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psyche Feb 2018
that girl in your class,
has a smile that lights up
an entire room.

that girl in your class,
seemingly has amazing friends.

that girl in your class,
actually doesn’t remember the last
night she didn’t cry.

but hey, she smiles.
so she’s okay.
psyche Jan 2018
loyalties change; so did you

what you see with your eyes isn't the truth. how much more do i need to see the truth that you can't see with your eyes?

the stars look really close together but they're actually really far apart."we learn that in class".what u see with ur eyes isn't the truth.

"how far apart is the distance that i need to close between me and-"
"it's because you don't know that you want to close that distance, right?"

who sees the human face correctly?
the mirror, the photographer, or the painter?

friend : everybody is beautiful in their own way
me : not if you're ugly on the inside and the outside

don't make me regret the things i do for you

something has tarnished our friendship and it seems hopeless to brighten it

what's the difference between "im jealous of you"
and "im disappointed in me"
it seems to me that there's none

i like machines better,humans break too easily
-Leo Valdez

it's difficult to make someone proud when all that notice are your mistakes

i already know i'm defective, u don't have to trouble yourself pointing them out for me

it's cold out here, i'm shivering
please, get me out of 'here'

there is suffering too terrible to name. we just learn to live with the unimaginable(hamiltrash)

it says "curiosity killed the cat"
in this situation curiosity killed me

True love isn’t Romeo and Juliet who died together. It’s Grandma and Grandpa who grew old together.(not mine)
all of them are mine DON'T PLAGIARIZE PEEPS!!
psyche Jan 2018
You say that you love rain,
but you open your umbrella
when it rains...
You say you love the sun,
but you find a shadow spot
when the sun shines...
You say you love the wind,
but you close your windows
when it blows...
This is why
I am afraid;
you say that you love me too...
-W. Shakespeare
psyche Jan 2018
We are open diaries
Have seen each other's folds
Have touched the innermost souls.

We are a pen
Of written prologues
And broken epilogues.

We are almost there,
Aren't we?
Until that day we stopped talking
And became some sweet strangers
psyche Jan 2018
And yes
It is sad,
So very sad
That we lived
And continued living
In the world
Of 'Almost'...
psyche Jan 2018
The more I think about it
The clearer I can see
That you & I were meant to be
But only in a memory...
psyche Jan 2018
To vanish must be sweet
Goodbye bitter memories
Goodbye bitter love
Goodbye bitter nights.

To vanish must be better
No more shattered expectations
No more shattered heart
No more shattered soul.
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