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grace Jul 9
i used to sleep.
but now the beat of my heart keeps me awake.
the fireflies in my room are too bright,
lighting up every lost place
every hidden moment
every word spoke

i never forgot but tell me,

do you remember what you said?

do you remember your promise?
grace May 29
the soft yawning light that makes the world shudder
as if it were waiting for your secrets to spill from your trembling lips
the stillness of twilight
silent in the cold stares of the stars
in this moment I'm nothing more than crumpled sheets and stuttering sighs
I'm waiting for that
where I can open my hands wide an catch nothing but the golden light of breaking dawn.
grace May 17
i feel like I'm moving through time at half speed,
falling in reverse
til I'm tasting clouds
forgetting the lost to forgo theseĀ fatal feelings
all this alliteration just to ask if you feel anything
let the lavender lull you into sleep
so you may forget your wicked nightmares
toss and turn your terrible thoughts from side to side
til death do away with us. may we forever remember the sound of the crashing ocean, like heartbeats pounding in our heads and star dust flowing through our veins.
title is the title of "Beneath the Toxic Jungle" by Rav. great album highly recommend!!
grace Apr 29
lost in the lilacs
tossed onto train tracks
a two-second rhyme in double triple time
left in the lavender
leave me in the down under
grace Apr 15
milk and honey
petals and thorns
rattled bones and empty nights
nerves sing and sleeping tea doesn't help
but the bass in my bones makes lights dance
in front of my eyes and sometimes i stay awake just to watch the fireworks because the way colors flash
and photographs snap
makes my vision blurry but it's better than dreaming
that I'm just a mess of too much and overdone
alone in the vastness of all this uncertainty.
grace Mar 19
i'm holding on

to the midnight summers

hot and hazy

fall through the floor back into your arms

unfathomable in the blue

wildfire eyes

i forgot how infinite time can feel.
grace Mar 13
falling through the ice,
numb in the neon,
dreaming about the things i miss,

i always wake up cold.
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