ruthless
Aren’t we all fools?
For crying out loud
That’s the least I can do
Jun 23 · 88
My Generation
My name is Millie, his is Dave
We spend time together
We make love at his cave
That’s what he calls his dormitory
What confuses is him and me
What are we doing?
Where are we at?
I want to know
But I’m afraid to ask
When I try to engage on the topic
He puts me off with a laugh
Or a look, he evades
Is this love or just hooking up?
What is this stage?
No labels, no drama
Is this what it’s about?
If he’s not my boyfriend, what is he?
What am I?
I’m going to be brave
If there’s an argument, so be it
Time to hash this out
I can’t live like this
Maybe I’ll quit
From the first time we met
To today and forevermore
You’ve been and will be in my heart
That’s for sure

It’s your kind and gentle spirit
The insouciance
Those knowing eyes
That tantalize
Make me realize
That I always have
That I always will
Love you
Yes I always have
I always will
Love you

Today is like every other
We’re secure and OK
We’ve got each other
Always all the way
And I know you and I
Are meant for each other
That’s why
I always have
I always will
Love you
Yes I always have
I always will
Love you

It’s the way that you comfort me when I’m down
It’s knowing you’re there for me
That you’re always around
It’s the past, present, future
Always to be
It’s us together
You and me

I know you and I
Are meant for each other
That’s why
I always have
I always will
Love you
Yes I always have
I always will
Love you
Jun 16 · 83
I Reckon
She asked me about the word “reckon”
“Did I ever use it?”
Not at that time
She was curious about its usage
I did not know why
Until much later
When I realized with a sigh
She had another lover
Been going on for some time
An Australian he was
I reckon he used “reckon”
In his daily conversation
I reckon it’s a word they must use down there
I’ve had to reckon with “reckon”
It’s still not in my vocabular
In fact, when I encounter it
Into the distance I stare
I reckon it brings back
Memories of my old girl
I reckoned then she loved me
Til she headed for the hills
I reckon it will take some time
Until “reckon” disappears
After my day of reckoning
Which fails to give me cheer
Jun 11 · 32
I Protect You
There are 17 federal intelligence agencies
Yeah and I supervise them all
It’s a form of internal affairs
We’re here to protect the protectors
To ensure that civil liberties or not
To respect the right of privacy of American citizens
Our department grows bigger every year
The problems increase every year
Supervising intelligence officers and case managers
Who don’t want to be supervised
But if we break the law to enforce the law
Where is that at?
Let’s take torture, for example
I had to quit for a while because I didn’t approve it
Others believed in it, that it worked
Whether it did or didn’t, it wasn’t and it isn’t right
So anyway, I’m back what complicated world of spooks and demons
Don’t give me wrong, I like my job
I like the people I work with
But the notion of winning at all costs has long-term implications
I have to live with myself
I have to face the mirror every day
I’m the the conscience of the agencies
Conscious of what we do
All in the context of people who want to take us out
Welcome to my world
Jun 11 · 94
Old News
Historical events, I’m reminded everyday
I see it in the news
The news of yesterday
I’m brought back to the times
What I was doing and knew then
It’s always about romance
Did I have a special friend?

Yes I did, I remember as I review the news of yesterday
I wanted to marry her
I made the play
Only to find I was yesterday’s news
She’d gone away
Had a new lover which I didn’t discover
Our ship had sailed

The news from then brings back sad memories
Not only for the world, but especially for me
A broken heart in a broken times
The former is me
I still smart when I recall what happened then
I’ve moved on but never all the way
Some of the hurt never ends
It doesn’t go away
Jun 7 · 85
Rowboats on Lakes
Here’s the formula: you and me
Ok, we’ll have some quarrels
Every couple does
But it will all be great
I’ll make the money
You will spend it
We both have voracious appetites
For knowledge, fun and dare I say, smooching!
I promise rowboats on lakes
Even some rafting
Good hats for your alabaster skin
And lots of laughter
Yes, all for you
I’ll get to share in it
Life is good
Been that way ever since we met
May 31 · 58
Mother Was Right
Nestle in my arms
As I wrestle in my thoughts
Leaving the day’s vicissitudes
To the hours before dark
I need you
Thank God I want you
I always will
It’s easy to love you
To stay true
You make it easy
Most of the time
Keeping it breezy
With conversations fresh
As the tasty meals you cook
You’re soft and gentle
And tough as nails
Just what I need
My mother always liked you
You intrigue me
Me and everybody else
Without guile, with style
Chiffon meets batiste with lace
You own any room

You’re much better than me
What say we stay together forever?
I’d play catch-up all the time
But I’m fun to be around
Especially since I’m crazy about you
May 31 · 40
Come sit by me
I’ve got tea and if you’re nice, sympathy
There are so many things to talk about
Let’s start with me, then we’ll head into you
Is this any way to start a romance?

I’ve had it with non-sequiturs
Stay on point if you know what’s good for you
I don’t like being the underdog
How did you get on top of me?
You’re all I think about, when I’m not thinking about me
May 29 · 75
Time for a Ride
Let’s make this one about you
I like it when you’re amusing
You can do that as often as you’d like
What you pack in my lunchbox is always tasty
Thanks for keeping the house clean

If we hadn’t met this would be a very different poem
I’d be grousing about not having met you
Well I’m glad that’s over
Do you want to go for a ride?
Good, get in the car
May 27 · 267
I'm going to create a drink and name it after you
The Wildcat I shall call it
It will tantalize and pack a punch
The ingredients shall be mysterious
The recipe known only by me

Only you and I shall drink this concoction
Doing so in rooms alone
Under down comforters
Even when the night is young
We’ll drink to us
I’m thinking of toasts as we speak
May 25 · 60
A Kid’s Thoughts
Daddy’s typing
He usually is
On deadline, he always says
That’s his biz
Covering politics
See him fume
Sometimes we talk about it at dinner
What’s the world coming to?
Fake news?
Daddy’s typing
Click, click, click
On deadline

But he is always there for me
Advice and consolation
Little league
Good conversation

He does investigations
Of big problems in our nation
He discovers
He uncovers
Then he relates
To the public
In the paper
It often excites

So we love him
Yes we love him
Daddy types away
Click, click, click
Daddy’s typing
Daddy saving the day!
May 18 · 86
Unconditional Love
She is there for me
All the time and everywhere
Got my back
That’s a fact
Safe and sure
Am I
One lucky dude
The road ahead
Stretches endlessly

This unconditional love
I’m so thankful for
She is my sun
And me, so fortunate,
To be her lucky one
May 18 · 46
Into You
He’s just not that into you
I am
Let me in
Let me pick up where you left off
He’s history
I’m the future
And I’m so into you
So what do you say?
Make this a happy day
I’m lost in your reverie
Waiting patiently
So that you will see
We fit together perfectly

Yes I’m into you
Yes I do want you
Yes, yes, yes
So you must know, know, know
You can’t say no, no, no
I’m so into you

Forget that dude
There’s someone new
That’s me in all regards
Happy to be endlessly
In your thrall and charms

I’m into you
I’m into you
I’m so into you
May 12 · 39
Good Party
I like a good party, love those where everyone is in the business, mostly ​retirees now in "private security." Yeah right.
There is always a lot to discuss, hopefully, without rancor or discord as ​everyone gets lit, and there are tales of tails in Lagos, Istanbul and ​Bratislava.
Meet lovely Katia from Yugoslavia which doesn’t exist anymore
Just like our love affair when we worked on opposite sides but shared the ​same bed.
If it hadn’t been for Tito, she’d probably still be titillating me
I feel a chill, when I turn to see who enters the room,
The swarthy entrant likewise stiffens as we both reach for the weapon ​we aren’t carrying.
It’s Elmer, at least that's how I knew him, the gun-running second in ​command under Noriega, whom I had orders to **** and he had orders ​to do the same and we both tried our best to do so in those dark days ​before the pock-marked General got blasted out with help from ​Hendrix and The Doors --- but that's another story
"Hi Elmer," I grimace a hello.
He responds, "Buenos noches, Jose," and sits down next to me!
It’s been ten years since he'd last tried to ****** me at that shoot-out in ​the warehouse where he had to abandon the coke, $100 Million ​worth.
Thank God, it isn't like old times, or I would be dead.
Sitting there I have never felt more alive, adrenalin on high
Thank God, I don’t want to slay him anymore
Try making small talk with an ex-nemesis like him
You don't ask about the kids, where he lives, and where he stashed his ​loot.
We nod politely and discuss the mundane
He tells me he never like assassinations, and always thought I was a good ​guy, that I was lucky he wasn't much of a shot.
Jeez, this is a weird business
It was time for further socializing so we both move on
I keep my back to the wall for the rest of the party
And Katia by my side
Say, darling, what do you say we split this joint for a secret, special ​rendezvous?
May 11 · 57
The Story of Love
This is the story of a love
Everyone has one, or should
Here is mine
Fits and starts I suffered
Nothing seemed to take
I so wanted to have a lover
A life together we would make
I had some dalliances
Never permanent but nice
Then would come the day to commit
I could not, I would fly
Into the future
Sometime regretting my past
Love is not for fooling around
So I went on leave
Didn’t date anyone for a good while
Morose I was
Then it changed
I met her at a meet and greet
Soon I was swept and smitten
And she  pursued me!
We grew closer
So much, that we are now married
Oh, I waited so long
I almost gave up
Now I can tell the tale
The story of love
May 5 · 29
Double Agents
Let me tell you something about double agents
It’s not what you think
Oh, they look good at the beginning
Some of the information is quite valuable, even excellent
But what you don’t know is that they are false double agents
I’m talking many of them, maybe even most of them
So it is with deep skepticism and bitter experience
We look at them with a jewelers eye
But we’re wrong way too many times
It’s the Russians, the Chinese, hell anybody who has an intelligence service and isn’t part of NATO
So we trying to trap them and then we prosecute them
Or send them back
More often they take off on their own
But what can you expect in this ***** business?
It’s hide and seek for real
A new spy poem!
May 5 · 51
In It to Win It
Oh, she was beautiful
With a personality to match
Smart as one could want
Incredible, this lass
I made a Hail Mary pass
Hoping she would catch
So she did
We were a match
And yes we still are
We’re going strong
After that weekend at my parent’s vacation house
We bought the farm
We both knew it was a slam dunk
(Yes, I’m mixing metaphors)
Yes we tied the knot to make it sure
I flirted first with cookies
She got my drift
I wasn’t in it for sport
I knew she was it
Hard work and grumpy compromise
That’s how romance works
But it’s silk and velvet most of the time
Though you can’t avoid
The trials and tribulations
That get in the way
It’s the good times we cherish
On our unending trail

I spent years without her
So I appreciate each day she is with me
A treasure I must say
We don’t have ups and downs
Maybe little bumps
Everyone has some
No problem for a love that’s tough

It’s easy does it most of the time
It’s good despite our quarrels
I don’t mind
Sometimes even she is right
I’ll eat some crow and it will be fine
It’s all good
Apr 25 · 212
Each Kiss Is Important
We don’t always need to be talking to enjoy each other’s company
We enjoy the little moments when they happen
When I reach for her hand, it’s always there
We have a wanderlust together
A mutual respect that is unique
Always in love we are
Every kiss is important
We send a message each time we do
It’s the date that lasts forever
And she’s all and truly mine
Apr 13 · 837
Dream Vacation
Dream vacation
Meant to be
This isn’t no dream
But reality
Fun and suds
Surf and sand
Me and the babe
Holding hands
Sun and mirth
Mai Tais and beer
Living the dream
Me and her
We disappear
Into the sunset
Into the night
So jocular
We never fight
Rather we smooch
Hold each other tight
On this dream vacation
Doin’ just right
In the halls of justice
Sometimes it gets done
Amidst the heartaches and the angst
Justice is hard won
Obtaining justice
A hard one
Parties fuming
Judges ruling
Lawyers arguing
Clerks filing
Stenographers typing
All for justice
Because people disagree
Corporations run amok
People hurt
So many accidents
In the middle of it, me
Mar 31 · 248
My Parents’ True Story
She wanted to be young and in warm weather
Me too
So California here we came
Sure we were gonna stay
What’s not to like?
All we needed to do was meet
Then came the night
A double date it was
Only she was with him
Barbara was her name
By the time it was over
I got her number
From then on she had mine
Inseparable we became
Forever entwined
On our third date I told her
I would marry her
She gave me an ingratiating smile
We were both sure
And here we are today
True indeed.
Mar 31 · 51
So Faraway Yet So Near
The reluctant goodbye it is
Always lingering in my mind
Your endearing whisper
I still hear
So far away, yet so near
Thus, still mine
No way to forget your tender sighs
It was love without fear
Hopes and dreams
Kisses and more
So very dear
A future we had
Coffee we shared on crisp days
Sharing plans of two lives becoming one
I wish I knew then what I know now
Looking back doesn’t get us anywhere
What’s done is done
Sometimes clouds come between
A glorious, warm, inviting sun
Mar 22 · 63
Inside Jobs
Why do spies turn?
Hanssen, Pitts, Ames
Those are the ones we know about
Those we catch
But how many elude us?
We’ll never find out
Trained to be wary they cover their tracks
As we search for turncoats
It’s painstaking, sometimes depressing work
It’s usually money, unjustified anger at “the system”
Vacation homes, luxury travel and Ferraris provide a measure of pleasure
‘Til they are found out and get life sentences
My colleague, a psychiatrist who has met with these traitors in a
therapeutic setting says they compartmentalize
They think they are very smart (and often are)
And they’re remorseful and ashamed
Every intelligence agency in every country has these problems
Loyalty to country is the norm
But there are always bad apples
There is the suggestion that the agencies
Afford an amnesty to the those corrupted
Isn’t it better to bring them back in than suffer the loss of, say, an aircraft
carrier with 5000 sailors on it than having a traitor not serve a lot of jail time?
From my secret agent collection of poems.
Mar 17 · 301
Cozy, I want cozy
Cozy all the time
Cozy, warm and cozy
Cozy on my mind
Blankets  are a great help
Hot chocolate and tea
A good movie on the telly
Hugs from my baby with me
Sunday mornings with the NYT
Breakfast in bed
Crispy bacon does please
Lolling about
Welcoming the sun
A warm long bath
Epsom salts are pretty fun
Yes, cozy
Cozy all the time
I live for cozy
Cozy on my mind
Mar 10 · 101
Lawyers aren’t all bad
Some do a lot of good
Advocates for the public
Fighting for your rights
With justice the crucible
Nice but fraught with difficulty
Conflict is the norm
Determination and cleverness required
I admire these colleagues of mine
Their spirit energizes and inspires me
They make a difference
A big one, in the lives of many
All for our common benefit
Mar 7 · 154
The Obituary Writer
I write obituaries for a living and this is my life  
I write about the ordinary who lived extraordinary lives
Who were special
Who survive in our memories
I explain to the masses
The differences they made
Life is funny that way
We get a service where anywhere from a few to hundreds attend
Is that it?
Maybe there is an obituary
That’s where I come in
There’s a story in every person
In every life
It goes by so fast
I sometimes wonder who will write mine
Feb 24 · 62
A sleuth for the truth
Your basic PI
Dogged, intrepid
A domestic spy
Cheating spouses
A daily routine
I find the missing
Track where they’ve been
Unobtrusive I am
Silent and stealthy
I get people in trouble
Out of a jam
Sometimes there’s bad news to deliver
To the one who hired me
Necessitating a new start
What I can’t do is fix a broken heart
Don’t get me wrong
I love what I do
Solving life’s puzzles
The old gumshoe
People are sneaky
With me they get caught
I’ve thought about it a lot
I’d make a good cop
Feb 16 · 47
I'm A Cowboy
Cowboys, they don’t say a lot  
But when they do they mean it
Me, I’m a cowboy, taciturn but not mean
Leaning back in my saddle
Living the dream
I never complain
Just do my job
Work on the plains
Cross rivers and streams
Content with joys it brings
Sunsets over the valleys
The natural hot springs
My co-wrangling partners
The songs that we sing
Campfires to chat, to maybe reminisce
About legendary trail rides
Maybe the wife’s last kiss
Sun or moon, we’re living like stars
Drunk on life
No time for bars
In the wide open
It sure feels like home
Just rolling along
Looking forward to home
The house of Mimi is welcoming
She makes him feel at home
A warm fire, empathy
Cinnamon tea and scones
He’s not alone on Valentines Day
At least he’s got her
Both in the same situation
Each nursing the hurt
That comes from a romance gone south
From a dream that turned into a lie
Two broken hearts on the mend
Seeking shelter in a darkening sky
Love when it works is a fairy tale
Satisfying, a high
But it can be a gang of sadness
When it goes awry
So they commiserate
Laugh at their misfortune
Maybe hug and cry
The hue in the room is not always gloom
Sometimes it glows with a gentle light
Feb 9 · 639
Bumble Report
Male fraud
That’s what she called him
After that good start, she thought
Lean and handsome
Hair down to his jaw
Coulda been a model, she reckoned
That he split the check on the first date
Shoulda been a sign
Then the kiss that didn’t come
She was blind
To the narcissist he is
23 dates in three years
Still, she soldiers on
Bumbling through life
She thinks she’s gone through every bachelor
This city has to offer
There’s got to be more
Dating’s a long, arduous chore
The next candidate has a nice pedigree
Ivy League, cool job in the Industry
A production exec who green-lights rom coms
He seemed nice on the phone
The date is on
I’ll report back
Tomorrow at dawn
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