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I don’t like to hear our song
I turn it off
Since we’re not together
It’s not our song anymore
It’s somebody else’s song
It’s there to make another couple happy
I used to love that tune
It reminds me of a special time
Now, long ago
Funny, how a happy song
Can later be so sad
I used to know the words by heart
Now I just feel bad
It will always be a great song
Just not for this lad
Everybody thought we were crazy
Maybe we were
We took off like a rocket
For places afar
Always keeping the center
Her and me
We’re crazy in love
Yeah, crazy and real

Up and away into the wild blue yonder
We sail
The wind at our backs
Our colors flying
Descending down to the tarmac
To reality
The good, the bad and the ugly
Having been away was good
I think
Isn’t it always wise to travel?
To see dear friends?
Meet new people?
This old soul needs to keep going
Grabbing the next rung
As the clamor and pressures of life
Rise up to greet me
Fortunately it’s a three day weekend
Look, I’m still showing up
Isn’t that worth something?
Love has made a fool of me
But then I’m a fool for love
A doggone crazy loon
Lost in that fog
Because I believe in fairy tales
Some do come true
She walked out of a blizzard
Right into my life
She is so beautiful
I can really tell
The way she holds herself
“Come and sit a spell,” I said
Indeed she did
Life only happens once
I’m not a kid
I thought we could be next to each other
No matter what occurs
I just have that vibe
I could be hers
She could be mine
Love has made a fool of me
And I’ve got the time
I was out by my lonesome
Happy being sad
That’s what I told myself
Poor little lad
Set adrift by my one and only
How dare she do that to me?
So I went sailing by myself
In the sea of this city
Chance meetings are rarely that
Not if you believe in destiny
I’m shy like everyone else
But I’ve learned to be
A bit forward
And she was looking at me
Tall, and such a doll
And she was looking at me
We were at the drinks counter
At the supermarket
There place where the chic
Go to eat; everyone looking pretty sharp
I asked what was in her order
That’s how it began
We had lunch on the outdoor porch
I hit a grand slam
Guess who’s got a date tonight?
No more shall I grieve
I have met my future
Here name is Alexia
She’s going out with me!
No more pain and sorrow
That’s it for me
I’ll just look for happiness
From the desert to the sea
I won’t be looking back
I know the cure
Each day is a new day
I will be sure
To look upon the bright side
There’s so much going on
Who knows what awaits me?
I’m gonna bang that gong
I’m happy to be anywhere
I’m happy to be alive
My inner sense is telling me
I’m surely going to thrive
The sad face of the newspaper vendor tells it  all
The world is a mess
We all take the fall
His somber visage
That thin, grim smile
He barely says hello
All the while I scan the headlines
Crises galore
What’s more is the sad notion
We must brace for more
Darkness and pain
That’s reality
Woe for the world
Woe for you and me
But I’m not giving up yet
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