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n0r Jan 2019
The minds' spittle;
Kernals in the kibble,
Eternal yearns little;

Little found inside
This ground, hallowed
Hollow is;

Fallow sound rebounds
Echoes in the resonance;

This breath is;
n0r Jul 2018
Kiss me in the daylight
Darling wrap your self in mine;
It’s love to be the nothing
Mixed to shivers through your spine
n0r May 2018
This is the nadir;
My zenith seeming a Potemkin
Village in shambles.

These seats do change
Though, unsightly
beginnings may seem

Within this inner being
Kreminology obscured
Even to me.

But turning to that
Abhorred chicken
Scratch of emotions,

I find a felt tip
Guide embiggened
By tears -

Will such salty waters craft
A pykrete fortress?
Let us muster enough fiber
To find out;
Inspired by some of what I learned in Seven Eves by Neil Stephenson
n0r May 2018
Struggling inhaling
A swelling, current
Mix of malaise and
Iridescent rays
Whipping within my 6th
To 2nd -

Is this normal
It’s not
Meditation shouldn’t be
This ***** filling
Royalling current of **** -

God, what happened to the bliss?
The breathing in until peace
Amidst a storm
What did I do to deserve this
Everything -

It’s all spread in;
Sins, loves, memories
The currents of the past
Slamming against my dammed
For too long
Now spring 4th

Only by being
May I come to

Know these pieces
Long repressed
In armors rusted shut;

This is spiritual lubricant
                       It’s ******* me hard
n0r May 2018
My life
                                is ashing
                         this pipe
                  into a leftover
       5 star resort
mashed potato box;
                          Last week’s banquet,
Three days rotten.
n0r May 2018
Sun And
Humble Rains
Washing Away
The Me
The Mud
#Feet #Seasons #Transformations
n0r May 2018
The screen brightens,
An instant’s clarity
Before eyes split
In mind’s departure.
Make it to the link
A sliver’s
Voice echoing
Inside a void
Craving an abyss.
Make it
The link.
There there
Will be another
Peace extended with
A simple meditation.
Make It
n0r May 2018
This is mine
Sweet wine delusion
Slipping in
With life illusion
Mixing amidst
This wind and sun
A gold retriever
Belly rub
emerging from my repose
this poem slipping from my lips
i glimpse Athena’s yellow streak
sinking teeth into
two wings
while six
shriek away
still again another corpse
ingloriously amidst the grass
hosting my meditations
true story broh
n0r May 2018
The scarcity of clarity gained
From a three day aching
My only blessing, hollowness;
Hallowed this, I lie
Laying in an anguish

starved of satisfaction;
n0r May 2018
Its twisting
   Spinning like a
Waterfall gracefully
   Pouring itself in
Its open lips
   A selfless gift
Never leaving
   Me to you
   Fading forever
Whole pieces
   Tender cradling
Always moments
   Of sublime
n0r May 2018
   In my search for satisfaction
I became a rabid hog;
   Gobbling down in excess every
Pill that pierced the fog.

   Laying starving in their absence
I then came to find the clouds;
   More magnificent than all the smoke
I swallowed in that shroud.

   In this newfound clarity
I then came to lay with with you;
   The wind that whipped a rainbow
From my pain and hungry blues.
     So full from you was I
   I never needed
Sleep or sun
     So full from you was I
   I never needed
To eat or run
            It’s not your fault
    That I’m still
     That I still
Ate you like a
          So thrill me
     Let me

                You’ll still be
  With me
                           In the clouds.
n0r Aug 2018
You can write a poem
In a thousand different ways.

Here, I laid the words out
In prose, like one long rope

Unknotted, with the knowledge
That I will look back

And cut the cords
According to how

I wish to sing.
n0r May 2018
Growing up I held
A sword as shield
Fighting every day
To just be me
Submissive with my equals
But never giving dominance
To those throwing
Their weight upon my Being

I learned to stab
At the tender parts
Of my father
As I sliced
Off the cancers
Growing amongst my friends

When I tried to quit
The fight for peace
Distance from false family
       (My love for them
         An open wound)
My father turned
His sword upon hisself
And finally stabbed at me

My sword my shield
My fire shattered
Cold steel
Became my skin
I hid in here
Until I couldn’t
Until I couldn’t

To shatter cold steel
Mix amphetamines with pixie hearts
Let simmer for months
Then superheat yourself
With mushroom stems and drums
Until collapse
Careful now your armors gone
Careful now take two
Make three
Of equals
And open up the heart

Careful now
Careful now
Careful now
n0r Aug 2018
Slip your fingers in,
I’m needing.

Spread my lips
Apart to breath.

And fill
This frame;

I’m dying.
n0r Sep 2018
Today I drew a tree.
It was a metaphor, really.
Written within soil were my aspirations,
Dedications I hoped to grow.

I came back to it this evening,
And saw the gaps within the bark.
Grabbing some tools I pressed my
Self on spaces asking to be filled.

The emptiness marked was darker,
Fresher from the pen.
Adding texture to this child’s art,
I smiled and drew again.
n0r May 2018
Volatile molotov, no alcohol
Required. Simply wait,
Let the fumes build
Until combustion
Is imminent -

That acid
Ravenously climbing
The thin linens of your psyche

Cut if you must,
But do so

You mustn’t
Bleed upon their tapestry;
It has been bleached
And your moaning
Is an ammonia

Your love a glass
Best left
Un   -



                    (If only I’d remembered
                       How to speak release)
November Insanity Excerpt (h)
n0r May 2018
But do not harden;
Their will

Be fruit to harvest
Before your belly

Children will weep
In need of
The silent strength

That’s You


She screams
Again and again
Her pillow baring blows
She would not give
To you


At two huddled masses
A hundred thousand scream!
They paid good money
To rage inside
This sheltered stadium! away
From the millions huddled
In forced migrations
A million miles away
Another war
Another bombing
And ticket sales reach
A record high
#person #politics #belly #sports #wars #starvation #migration
n0r Jun 2018
God ***** ****
In a trailer park @ 3AM
Because They feel
This is the only way
To make it till Friday;

Then They’ll smile,
Wet eyes lifting the Children
They have not held
For too long
Because Their sins were judged
By a person proclaiming
they loved “Him.”
n0r May 2018
Quantum Computers
Turing Test Defeated

Somewhere beautiful
A man casts his line into a lake
And lifts his wrist
Up towards his lips
Asking the tiny chip
Within his flesh
“Hey Siri,
Know the best way
To gut a fish?”

An Infinity Expands

every knife slicing into every animal
the blood and organs
the hands that hold them
the chemicals of blood
oxidation reactions
chemicals congealing blood
chemicals melting the bones?
bones inside the hands
pulling apart the flesh
vivisecting organs
falling to the surface
blood cascading
upon countertops stainless steel rocks dirt animals water grande canyons grand castles within the scaffolding
do humans think like this within the scaffolding of their minds?
of castles countertops stumps
the nervous system
active after death
fish whipping
twisting blades into the second hands
pain rippling through the other nervous system
electricity nerves muscles contractions force matter flesh  nerves again electric energy
pills swallowed before procedure
wielding knives while deep in stupor
wearing gloves to guard the hands
guarding the second hand
a single glove
blades slicing up the gloves
particles from gloves exploding
embedding within the fish
skin leathers wood synthetics plastics polycarbonates leathers
an infinity of leather guarded hands slicing pulling flesh bones muscles bleeding upon stumps organs crashing through the dirt

All of this
Before he inhales
All this infinity
Into a sentence.

“No ****, *******”
Spills out from the chip.
Read 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson and was inspired by his quantum walks
n0r May 2018
Gay as the day is long! But only 24 hours? Too short too short indeed for such joyous songs! Let’s us line these floats forever dance until a new millennium shake and shimmy and march along to all these songs now written in the lines! Here, now, with all of us the whole ing thrush it’s imperative to shine! What is up with you it seems there’s something down - Your smiles long you love these songs but still your movements frown! Perhaps it’s this street, perhaps it’s these rapid weeks? No! Now we’ve found your solution it’s the heat that’s your pollution pour her a hundred drinks! Oh what now my darling my dear you’ve fluttered like a butterlove since we kindly parched your thirst! But now it seems these past three hours like you fight this concrete earth! Let me say I understand I mean this parade demands a man but shimmy shake through those thigh aches and you’ll be cured of all your cramps! Come march come laugh it’s gas it’s fast it’s all burning with desire! So feel a joy a real joy there’s no need to lie and lie...”

                                          **** this
Not actually about gay pride
n0r May 2018
I knew you would love each other
More than we loved each other
When I said yes,
But I still said yes
Because I loved you
More than I have ever loved another
n0r Nov 2018
Slipping into respite
Beneath the noon’s lights

Knowing tomorrow holds another dragging,
Cigarettes between lips, ignite
The tick tock’s sagging, bliss
Missed in tearful reminiscence.
Sip the sweet wine
And add a stain, a scraping
Away of the cerebellum’s folds
Every evening after waking
Drag this frame across
A few sharp blocks
To get a fix

That will **** the chattering
Forever, Someday.
n0r Jul 2018
Lifes a ride;
Gripping it tight
And screaming
Laughter makes the journey
Mine, and sharing the pieces
Smashed with a smile
Baptizes my soul
With Yours; Love Us
If you dare to live
Wild and free
Within the waves
We make a~part
n0r May 2018
***** Together
as We Wade
into muddy Water
~Proclaim The Deeper Magic~

Be True
To what we’ve learned

Be True
To our humanity

Be True To
What Has Called

Us To
Editing of the 2017 Notre Dame Valedictorian Speech by C.J. Pine.

If you loved Michael Curry’s Royal Sermon I know you’ll appreciate Pine’s
n0r May 2018
hey creampuff
huff this
a jar slides
across a flat and
fractured kibble holder
creampuff huffs and
Sounds unheard
Ripple through the *******;
Within here, Placeless,
Are places for everything;
Nothings slipping
Into Nothingness;
good ****
his teeths toothless
gaps sing
n0r Jun 2018
Blind my eyes
And seal my ears
With spit; Cast
This tongue and flesh

To nothingness.
In such deep silence
I will thank you
With all my soul.
n0r May 2018
Purposes are like Porpoises:
You’re probably going to have to dive deep to find one.
n0r May 2018

*offer may not be applicable after elections
making a killing
n0r May 2018
O drunk love love me
Like you did before

Your livers’ swellings
In misty yellings

I now know you better

And do not know you
According to those
Who study chakras
The liver is tied to the 3rd chakra,
The seat of the self.
An excess of energy here
Leads to anger
And a desire for control.
n0r May 2018
this most civil
civilization’s educations
educate through
poundings in

Educate: To Give Instruction
Origin: Latin: Educare
Educare: To Draw Out, To Lead Out
n0r May 2018
Old cat
Skin cracked
Saying “MmrROwWw” to me like
An angry curse
Ramming his head
Into the iris stalks
Spraying dead white
Across his mottled blackness
Saying “MMrROowww” to me like
An angry curse
Until I reach out
And scratch the cracked
Black body
Feeling his old
Shriveled bones
Coaxing his back
Into an arch

It must hurt
I think
To be touched
So old,
But more pain
Is the itch
Driving his ancient frame
Into the stalks.

I leave and hear
Another “mmRRoww”
Like an angry,
Lonely curse
I walked by flower gardens all day that day and did not see a single bee
n0r May 2018
Listen here, you big baboon,
Licking drips
From your **** spittoon.

You see
The light which stings
Your eyes

Yet to the world
That light ignites
You're blind.
Those that bore their tiny little flagpoles into Science and claim it as their own are usually the most ignorant as to the implications of our scientific explorations. Scientific research has ran into a wall of Hindu metaphors and the ***** ignorant enough to call themselves intelligent don't even know the terrain that they **** upon.
Calling me a ****** when you're a part of the most narcissistic ****-****** circle **** in any history... smh
Rest comfortably on the shoulders of giants and you're going to slip into the depths of your own masturbatory fluids.
n0r Jul 2018
Burn me to
the ground; there’s better
carbon in the asheS
n0r May 2018
“My dream date is after we’ve already been dating for a few months and decide to go out on the town. We meet a cute guy, buy him drinks, and spend the next few hours laughing together and maybe slaying it at a karaoke bar. Afterwards we invite him back to my place and get into some role play. I become Israel, he Palestine, and you The Goddess that helps them finally come together, even though Israel has to bend over a little bit to make it happen.

Confession: this is a dream date. I have to become really committed to physical therapy again in order to get my singing voice back for karaoke and I live with old country people so it’d have to be at your place.”
“Christian and Serious About It”
n0r Aug 2018
In an evening, light
The wick. Incandescence
Rising from a moments
Effort, gifted to the ancient
Art of wax. Poetic
Are the silhouettes
We make ourselves;
A scene from an expansion
Of the infinitesimal,
Melting away, creating
Spires in the trails.
n0r May 2018
that phrase
freedom is not free
is never truly known
to politicians
or soldiers

but to acrobatics
and dancers
slaving themselves

prayers to movement
this liberation
a practiced move

by mortal
n0r Aug 2018
I’m lonely
Of an empty future
Where every day slides by
Me, an existential malaise growing
Bigger by the hour, swallowing down sadness
With a new, shiny app and the latest distraction;
Calling my self an artist
And a lover
And a friend
Without ever feeling art
Or love
Or friendship.
Just this;

The fading of my eyes’ light
A whispering into my ears
“This is justice
For what you’ve become.”
n0r Sep 2018
I rested on him,
And breathed in his,
A strong scent of musk
*** and hummus
Mixing with our intermingling

Pouring out was this,
His and mine,
When those freckled knuckles
Slid through
The veneer between us
And into clarity; I gasped

And held on,
We would end
As all things do,
In a tiny death
Between us.
n0r 5d
Trivial and tribulations
The hollow of her hearts still shines;
Under moon light dripping sweetly,
Escape from your inclines.

Bastille trumpets a song aloud
To golden fields a maize we carve
Our minds imparting solitude
To hold the lands again we’d starve
So still the moon light pours.
n0r Jan 2019
A Stigma, Isms
n0r May 2018
The first of many things
To make me seek the
Metaphors within,
A book at 17;

My uncle’s death at 18
Stripping a 14 year
Me bare,

For a Green majick
To root its souil
Within this fertile
Believing I tainted
Plowing deeper in two
Labyrinthine catacombs

Buried deep within the shallows;
Sun die
A ghost.
Dead within the dirt
And drowned amidst an ocean
I found a bubble a mist
The mud
Swimming until the leaving grew
Blossoms I breathed
With in me;
By John Green
And Me.
Thanks to “The Fault In Our Stars”
And the beauty of Samsāra.
n0r May 2018
eyes glazed, passing...
at magnificence...
this doldrum...
muddy browns...
streaks of green...
an ever changing blues...

a sudden crackling in synapses
erupting through the real!

a pale iris gaining
electric sheen!
a meaningless menagerie
collapsing into an expanse!
within this little slab of goo!?
Shadows or shadows of shadows?

— The End —