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Do we dance to this song 
After we've said our vows and I do's?
Will you hold me close
In your white wedding dress
And stare into my eyes
As they brim, beholding you?
The melody waltzes on.
Is this our farewell, 
Departure and heartbreak in 12/8 time?
Will we say our last goodbye
As different tears fill my eyes?
The melody waltzes on. 
Will I crumble inside 
When its haunting soundscape 
And splashing cymbals come to mind
And I remember what I had?
The melody waltzes on. 
Somehow I can't discern
Whether the rhythm is truly made for dancing;
It mimics a runner's perfect pace. 
Are we running away or toward each other?
The melody waltzes on. 
Is it a rendezvous or a cry of surrender?
Is it me bending down on a knee
Or hanging my head in defeat?
Is it everything I've wanted
Or what I have when all is gone?
The melody waltzes on.
Written as ekphrastic poetry (meaning it accompanies a work of art). This poem was inspired by (and written to) "A Slow Dance" by instrumental group Explosions in the Sky.
It gives the poem more meaning if you listen for a bit and read it.
Thanks! =)
"If you truly love something, you must let it go."
I watch the dove fly from my open hands,
A flurry of wings, fear, and confusion.
It spirals above, and for a moment
It seems the world is too much
And it longs to be contained.
But it ceases its sad circle
Without glancing back.
It heralds its freedom
And wings away
To my dismay
As my tears
Begin to
I wish it didn't hurt my heart to watch you spread your wings.
 Dec 2013 Nameless
Jess Bull
Throwing up will make you beautiful
After all, beauty is pain
Waxing every square inch of your human body
Squeezing into those Spanx to hide your smallest flaws

Your daughter, she needs help with her eating disorder
There's no beauty in that. Strictly pain.
Or telling your 20 year old best friend everyday for 6 years a size 3 isn't anywhere neat fat
Having the same conversation with a 10 year old girl: is that any more beautiful? No.
Forget that beauty isn't painful

A mother experiencing excruciating pain yet forgetting it all when she holds her child for the first time
Death of a man with terminal illness--all the pain built up to the soul finally at ease
The battered woman seeking courage to break free and begin new life

Actual emphasis to "beauty is pain" is one who pushes through the undesired struggle-- beauty is the reward
Remember that beauty can be painful
What's beautiful in your life?
 Dec 2013 Nameless
D Ann
Grey Snow
 Dec 2013 Nameless
D Ann
I lifted my coffee mug from the cafe table as I commented on the snow, receiving a murmur and a nod in response. I looked into my mug and I watched the snowflakes fall into the coffee and quickly disappear among the liquid blackness. Why he wanted to sit outside, I had no idea. I went along with it though. I liked watching him stare into the white blankets that covered the dead grass next to the sidewalks. He stared into the ice, in deep thought. The looks that always seemed to grace his face were those of concentration and intensity. He broke his stare with the snow and looked up at me, with that smile that made his dimples show. He outstretched his arm over the table, grabbing my hand. We sat in silence as he traced circles on my thumb. I asked him what he was thinking about, and he asked me how the snow can be so pure in a city that is so *****. I told him I didn't know. I really didn't. It was in that moment, watching him think about the snow, that I realized I loved him.

Looking back on that day, a year in the future, in this same cafe at the same table, I realized the reason why the snow was so beautiful that day; we loved each other. Everything was beautiful. The snow is grey now, stepped on by muddy snow boots and filled with decaying leaves. I wonder if it had always looked that way, even on that day that seemed so blindingly white. Our love was beautiful. The world was beautiful. Now I can see my heart lying on the ground, stepped on by muddy snow boots and filled with decaying leaves.
This is a pretty old piece of writing, thought I'd throw it up here, though.
 Nov 2013 Nameless
I find myself constantly searching my body for the wound
the wound that penetrated through my skin
& made it to my heart
I don't know when I was shot
with such emptiness & pain
I seemed to feel this way after I lost you
without you I constantly feel like
I am starting down a barrel of a 45
& instead of bullets, it's loaded with depression & anxiety
& I hate to look up to see who's behind the trigger

because I know it's you.
With you,
The color blue is never sad.
The north winds are cold,
But there is no chill.
The sun is a friend I had not noticed,

With you,
My hands are woven
And the grass is weaving
A great blanket,
Safe and long and warm
Like your hands,
When they cover,
When they touch me
Like my lost, new found friends
The sun and the sheltering
And the autumn winds,
I no longer dread,
No longer fear,
With you.
Society fears
Us looking in mirrors
And liking what we see
Posting 'selfies' online
Is a narcissistic crime
Because we're not allowed to be
Proud of how we look
'Cause in society's book
Insecurity plus jealousy equals pay
And when we cry
We're likely to buy
And the world wants us that way
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