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g 6d
ill give you the first golden light of the morning, sunbeams warm against your skin

the first star in the night sky,
cupped in the palms of my hands,  dripping soft light and spilling out onto my bedroom floor as we exchange secrets

the first breath i breathe when you pull away, a whisper of your name on my tongue

the first touch,
soft hungry hands and the way they search and find a place once longed for

the first kiss and the way your mouth found mine
teeth clinking together like wine glasses, a celebration of finely aged love

two lovers

many firsts, always forevers.
g Aug 28
we kissed for the first time behind a coffee shop.
in the haze of morning
her hand found mine
warm morning air settled on our skin

i kissed her at a stop sign in the dark.
foot on the brake,
heartbeats whispering between breaths,
“green light green light green light”

her face shrouded in warm candle light.
her hand in the water of the bath i lay in
”don’t get your sleeve wet”
*”i don’t mind”
i miss her so much. i want to see her soon.
g Mar 12
i want her hands to travel the mountains and valleys of my curves,
the twisting road map of my bones
her soft words like campfire warmth,
spreading through the night
matches striking their box
set alight
with every
g Jul 2020
the way she gazes,
eyes on me, like i'm her prize
im hers forever.
or should I say, Gayzes ;-) I love my girlfriend. she's a wonderful woman and more than I ever deserve.
g Jul 2020
forgive my constant talk
of the way I watch her walk
each step filled with love
she's all I can write about.
g Jul 2020
forgive me for the tears
i've counted every year
i've missed her kisses
a haiku about missin her. again. I miss her a lot okay?
g Jul 2020
she lights me up like the summer sun
making my face red and my skin sweat

like warm strawberries, and hands finding new places to hold

i wont stop searching every room for your face until your smile is what I find everytime.

until you're grabbing my hands and pulling me into your arms

lovers finally united.
can you tell I miss her?
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