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Chris Thomas May 2013
I used to think I knew the route,
The path our lives would take.
Just sit back, enjoy the ride,
Of predetermined fate.

I hoped we'd last forever,
I knew we'd make it last,
But one thing after another,
We could not stand steadfast.

I'd love to give us one more shot,
A chance for happiness.
Every little fault we had,
We’d defuse and then discuss.

There’s one thing still that worries me,
Just where would we settle down?
A world apart from East to West,
Could love turn this around?
Chris Thomas May 2013
As soon as I fall fast asleep,
I wake up the next morning.
The whole night gone in the blink of an eye,
as the new day is dawning.

I do my dreaming in the day,
since they don't come at night.
I forge brand new realities,
where my dreams can take flight.

They say that I can't concentrate,
when they see me drifting off,
but my imagination helps me,
think outside the box.

I get such wild ideas,
the tangents I could take...
I just wish they would come at night,
to give my mind a break.
Chris Thomas May 2013
It is not the meek than shall inherit the New Earth,
But the popular and the bold.
Big Brother's hand-picked champions
Have a new place to grow old.

The people's elected ambassadors,
Sent for science, for progress, for hope.
For entertainment, for the future,
For knowledge to elope.

To start anew in a cosmic haze,
Under an electric eye's gaze.
Chris Thomas May 2013
Goodbye this world of blue and green,
and its four corners I've not seen,
good people far and in between,
still searching for forgotten dreams.

Goodbye my family and friends,
unwittingly repeating trends,
the childish banter never ends,
when leaders fail to make amends.

Goodbye the things that I will miss,
the scent of grass, a loved one's kiss,
I choose to cross the great abyss,
with memories to reminisce.

So goodbye Earth before you're dead,
I'll leave this land for pastures red,
with hopes and dreams that fill my head,
I'll start a new life there instead.
Chris Thomas Apr 2013
Sitting by the window,
Staring at the sky,
Life's not much fun for house cats,
Forever stuck inside.

Little birds up in the trees,
Look like a tasty treat,
I see friends and enemies,
Ill never get to meet.

Giants seem to come and go,
Through things that they call doors,
They make them work with things called hands,
I'm stuck here with these paws.

One day I'll break out of here,
I'll make a dash and hide,
Life's not much fun for house cats,
Forever stuck inside.
Chris Thomas Mar 2013
If I was granted just one wish,
for how we'd spend our lives,
I'd have to give it so much thought,
till perfect plans arrive.

We could be lovers on the wing,
soaring through the air,
but I think flight is overrated,
there's lots more we could share.

We could be swingers in the trees,
laughing with the chimps.
I'm sure we'd be entertained,
but there's so much more to glimpse.

We could see the great savannah,
stampeding cross the plains,
being one with mother nature,
but I'm sure we'd be drained.

I think we're more like little otters,
splashing playfully.
Holding hands we rock to sleep,
we'll never drift at sea.
Chris Thomas Mar 2013
Will I be a treasure chest?
Or will I be a boat?
Will I be a creaky door,
where someone hangs their coat?

I could be a camp-fire,
shining bright for all,
but I still have some growing to do...
One day I'll be tall.
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