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3d · 31
She Came to Stay
Tall and languid
Elegant and cool
A dream to view
With each each encounter he knew
She was the one
His future

It took all the ingenuity
Of this clever lad
Such patience required
He nearly went mad
For Denise was elusive
Seems the whole world wanted her
Poor Alex was worried
For he was sure
Sure that he loved her
And oh, her allure

They laugh about it now
She was the one who almost got away
But he followed his dream
He got his way
He followed his heart
She is the one who came to stay
May 12 · 45
Today is Mothers Day
But she’s up in heaven
Still, she’s with us
As we reminisce about the times of bliss
And our lovely lively family
So many happy days of joy
A mother like no other
Lives on in my heart
In lessons learned
Via treasured memories
Of her wisdom and love
Hold your mother close today
For someday she will go away
Apr 28 · 39
Such tenderness
You like to take it slow
Me too
You know the way
You’re in control
Taking me to the nether regions
Body mind and spirit
Oh my gosh and whoa
Each every time we touch
You devour me
I’m such a lucky such and such
I can hardly believe
That I’ve entered nirvana
Oh, it’s the place to be
You’re the prettiest flower on this planet
The sun to me
Apr 17 · 53
Chance Meeting
The widower eats dinner alone
At the restaurant in Alves France
Pamela, a divorcee, sits at the table next to Arnim
She is unsteady as she begins to leave
So he asked her to sit with him
Thus begins their sojourn to love
Serendipity —- for they connect
The aging professor from Germany
Meets another retired professor (film studies} from Brooklyn
Now involved in human rights
They talk, connect
And so it begins
“I never thought this would happen again,” they both said
And now they are married
Apr 13 · 36
I Will Love Again
But I will love again
She left me
I was blind
She didn’t love me
There was another
Too late I discovered
After I was all in
But that wasn’t enough
So I lost
The cost, a broken heart
But I will love again
I have to, I must, I will, I can
The sun is shining
The sky is blue
That dream may be over
Yes, there will be someone new
I will love again
But for now, I just want to cry
Apr 8 · 49
Never Say Never
Never say never, not with me
I never give up as you can see
I’ll wait forever if that must be
I must do so, and patiently

I know what I want
So I want you to know
Love lasts forever
There’s no stop and go

With determination
I hope and pray
For your understanding
That someday you’ll stay
In our happy home
Where we share the address
And the whole world knows
Of our happiness and harmony
Where we’re never alone
Apr 4 · 40
Starter Poem
This is a starter poem
Above is the beginning line
Others shall follow
Once it gets its legs
As it forages for the next rhyme
Taking baby steps
Word by word
Hunting for that special bon mot
Just around the next phrase
Barreling toward my brain
Trying to relate
But only going so deep
Into the emotion underneath
Nights of passion, days of wonder
Life is a dream
Love is better than that
There’s no in between
So we have become
A miracle that has come to be
Each day better than before
She’s still with me
Good fortune and a good life
So naturally
I’m in love and I love it
Let’s hear it for love
Let’s hear it for us
Mar 24 · 125
That Beach
On the beach is where we met
On that beach is where we first kissed
We soon became aware
That love was in that air
It’s where we frolicked
Where we dared
On those summer days
To see if we would go on
We surely did
Hence this song
For you became my fiancée
When I dropped to one knee
And you did say
I’ll take that ring
And wear it every day
Which led to a wedding
It was on that beach
Officiated by a lifeguard
Oh so very sweet
Here we are years since then
Watching our kids
Play in the sand
And you dear one
Just gave me a kiss
It’s so much fun when we reminisce
Mar 22 · 54
A Million Thanks
A million thank yous
And so many more
We’ve come a long way
There’s no end in store
It’s just the two of us
Always and everywhere
One long adventure
Our future secure
This love is comfy, cozy
As strong as it is true
My life came together
The day that I met you
Mar 2 · 68
Our Song
I don’t like to hear our song
I turn it off
Since we’re not together
It’s not our song anymore
It’s somebody else’s song
It’s there to make another couple happy
I used to love that tune
It reminds me of a special time
Now, long ago
Funny, how a happy song
Can later be so sad
I used to know the words by heart
Now I just feel bad
It will always be a great song
Just not for this lad
Mar 2 · 58
Crazy and Real
Everybody thought we were crazy
Maybe we were
We took off like a rocket
For places afar
Always keeping the center
Her and me
We’re crazy in love
Yeah, crazy and real

Up and away into the wild blue yonder
We sail
The wind at our backs
Our colors flying
Feb 20 · 77
After Being Away
Descending down to the tarmac
To reality
The good, the bad and the ugly
Having been away was good
I think
Isn’t it always wise to travel?
To see dear friends?
Meet new people?
This old soul needs to keep going
Grabbing the next rung
As the clamor and pressures of life
Rise up to greet me
Fortunately it’s a three day weekend
Look, I’m still showing up
Isn’t that worth something?
Love has made a fool of me
But then I’m a fool for love
A doggone crazy loon
Lost in that fog
Because I believe in fairy tales
Some do come true
She walked out of a blizzard
Right into my life
She is so beautiful
I can really tell
The way she holds herself
“Come and sit a spell,” I said
Indeed she did
Life only happens once
I’m not a kid
I thought we could be next to each other
No matter what occurs
I just have that vibe
I could be hers
She could be mine
Love has made a fool of me
And I’ve got the time
Feb 11 · 78
Supermarket Sweep
I was out by my lonesome
Happy being sad
That’s what I told myself
Poor little lad
Set adrift by my one and only
How dare she do that to me?
So I went sailing by myself
In the sea of this city
Chance meetings are rarely that
Not if you believe in destiny
I’m shy like everyone else
But I’ve learned to be
A bit forward
And she was looking at me
Tall, and such a doll
And she was looking at me
We were at the drinks counter
At the supermarket
There place where the chic
Go to eat; everyone looking pretty sharp
I asked what was in her order
That’s how it began
We had lunch on the outdoor porch
I hit a grand slam
Guess who’s got a date tonight?
No more shall I grieve
I have met my future
Here name is Alexia
She’s going out with me!
Feb 9 · 129
Bright Side
No more pain and sorrow
That’s it for me
I’ll just look for happiness
From the desert to the sea
I won’t be looking back
I know the cure
Each day is a new day
I will be sure
To look upon the bright side
There’s so much going on
Who knows what awaits me?
I’m gonna bang that gong
I’m happy to be anywhere
I’m happy to be alive
My inner sense is telling me
I’m surely going to thrive
Feb 7 · 166
The Newspaper Vendor
The sad face of the newspaper vendor tells it  all
The world is a mess
We all take the fall
His somber visage
That thin, grim smile
He barely says hello
All the while I scan the headlines
Crises galore
What’s more is the sad notion
We must brace for more
Darkness and pain
That’s reality
Woe for the world
Woe for you and me
But I’m not giving up yet
Feb 1 · 69
Golden Memories
Our time I shall ever remember
So good it was
Lost in each other’s hearts
We were so young
With dreams and wishes
To carry us as we rolled along
Those were days of wonder and awe
We sure had our fun
Those golden memories
Of precious days gone
Our living history
Somehow we go on
Jan 25 · 62
Hearts in Her Eyes
With hearts in her eyes
With love in her heart
She thinks to herself
It’s a good way to start
She has just met someone
She thinks she knows
He could be the one
She’ll see how it goes
It happened by chance
First, a brief glance
Then a bit of small talk
Which led to a walk in the park
Followed by coffee
The day was spent with each other
With little time to recover
As this is the very next day
It’s true, you know when you know
And she clearly does
Yep, Jim is the one
Her special someone
Such a good one
That’s why she has hearts in her eyes
Jan 23 · 162
A Silent Cry
I went there to be alone
I went there to cry
Cry I did until I could cry no more
She is the reason why

When a romance is over
When there’s no getting over
Only sadness survives
Oh, I was alone, all right
From then on, and most every night
It wouldn’t be the first time I cried

The tears are gone
Somehow I carry on
It’s been a long goodbye
I still miss her so
But when she said no
Then began what is now
A silent cry

Goodbye can be so sad
Jan 15 · 72
Life Is Amazing
The mystery I shall never solve
Is how this came to be
I can’t believe she is in my arms
That I am so lucky
I don’t know what I did
Or why it happened
I just know I’m in love
And in free fall into her arms
Endlessly, perfectly

Life is amazing
Even more so is love
Jan 15 · 61
It only makes me sad
Loves I have lost
Their echoes return
And linger with frequency
When I have down time
It really is downtime
What good is it to reminisce?
I used to be the moonlight king
Kissing was a specialty of mine
Those days are gone
Am I at the end of the line?
Consider the embers of sorrow
Ever there, reminding me
Chasing me even
I can’t reason with them
They just taunt me
Ergo I weep alone
Jagged, frustrated weeping
For there is no going back
The past collides with my psyche
As I attempt, wearily, self-help
There has got to be a way out of here
Jan 6 · 73
Naming Names
Hope Less says to Merri Way that Frank Ly has been on her mind ever since Dana Point hooked up with Tim Id. Bea Serious, overhearing this, scoffs noting that Hy Perbole has been dissuaded from this notion.
          Enter Cliff Hanger, Adam Ant and Murray Hill who were hiding from Colin Oscocopy and Ty Lenol also following the same rumor, but they are shushed by Roman A. Clef who says he knows the real story.
          This occurs at the church social organized by Dawn Patrol. Bill Collector and Donny Brook watch from the periphery. Then comes the shouting: April Fools, Chuck Wagon, Moe Mentum and Ruth Less get into politics: it is a no-win situation. Fortunately, Benedict Ion, with the cunning Bob Cat is able to calm the situation.
          Di Alysis, new to town, chats up Peg Leg and Al Gorhythym, laughing about the antics of ***** Nilly and 2 Dollar Bill but Luke Warm is iffy about what he views.
         Rock Bottom, that sad sack, tries his luck with Miss Matched, getting nowhere and is unhappy to see Ray O’Sunshine barge into the conversation as he orders Mart Ini to join in with Lazy Susan.
         Uh oh, here comes ****** Mary with Mel N. Choley who has the nerve to tell Pete Moss he smells.
         Terri Yaki sits with Will Power who, dieting, will not eat. They sit at the same table as Rich N Glamorous, Patty Melt and Miss Quoted.
         Here’s where it gets weird --- Ben E Fit cannot get away from Polly Amorous who pursues him relentlessly while he tries to put moves on the audacious Bo Dacious.
         Hugh Tensils and the aptly named Nick Named joyously interact with Deb It and Dad Nabit, narrowly escaping a falling chandelier which is prevented from harming anyone by Nick O’Time, who is always in the right place at the right time.
         Ty ****, known for being parsimonious hangs with Corporal Punishment, an unwelcome party crasher
          Ray Gun seeks out Phil Anderer to ask about the latest concoction of his pal Al Chemy, learning that he been experimenting with Joy Ride, Long John and Phil Istine.
          Justice Delayed and Justice Denied sit at separate tables refusing to interact with each other.
Jan 6 · 76
Perfect Stranger
The perfect stranger she thinks
With just one good look at him
He finds her tantalizing
A match it is with a spark
With a fire that starts

He buys her a drink
That gets her talking
Gives him time to think
She’s about as perfect as perfect gets
She’s already entranced
There is heaven in his scent
It’s mutual attraction that lasts into the night
They can’t stop talking to each other
It’s seems so very right

One thing leads to another
They share a perfect kiss
Love has got got them covered
This is really it
At this moment they are planning
How their lives will intertwine
Togetherness it will be
Until the end of time
Dec 2023 · 200
Ours Alone to Share
Neville Johnson Dec 2023
We share sweet memories of the good times
When we were young
And free
Full of brio and confidence
Daring and delighted to be alive
Memories of love and laughter
Of our belief in each other
Of being close and trusting and hopeful
But we broke up leaving these memories
Such treasures that bring warmth and joy
They are ours alone to share forever
Dec 2023 · 88
In Need of Schooling
Neville Johnson Dec 2023
It’s a crazy gamble
But you should teach me to love
A diligent student I shall be
Give me a chance, you’ll see

I’m easy to teach
Bound to please
Reliable, relatable
It’s undeniable that we should be
Engaged in a common goal
Of unity
Take a chance
Take a chance on me
Let us live in love
Dec 2023 · 95
Neville Johnson Dec 2023
I’m safe with you
Completely secure
You are my home
Wherever you are
I am in love with you
I’m not letting go
Your affectionate soldier
As you well know

You are ever with me
In my thoughts and heart
Ever forever and that’s just the start
My life began the day I met you
I have faith, I believe in you
Dec 2023 · 310
The One
Neville Johnson Dec 2023
Oh my goodness
So much goodness
Surrounding me

She’s the one
My only one
She believes in me, in us
For eternity

So it is
So it goes
On and on and on
She and me in perpetuity
Gone, we’re just gone
Into the essence of triumphant love
A romance for all time
Goodness gracious sakes alive
So lucky she is mine
Dec 2023 · 397
Neville Johnson Dec 2023
It’s her touch, or sometimes just a murmur in the night
That lets me know she loves me
That everything will be all right
It’s when she looks at me sideways when driving
And then she smiles, silently letting me know
That everything will be all right
That our love will grow
It’s her constant kindness to everyone she meets
She exudes just plain goodness
Makes my life complete

Our love is nonpareil
It’s with us everywhere
Through times of sorrow
Of hardship and pain
For indeed we have dared to climb that mountain
It’s the journey not the end
It’s her touch or sometimes just a murmur
That lets me know I’m her friend
Dec 2023 · 110
Neville Johnson Dec 2023
The name is Kringle
But so few know
When I'm working I use my other name
Where I almost glow in the dark
Such joy I spread
But I've never let it go to my head
I work year round except the the first two weeks of the New Year
I'm exhausted from the deliveries
Amazon, have no fear
But I'll keep it up, been doing it so long
Christmas would not be Christmas without me rolling along
I need to clear something up, that false story
I never kissed any mommy; got Mrs. Santa to satisfy me
To surprise me with presents on Christmas Day
After the reindeer are settled
We have schnapps and then we play.
Nov 2023 · 88
Neville Johnson Nov 2023
There’s an epidemic of loneliness,
All across the land
Sad, sad people are everywhere
Time to lend a hand
Make a new friend today
We all need each other
There’s just one way
It’s starts with good company
Listening to what the other says
If you’re lonely, you’re not the only one
It’s not gonna last forever
But you gotta try
We all must do our part
It starts with you and I
Make a friend today
Send lonely on its way
Nov 2023 · 95
Neville Johnson Nov 2023
Let me give you an update
I’m over her
No need to think about her
I’m awfully sure
For our past is over and done
Tomorrow’s another day
Right Scarlet?
We’re moving on

I don’t write her name anymore
No yellow pads where I stay
I’m a cosmopolitan man about town
Who used to know this one fine lady

But I am over her
Sad to say, I never had a chance
OK sometimes I think about her
But that doesn’t mean romance

I’m in the kingdom of broken hearts
It’s no place you want to be
If you’re worried about being lonely
Please come and visit me
Nov 2023 · 103
Neville Johnson Nov 2023
Today I’m very senti
Angry and resigned
At all the things that went wrong
Now just lost to time
Memories that were never made
Relationships gone wrong
How my heart aches
To sing this so sad song
Still, if it weren’t for the good times
I would not have these thoughts
But that’s the way it is
The way it has to be
At the end of the day
The one to blame is me
Yes, I’m very senti
So tender is this heart
With a past that ever haunts me
I’m unable to outsmart
Nov 2023 · 101
The Lazy Poet
Neville Johnson Nov 2023
I’m such a lazy poet
If I can’t make an easy rhyme
Is that a crime?
If my metaphors and similes are not up to par
Does anyone really care?
And what about my topics?
Suppose they are mundane
Will that get me into trouble?
It’s such a crying shame
Words are only words
Thoughts that take shape
Grist for all us poets
No poem is a mistake
Oct 2023 · 219
City with Secrets
Neville Johnson Oct 2023
This is a city with secrets
Surely it knows I'm in love
With one if it's residents
Who is playing hard to get
I can't get enough of her
I want her yes I do
It's just a matter of time
And time can be so cruel

I wander its cobblestones
Thinking what to do
Step by step I plan my moves
I try to play it cool
But this city knows I'm in love
And that I'm no fool
For she's the one
The only one
As I wander through
Its nooks and crannies
Under a jaunty sky of blue

I know I'd be good for her
She's perfection to me
We could live so happily
In this city of secrets
I have got to win her
I know she'll understand
She is my future
I am her man
Oct 2023 · 77
Complicated Me
Neville Johnson Oct 2023
I can’t forgive or forget
Oh, the big word is regret
And who is to blame?
Me, the master of deception
Or you, who brought the rain?
Sadness, regret, blame, time
They were all involved
And here I am
Shaking my fist at the past
How do I explain?
What could’ve been?
Will never, never will be
Yes, blame can be assigned
Maybe it’s starts with me

Yet, here I am
The other one gone
It’s ancient history
I need to move on
I have to
I will
Good ole complicated me
Oct 2023 · 82
Two Seasons
Neville Johnson Oct 2023
There were two seasons
I sensed it the day we met
Before her and after her

Before her I walked alone
Before her I was sad
Jealous I was at the couples I saw
On the street, holding hands

Before her, I was serious
Then I rarely smiled
Life was an obstacle
A mountain to climb

Then the rainy season stopped
Finally the sun came out
I looked up and thought
It's time for change
That wind I caught

After her began the time she walked into my life
I refer to it as happenstance as the birds did sing
I mustered up my confidence, gathered my thoughts
Went over to the pretty girl and proceeded to get lost
Into her charms, so many I can't count

After her, after her, how my life has changed
After her, I no longer mind the rain
For I am with her, an umbrella we share
Made of love and kindness
Never the worse for wear

There are two seasons
Before and after her
Before I was lonely
Then came a love so pure
Oct 2023 · 71
Waves Crashing
Neville Johnson Oct 2023
Waves crashing
What do you want?
The end of the beginning?
Must it haunt
The love affair that never started?
The failure at that restaurant
You gave everything you had
No need to be ashamed
Chalk it up to fate
You’re home on the range
Just another dude with a lasso
Yet you’re waiting to be captured
Good life ain’t no hassle
There’s such joy in living
We see it every day
The waves keep crashing
Nothing gets in their way
Oct 2023 · 132
I Will Love Again
Neville Johnson Oct 2023
I will love again
I must and I will
For now I have a broken heart
Such a bitter chill
But I will love again
I know that I can
Got to get a move on
Got to have a plan

Goodbye to your picture
No more shall I go
To places where your memory lives
No, no, no, no, no
I'll be up, and at em
You won't defeat good times to come
Get between whom I shall meet
To take your place
Wherever she shall be
I will love again
Someone waits for me

It happens to all of us
That much I know
I'll live in the present
Just take it slow
We are over, which is sad
There's a whole life to create
I will love again
Next time, make no mistake
Sep 2023 · 233
Bronco Comes to Town
Neville Johnson Sep 2023
Bronco is adrift in the city
But walks a straight line
Some slicker said he liked his costume
Bronco doesn’t mind
He got it that no one wears spurs in Durango
That’s just fine
He’s moving along with the times

He’s in town to find a wife
They met on the Internet
Emily teaches the second grade
Hasn’t met her dude yet
She grew up on a farm
Where there isn’t much shade
Attractive she is, prim and petite
They are each out to find that someone to meet

Arriving is Bronco with no swagger there
He takes his hat off, brushes his hair
Rings the doorbell, he could swear
He’s never seen anyone prettier before
She invites him in, he sits in the easy chair
The dinner she’s made is succulent and sweet
Magic is in the air, “Ain’t life a treat,”
Bronco says to himself and almost clicks his heels
He’ll be back next week, will soon seal the deal
Sep 2023 · 100
The Race
Neville Johnson Sep 2023
Getting old means looking forward and looking back
It’s just the way it is
We must face the facts
Remembering what was good
Yes, those were the days
There are more to come
Bring them on, we’ll be unfazed

Notwithstanding sorrow
Which exists for us all
We remain optimists
To be in the thrall
Of our common human endeavor
As time races us and we race time
To an end we cannot define
Sep 2023 · 77
I Go Where She Goes
Neville Johnson Sep 2023
I go where she goes
That's where I need to be
By her side all the time
Yeah, that's me
Why? Because I love her
She's better than the best
We have fun, we always do
So lest you be concerned
We're on fire all the time
It's burn baby burn

I go where she goes
It's just her and me
Traveling though the stratosphere
Yes and easily
Two wanderers
Lost in ecstasy

I go where she goes
For sure and always
Incandescent is our love
So beautiful these days
Sep 2023 · 81
Neville Johnson Sep 2023
There's a sale on me
First time on the block
You can have me forever
If that is what you want

All you have to do is love me
As I will do for you
You can be my one and only
Exclusivity assured

I've been down and lonely
I had one who went away
This broken heart is on the mend
Hence there is this sale

But you must treat me gently
As we frolic in the sun
Make it last forever
Be my only one
Sep 2023 · 80
Time for Another
Neville Johnson Sep 2023
What happened to us?
Those days that seemed to live forever
Maybe in our minds they do
But not in reality
Days of gracious sunshine
But there came another day
Then another year
Another decade
As we all head towards sand
Those days were once these days
Those days are gone
But they haven't gone away
They're just part of life
The dreams have not died
They're just not around
Just waiting for you and me
To recognize that time
When well-spent
Never goes away
Some days, some times
Live forever in our minds
We are all time travelers
Never left behind
Just pushed, shushed along
What happened to us?
We moved along
Loving the times
The times when we all got along
Yes, we're all still here
Making time
Doing time
Time, our new and old friend
Time as we move along
Sep 2023 · 80
Make Them Go Away
Neville Johnson Sep 2023
I don’t want these memories
Make them go away
They don’t do me any good
I just want to say
Good riddance, begone
She’s not around here anymore
These memories don’t belong
In my thoughts, let alone my heart
I don’t need to sing a sad song
I’m looking for happiness
New memories to come along
Some wishes don’t come true
Time to say bye-bye
Tomorrow is another day
No more time to cry
If I did my best, that’s all I can do
It’s why I want to say
I don’t want these memories
Make them go away
Sep 2023 · 66
Neville Johnson Sep 2023
All in all, life’s been good
But there are certain moments that stand out
When time stood still
When it was that outstanding thrall
Of peace in our time of love
Lying in bed
Certain of our future
Holding each other close
These are the moments I remember
Those moments stand out
Sep 2023 · 86
Mr. Now and Then
Neville Johnson Sep 2023
I'm so happy to see you but I always leave sad
For I know I will miss you
Me, your former lad, now just your friend
I still love you now
Just as I did then
That's the way it is
I'm Mr. Now and Then

Ah, those nights of passion
We went soul to soul
Inseparable we were
A love that made us whole
We were each other's best friend
You still bring out the best in me
So says Mr. Now and Then

     I'm a lover without borders
     A lion with no pride
     You wouldn't know it to look at me
     But deep down inside
     I know I really blew it
     That there is nothing I can do
     I can look but cannot touch
     The incomparable you

I know you know I love you
You said you still love me back
But you're with him and so secure
He'll never get the sack
I can wait and wait
Like Robin Hood in the glen
I know I'll never steal your heart
But I will still try every now and then

I know we will never be what we were again
Still I still love to see you every now and then
Aug 2023 · 81
Ice Cream Memories
Neville Johnson Aug 2023
Ice cream memories
Sunday afternoons
Bicycles and swimming pools
No work or school
Friends and neighbors
Just having fun
Those were the days
We sure were cool

That tomboy Diane
Sure could hit the ball
Our club was named The Eagles
We had it all

We had our own tee shirts
With baby blue design
Diane sowed the insignias
Looking mighty fine

We were the best
Then Diane discovered boys
You can guess the rest
Goodbye to those joys

When I have a bite of gelato now
I think of yesterday
Diane is my first love
And though she’s gone away
Her sweetness is
An ice cream memory
Of those happy days

Here’s to Diane
Wherever she may be
My dear playmate
And what used to be

Long live The Eagles
Lucky, lucky me
Aug 2023 · 102
Neville Johnson Aug 2023
I was 22, she was 20
They were glory days
The time when we were one
I get misty thinking of her
Her kindness and the sass
The many merry times
Her famous laugh
The softness in her touch
Even the bad times were pretty good
When she said I’m mad at you Mister
Believe me I understood
What we had was golden, irreplaceable
It’s why I sing about her
She’ll always be my girl

Here’s to her in the yesteryear
And for what is left today
The very best of memories
Why I’ll always say
I still love her
Yes, I always will
It’s why I sing about her
She’ll always be my girl

So when I get misty
It’s not by choice
But because that often happens
When I recall her voice
Jul 2023 · 108
Still Cool
Neville Johnson Jul 2023
We were all head honchos
That was way back when
With youth and vigor
We thought we could do anything
We almost did
But life caught up with time
In the middle class we hid
Making our way
Fighting to make a life
Some broken hearts along the way
I don’t miss the strife
I look back in dismay
At the love I have lost
The ones I still think about
Measuring the cost
Those ships have sailed
Gone to foreign shores
Memories are our buried treasure
One way we keep score
You can’t be indifferent to what really matters
We keep searching for more
Life is an adventure
Love is the fuel
We may no longer be young
But we’re very much alive
And dare I say cool
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