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There is a song that skins remember.
A line that resounds in silences.
A form the heart revisits
in fervid recollections.

That you must not speak,
that you must not speak.

Silences can ****.
No need to ask Crusoe.

Stars that explode in suicide:
From aeons of tortuous silences,
from distant companions,
silently cold.

Yes, our silences talk. Sorry, this
was not how it was supposed to be.
Strains of there we go again.

Gulfs of empty spaces between
silent vales, that birth the
mourning winds.

Murmurs leap out like dolphins
out of our silences.

Waiting to hear each other. Past
the dirge at the grave of my errors.
I have met wonderful people
People who have shown me the secrets they know about how a life should be lived
And everyone’s got their own answers
To face the tests that come from each day of living
I have shown these people my solutions as well
But God passed a different exam to each person
Testing their will power, questioning their faith
And on the outside you can see the small struggles I’m facing
But a greater battle is waging beneath my thick flesh
I hide the fight I face each day
From the wandering eyes of strangers
And even some familiar faces may never see the darker side in me
Time and time again I deny the entirety of my existence
But as my bones lay exposed
And people see what I’m made of
Will they too deny that I exist?
I revelled in  pleasures
That you wrapped around me
And something so good
Should not ever end
I basked in sensations
From rhythmic movements
That cut off my breaths
I loved every second
Of tender sweet lips
Embarking on journeys
With chill bumps along
Each trail you would wind
It always amazed me
How feelings erupted
And left me exhausted
Still begging for more
I thought since I had you
No gold ring was needed
Oh I meant to buy one
To keep you all mine
But time winded on
And I never ventured
To jewelry places
As I failed to see
That ring that you wanted
Could be so important
In my vanity
So you lost your faith
To my negligence
Till your empty pillow
And your vacant closet
Attest to the blindness
I had for your feelings
Now I pay the price
For thoughtless assumptions
In solitare nights
Of longing for you

Copyright Louis Brown
Her gentle love would guide me
At the time I first appeared
From that big slap on my bottom
Through a lot of growing years
She could look pretty tall
With that hickory switch in hand
Her love helped me grow into a man

Later at a football game
A young beauty cheered our team
When she offered me a ride I said
"Don't pinch me--let me dream"
From the first time that I kissed her
My heart was in her hands
Her love helped me grow into a man

While the road from boy to man can be fantastic...
                Some angels have to work a little magic

She was twenty inches long
When her mother cried in pain
The doctor smacked our baby girl
And, ohhhh, she raised some cain
But she got a whole lot quieter
When I held her little hand
Her love helped me grow into a man

A man grows some each season
Till he's all that he can be
From a mother's care, through a love affair
To the last but not the least
They all were sent from heaven
And it worked out like He planned
Their love helped me grow into a man

Tag:  Three angels helped me grow into a man

Copyright Louis Brown
Tomorrow's still a hill to climb
My new loves fade and die
They're so much like the seasons
Just hello and goodbye
But I can still remember one
Through yesterday's old mist
The love that time cannot erase
The sweetest on the list.....

I remember you so many hearts ago
I can't give up the dream we used to know
Other hearts that I have touched were easy come and go
But I remember you so many hearts ago

I loved it when your lips were mine
Your shadow on my wall
When I pulled you close to me
I know we had it all
I never can forget you
I tried in every way
I find that each tomorrow
Begins with yesterday

I remember you so many hearts ago
I can't give up the dream we used to know
Other hearts that I have touched were easy come and go
Oh, I remember you so many hearts ago

Copyright Louis Brown
If I was granted just one wish,
for how we'd spend our lives,
I'd have to give it so much thought,
till perfect plans arrive.

We could be lovers on the wing,
soaring through the air,
but I think flight is overrated,
there's lots more we could share.

We could be swingers in the trees,
laughing with the chimps.
I'm sure we'd be entertained,
but there's so much more to glimpse.

We could see the great savannah,
stampeding cross the plains,
being one with mother nature,
but I'm sure we'd be drained.

I think we're more like little otters,
splashing playfully.
Holding hands we rock to sleep,
we'll never drift at sea.
Honest to God
if I stay I won’t survive another year
Tell you I’m flawed
Every person I meet engulfs me with fear.
This isn’t me
Became the girl I never wanted to know
Well, they used to say my smile made me glow
Can feel bright Chicago lights blinding me now
I’m doing this the only way I know how
Fight to the death
Shame this **** tail spun me into loneliness
 Apr 2013 Natasa Dolenc
Would you now go spitefully hating the sun
Or go viciously plundering pretty flower beds
Or go crushing underfoot, fall leaves in contempt
Or turn gently  into the fresh fold of snow?

Come, come, dear child, hold out thy hands
Let me gently embrace thy spindly frame
And divest thee of thy onerous cloak
For thou art at journey's end; thy vessel awaits repose.

If I told you which season you'd die in
Would you relent with ease, when the hour falls upon you?
Should you know I'm not as fearsome as most believe
Could you surrender the lent Light I must return?

You already know the answer without knowing
For it is not how you look, but how you look!
You no longer remember, it's been so long
So, I ask it plain: Would you really want to know?

You are not just a spoke on the wheel of Life
Which needs to, as the seasons, turn resolute
Yet you pass through them all, simultaneously
Save, your linear faculties confine your esoteric bridge.

Take joy in aestival airs, the apex of fruition
Springtime soil so easily squandered, bear in mind
Access  introspective glimpses with  hiemal hibernation
Autumnal foliage is but a screen, time to get real!

You cannot have the sunshine without the rain
Nor expect fine blossoms without fair travail
Seek thus the true bounty bedecked in full view
If you had but the seer's eyeless sight, dear guest.

As you travelled from one season to another
Did you live fully, even in between them?
Yes, the tiny labyrinth-passages you overlooked
Time to exact the price now run overdue.

Too attached you are to world and kin
For none of these, can you take with you
But beneficial acts and and good intent
Cosmic trick of genes is cecity delivered.

The one whose life you may regard so worthless
Retains a level which allows his soul to pass through
The eye of a needle, not measured in numbers
Hoist your soul on, tilt your core... I carry you home

So, come, wayworn traveller, hold out thy hands
Let me tenderly close thy brief visit here
And divest thee of thy onerous cloak, prithee
For thou art at journey's end; thy vessel awaits repose.

Star Toucher, 24 March 2013
Written and submitted elsewhere for a while, till it reached its journey's end
As with all in seasons which ever change, we are merely offered phases and afforded chances.....let's make the BEST of it, hey :-D
Just two words is all we'll allow.
Goodnight, goodbye.
These tears are on the prowl.
We shook the bed, your hands gripped my waist.
I tried to fight the feeling while I was dying for a taste.
My head was pounding bricks as I realized our smokey sin.

I love you.
Dont leave me.
Never let me leave.
I need you.
I breathe you.
Im begging on my knees.

I know, I'm the one running.
God, we are so sick.
We're running from the feeling but the space it never sticks.

Our passion was never deeper, breathing through the covers.
Your face never more perfect, as my fingers slowly trace
Every inch of all I've known, what is now not called my own.
I loved you the most when we said goodbye.

Memories flash before me.
How you whispered "I'm always here"
Never till then did i believe, a love like this exist.
But still I'll run, cause nothing ever feels the same.
Nothing was more painful, then a tattoo on my heart. Simply just your name.
You ripped down walls and heard my calls and silently i slept.
As my heart you did protect.
My tongue is weary from all my lies. I did not know.
My eyes they cry.
Im fighting death as it's knocking on my door.
Come out & play, you filthy *****.
No. Not again. Dont leave me all alone.
The demons wisp in and take me for a spin.
Infiltrate my mind.
I dont see them, i won't give in
I promise i could have loved you right before the storm.
I sold my soul to the devil.. That was my selfish sin.
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