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grace Jul 14
the way she gazes,
eyes on me, like i'm her prize
im hers forever.
or should I say, Gayzes ;-) I love my girlfriend. she's a wonderful woman and more than I ever deserve.
grace Jul 14
forgive my constant talk
of the way I watch her walk
each step filled with love
she's all I can write about.
grace Jul 5
forgive me for the tears
i've counted every year
i've missed her kisses
a haiku about missin her. again. I miss her a lot okay?
grace Jul 3
she lights me up like the summer sun
making my face red and my skin sweat

like warm strawberries, and hands finding new places to hold

i wont stop searching every room for your face until your smile is what I find everytime.

until you're grabbing my hands and pulling me into your arms

lovers finally united.
can you tell I miss her?
grace Jul 3
i never thought that
longing could break apart ribs
but now my heart knows
a haiku about missing her
grace Feb 2019
i feel like i'm full of soft summer songs

mixed all together like balloons in the wind

swimming pools full of flowers and bumblebees

thunderstorm dances and lighting flashes

midnight giggles and beach day hand holds

jellyfish, falling stars

its freezing outside but in this moment im summer night, campfire light, firefly kisses, warm.
grace Jan 2019
the snow covers everything
ice cold
snowflakes fall on my tongue
they cover my hair
a gentle crown
snowflakes on my skin
freezing blue
on my back on the ground
staring into the night sky
frozen fingers curling into the snow
iced eyelashes
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