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grace 1d
i'm holding on

to the midnight summers

hot and hazy

fall through the floor back into your arms

unfathomable in the blue

wildfire eyes

i forgot how infinite time can feel.
grace 7d
falling through the ice,
numb in the neon,
dreaming about the things i miss,

i always wake up cold.
grace Mar 12
i sometimes forget that im on the run,
escaping feelings and regrets like a trapeze artist, hidden among the folds of a circus tent
memories all packed up in a backpack,
released into the night like an orchestra of music
waltzing through redwood forests
moss creeping into our souls
firefly lit ballroom
shooting star chandeliers
tidal waves in our bones
this chase never ends
ghosts never sleep.
hearts never forget.
  Feb 28 grace
Midnight Rain
tell me all about your
kaleidoscope eyes.
what love have they seen
to make them break with such color?
for their beauty aches with
the brilliance of stars.
so incandescently
veiled in tinges of blues and greens.
it is as if they have swallowed
the sorrows of the seas

so much magic in you,
i forget you are human
grace Feb 21
this blood rush terror
liquid fear
this constant inner struggle
to fly closer to the sun
to feel the wax and golden light dripping off my fingertips

to be something more.
grace Feb 20
forget nothing of what they say

for the words they hold are lies masked by nothing but paper thin lanterns

forgive them for you are not going to fill yourself with the poison of anger

as hard as it may be.

one day i will say goodbye and never look back.
wrote this when i was really tired. trying to teach myself how to forgive "friends" and who keep hurting me, even when i really dont want to. its important to forgive people even when they do garbage things and say things that hurt your feelings so im trying.
grace Feb 15
northern lights fill my head

fireflies in my chest

light up all the dark places of myself

forget what its like to be alone

matches burn down to fingertips

remember the dark

the balance between
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