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Love's divine Jul 2015
The dark cashier took over
note by note she counted
placing one gently on the other
torn notes are ejected
anyway patiently i stood
waiting and somehow bored
there was no saying her mood
since she hardly looked up
done she gently looked at me
handing the notes in a sack
look carefully you will see
the summary on the wrap
that there is the price for a soul
well written so you may know
so i left the hall turned up
churned by every mistake i made
to reconcile the past was now a war
for everything done had been said
see am as guilty as is charged
the story you heard is true
when i admitted i was sad
it was another me being cruel
Love's divine Jul 2015
Can i be the one
One you are proud of
would you stay if i come
or run when i turn up
do you mind my long way
would you ever want to stay
It's the morning i miss
She keeps the Sun from me
But she will wake somehow
If you should chose to come now
You are to me every wonder
Every other thing can go under
because you stayed back
when i needed you most
you are my joy when am sad
one portrait am proud to own
Love's divine Jul 2015
We could leave still,Diop
We could leap off this rock
away from this dying world
there is so much disregard
every second frightens me
your face keeps me afloat
lets leave and live free
however you darl chose
loving you is all i need
Love's divine Jul 2015
Right there beneath that sheet
You named a whole country
Now the land lies in waste
like the plot you occupy now
The North has this flare
blood blood hell and blood
The West filled with liars
The South now is worse
but East, she is different
always atop of your sea
I love where i come from
A river runs between hills
Round that green forest
The moon keeps us awake
So see we miss you not
Rest in hell
Love's divine Jul 2015
Well madam i hate to admit
There is just little i can do
The streets bother me    
yes she is dead rude
and gravely silent you know
is it safe to live this alone
you know nobody shares
so am there wondering where
why the images are twisted
and now clearly distorted
the truth is i can barely laugh
nor scream nor even shout
i have been often around
been there and now  round
it's the wind that lifts me
she does well to console me
Me by myself
Love's divine Jul 2015
They are my tears on my face
The pain i hid in the rain
The lies you gave to me
I was blind so i failed to see
that all this time i was alone
while you sneaked out each night
now am used to this cold
your foul mind and mad times
It is that smile that i hate
when you squeeze it that way
I will live without you  
I won't miss you too
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