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- Mar 2014
It's the sensation
Of someone
Love hearts
On your skin
The ecstasy
When you're
In the heaven
Of which is
Pure passion
The kind of feeling
Like no other
That gives healing
Makes you crave
That bliss
Felt good and wrote this, ha.
- Mar 2014
Intense kisses
In the morning
Hot cuddles
In the evening
That is a good
Reason for

Just the feel
Of it all
Makes you
So much more
- Mar 2014
I love the people in my life
They make me smile
Especially him
My best friend
My other half
Who I adore
With my heart
Happiest girl
There is
This is
Loving today!!
- Mar 2014
I said;
Take me out.
Don't let me leave,
Your mighty sight,

You are the spirit,
That lights up the town,
You make me smile,
When I feel down.

You are the king,
Let me be your queen,
Together we can,
Hold on to love.
- Mar 2014
Went to an ice bar
I guess you could say
I felt quite cool
Pardon the pun
If there even is one
Ice queen
NY scene
With my crew
I love them

L.O.V.E you
I'm so happy after last night. My friends are amazing.
- Mar 2014
Friends like these
I truly love
These girls
Are my life
They've been
A part of mine
For so long
17 years strong
My angels.
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