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Jan 31 · 221
And Then
Mr E Jan 31
At first we try to understand
We probe around the idea
But our biases get in the way
And smudge the lenses we look through
We weigh our morality
Trying to fit it within what we believe
To be right
Eventually we hate it
And then it becomes our enemy
Because we fear
How it will change us
Mr E Dec 2021
Look now and see your own demise
When in the past you were full with pride
Gluttonous on the spoils of accomplishment
As you consumed without fail, without end

But as all things are
Like crests and troughs
The highs always reflect the lows
And your consumption became a weight
That now drags on your legs
Like a ball and chain

Those who fly too close to the sun
Who ride on the winds of favor
Singe their wings and fall back down to earth

I write this to welcome you back to reality
To remind you that all kingdoms fall
And that your prideful gluttony has now taken its toll
Chaining you to the ground
Beneath all those you once looked down upon
Oct 2021 · 48
Imposter Syndrome Anthem
Mr E Oct 2021
I am not who I want to be
And that is ok
I am not yet what I will be later
But that does not make me less of who I currently am
I know much more than I believe I do
And in that
I find solace
Mr E Oct 2021
What if we never died?
What if there was no such thing as a brief life?
Nor a tragic end?

Would we feel meaning in the things we do?
Or value in the loves we cherish?
If nothing ended, would anything retain its value?

Could we really live for the end of days?
And find the light as radiant as always before?

If we never feared an end to it all?
Would our experiences diminish to nothing?
Perhaps the loom of death gives a gentle push
And the grim reaper waits idly by
Watching with fervor to see our many accomplishments
As we race against his pocket watch of destiny
Oct 2021 · 187
Mr E Oct 2021
The ruthless will devour you
Yet you will not even know it happened
Until the jaws begin to close
And the light begins to dim
The curtain draws and the clapping ends
By the time you realize
What that ruthless man has done

It will be utterly too late

For the pieces will have been moved
The pawns all sacrificed
And the dreaded realization will set in
That you were just a spectator to the game

And not even worth being called a piece
At all
Oct 2021 · 33
Mr E Oct 2021
When something truly awful happens
Why does home
Feel so strange to be in?

Why does tragedy
Make us strangers
To our own beds?
Aug 2021 · 481
Perhaps You’re Wrong
Mr E Aug 2021
Perhaps you won’t be everything that you wanted to be
Perhaps you will fall more times than you want
Perhaps she won’t love you back
Or perhaps your best will never be good enough
Perhaps you won’t get hired by your dream job
Perhaps you’ll be mediocre at what you love to do
Perhaps you’ll sweat and cry for little results
Perhaps you think these things weigh you down
And sink you to the bottom of the sea
Or perhaps
They won’t, as you refuse to stay down.
Aug 2021 · 48
Nihilistic Fallacy
Mr E Aug 2021
Self proclaimed nihilists claim there is no point
And if there is no point then there is no reason to act
For they justify their beliefs that the ends justify the means
For the present
If there is nothing at the end of the tunnel
Then why walk down the tunnel in the first place?

But they miss the most important part of life:
That a carpenter who idles will not shape the wood
The hiker who sits shall find no mountain top
And the painter who wallows will create no grand design

Life is not about the end

Life is about the journey
About the sculpting of the wood
The scaling up the mountain
And the brush strokes on the canvas

Inaction therefore,
Will surely bring no end worth living for.
Aug 2021 · 43
Ebbs and Flows
Mr E Aug 2021
So far from what I've seen
Is that life is about ebbs and flows
Forces of all natures
Push and constrain you

And life asks you daily,
"Where will you be when I rage against you?"
"What will you be tomorrow after I beat you down today?"
"When I tear at you and rip off all that you use to shield yourself?"
"How will you respond to my punishment?"

Some are quiet
Some are mute

Yet some step forward against the current
Daring life to hit harder
And they laugh
For they know that if they withstood yesterday
Why should today be any different?
Aug 2021 · 442
Two Graves
Mr E Aug 2021
He sought revenge
On all those who wronged him
So he dug a grave for his enemies
And one for himself
For he had nothing left to lose
Aug 2021 · 39
To Boldly Go
Mr E Aug 2021
We revel in the hero
Who would selflessly sacrifice himself for the good of all
For that is the essence of a hero
To sacrifice the one for all
One for all and never all for one

We despise the villain
Who would selfishly sacrifice the world for one
For that is the essence of the villain
To sacrifice all for one
All for one and never one for all

But how peculiar that thinking is
For if faced with the choice to save you
The hero would sacrifice you for the world
And the villain give up the world to save you.

For in that instance, who really is the hero or villain?
Is it ever so simple to label?
How peculiar indeed.
Jun 2021 · 44
In Time
Mr E Jun 2021
In time, the sapling grows
And sprawls above the dirt it once trembled on.
It braved the storms and vicious winds
And raged against the surging tides of fate.
In time, the sapling grew
And it reached the apex of its existence.

Why should we be different?
When the natural cycle allows us to grow.
Shall we cower in fear of adversity?
And forestall our ascendancy to glory?

Mankind will grow like that tree
And in time we shall reach the precipice of destiny
In time, we shall become gods
And our triumphs shall rewrite reality anew.
Jun 2021 · 57
There Are People
Mr E Jun 2021
There are people like libraries
Full of books without words on their pages
Ornate and majestic
Without anything inside

And there are people like mud huts
With fires that warm others who enter
With cracked walls and dirt floors
Who can offer you all the wisdom of modesty

There are people who show and there are people who give.
Jun 2021 · 49
I know that I do not know
Mr E Jun 2021
I know nothing of many things
And in that I find my solitude
Comfort in knowing that I know I do not know much
Though I tip-toe on ignorance
And sometimes fall into arrogance
I am humbled by my foolishness
And aware that I know little

It is liberating to say I do not know
As I extend my invitation to understand more
Every chance I have is to grow
Against the inching tides of complacency

Some days I fear I learned little
But at least you cannot lose what you've gained
Though you may grow stale and dull
What you have will always be there

I know nothing of many things
And I am scared but well secured
I do not falter in the face of doubt
For I will learn to overcome it.
May 2021 · 30
The Unfortunate Few
Mr E May 2021
I have a problem that I cannot shake
Caught between tectonic plates
Where I love the world
But hate the crowds
I love the people
Yet hate their traits

I have a problem I cannot hide
All alone I fight inside
It withers down my patience few
So here I boil, here I stew
I tend to hate those I detest
Though I have never met the rest

I have a problem, this is true
Where I love to live
But hate to do,
Anything with anyone
For I can't stand give attention due

I have a problem, perhaps, so do you
For we are the unfortunate few.
Those who live behind a mask
Who cling so tight upon the past
We truly are a wretched crew,
But for now we are the unfortunate few
Apr 2021 · 180
Take It Give It
Mr E Apr 2021
Life may very well be about taking
But not the kind that leaves others bitter
A taking that reciprocates with giving
And one realizes that one can take it all
But give it all back
Then they will truly master the world
Apr 2021 · 48
Down By the Cherry Tree
Mr E Apr 2021
Do you remember the cherry tree?
How it bloomed when the cold would recede?
Can you remember? Can you see?
When spring time came and the sun was freed?

Do you remember the pink petals soft?
Or the times we walked and it waved to us in the breeze?
Matched with the blue sky and white clouds aloft.
The whispers through its arms and leaves?

Do you remember that old cherry tree?
How on rainy days it braved the storms.
In the wild it grew happy and free.
Its outstretched arms, breaking all the norms.

Do you remember when we laughed and ran?
With ***** feet and playful bliss.
I remember that old towering fan.
And those times I surely do miss.
Apr 2021 · 65
Beyond Good or Evil
Mr E Apr 2021
Are villains born or are they made?
Well why not both.
Perhaps we straddle being heroes and villains from birth to death.
And if anyone can be a hero, then anyone can be a villain.
Somedays we are heroes, some days we are villains.
And perhaps that is what Hamlet meant.
We are what we choose to be yet born to choose what we wish to be.
Good or Evil.
Thinking makes it so.
Apr 2021 · 48
Crimes against Humanity
Mr E Apr 2021
To succeed but at what cost
Bitters the sweet bite of success
And though the long fought battle not lost
Where we are is far from the best

If you sacrifice one million men
To proudly stand upright and shout that you've won
I guarantee a few billion more would send
Many letters that they miss their loved ones

We are told we are the heroes
Defenders of peace during these times
But though your victory stands grand and tall
The foundation is built upon crimes
Apr 2021 · 52
Mr E Apr 2021
They say a spiteful and cynical man
Was once a man who trusted too much
He believed in a cause or personal plan
But it soon became his crutch

The golden apple that seemed so delicious
Was now a weight upon his chest
From caring he became malicious
And now no longer cared about the rest

They say a hateful and villainous man
Was once a man who loved without fail
But he was betrayed and so he ran
His heart now cold and stale
Apr 2021 · 47
Mr E Apr 2021
I hold in my hand a goblet
Filled to the brim in hemlock
But I hesitate to sip
For it would surely **** me
I am in a state of pinnacle truth
Of pure control
For I can end it all
Or carry on

You carry the same goblet
Filled with whatever may **** you
Sometimes you are thirsty
And yearning to drink
To find comfort in that sip
When you feel like your life
Spirals into shredded paper
Or saw dust on the floor
But you hold that goblet
You control that cup
And no matter the moment
You are in control.
Apr 2021 · 35
Mr E Apr 2021
Unlike the flowers in the field
Or the trees within the grove
Loneliness is the crop I yield
Surrounded by many, yet still I rove

For flowers have fields of friends
An abundance of varied bloom
Beautifully blossomed at their ends
Loved for their perfume

Trees breathe life into the air
Magnificent and tall
Capturing all the eyes that stare
And mourned for when they fall

These thoughtless trees and silent herbs
Seem to be more loved than I
Like forgotten trashed kicked to the curbs
My purpose isn't worth the cry

I feel aimless in the wind today
Like a ship without a sail
Perhaps tomorrow that feeling shall flutter away
But today, no purpose seems to avail.
Mar 2021 · 51
Faintest Flower
Mr E Mar 2021
Even if
You may be the faintest flower
You shall always be
Beautiful to me
Mr E Mar 2021
Not to be too macabre
But here I am in my own head again
With the haunting realization
That if you think of the most painful
Most gruesome way
Someone has suffered
It is likely
That it has happened on this earth
Am I the only one who thinks this way?
As I sit here pondering about death?
I realize and put it into words
To think that someone out there
Right now
Is suffering the most unimaginable pain

And I feel worthless for a moment
For I can do nothing to assuage their suffering
How pitiful I feel
For I cannot help them
How miserable I am, that even if I was there
Could I help them?

Suffering is a haunting song
With tones of rhythmic chaos
Created by our own acts
Created by others actions
But here I sit, unable to do anything at all

But if we could rid the world of suffering
And never have to worry about the nameless
The helpless and hurting people
What would be willing to give up
Would we give it up?
And now I wonder what is more wretched
That people suffer and I can do nothing
Or the question of if we could stop suffering
And give up all we had
In totale
Would we?
Feb 2021 · 180
We do not Change
Mr E Feb 2021
We do not change, we only lie
Like the clouds up in the sky
To fit the picture, we always try
You can pretend, but you’ll never die
Feb 2021 · 56
Can One Care Too Much?
Mr E Feb 2021
He cared so much it consumed him
Moderation was not in his creed
He sacrificed his soul and limb
To attain the goal to forever be freed

He cared so much it killed him
So much so he became a wretch
A villain in the story
Fixated on the stretch

He cared so much to help the world
But in the end he was seduced
Addicted to his plan unfurled
To a scoundrel he was reduced.
Feb 2021 · 49
Something Inside of me
Mr E Feb 2021
There's something inside of me
And I'm afraid of what I see
It matters not how it came to be
For I am here, For I am me

I cannot turn away from its glare
It's piercing eyes and slanted stare
I look inside my sins laid bare
These muted lies I dare not share

The broken glass of a shattered soul
A gaping void and endless hole
I sit awake at night, as the weight takes its toll
Searing pains like scorched coal

A wasteland sprawls across my war torn heart
Where no mans land has torn apart
And wiped away the canvas art
No longer sweet but bitter and ****

I see something inside of me
And it's too hard to admit you see
For when I turn away to break free
I see a world as bleak as me
Feb 2021 · 382
Mr E Feb 2021
Until we feel the softest rains
And sand between our toes
Till we see our breath on morning days
Or taste the wind that gently blows

Until we smell the earthy dew
Or feel the pebbles in our grasp
Till the lightning flashes through
Till the leaves all fall at last

Until the sparrow sings its final song
Or the wisteria finally blooms
Until we face the moon for long
We shall be fearful of what looms
Mr E Jan 2021
A true belief in an ideal
Means you are willing to betray it
To shed yourself of it
Or else become a pawn to it
Blinded by it
And in the end
Die by it
When in fact you never believed in it
To begin with
And how cruel is a fate
To die having never lived
Jan 2021 · 53
Mr E Jan 2021
When you see something disturbing
Or see someone do something disturbing
At First,
Naturally you are repulsed to look at it
To witness the grotesque side of mankind

But also...
There is something
Something whispering
Quietly in your ear
To keep looking

And some of us do look
And our peeks turn to gazes
And we stare
Enthralled to witness
A side of man
Seldom seen.
Dec 2020 · 48
Don't Ever
Mr E Dec 2020
If you enjoy doing it
And find solace in what you do
Don't ever think
It's a waste of time
Nov 2020 · 56
Mr E Nov 2020
We tend to think
That living forever
Would be a curse
But then I ask
What is heaven?

Perhaps it isn't the time
That makes it worthwhile
But the people
We spend it with
Nov 2020 · 61
Mr E Nov 2020
It is not an enemy
A nemesis
Nor an opponent
A stranger
Nor bully
A tyrant
Nor thief

None of these
Can betray your trust

A friend
A friend can betray you
And hurt you more than anything
Nov 2020 · 85
On Crying
Mr E Nov 2020
You can feel a tear welling up inside you
A pressure behind your eyes
And you know
Your eyesight blurs and your nose starts to run
And you try to hold those tears back

It's a beautiful thing to cry
To mourn
To sob quietly within
Because your mind is not in control
Your soul takes the reigns
And tears start to roll

Pure emotions start to flow
And for an instant
You are you
For an instant you realize
How much you cared
Cared enough to cry

Crying is something we tend
To be embarrassed by
But I think crying,
Releases your inner you
And it shows how overcome
A spirit can be
Nov 2020 · 113
To Wander
Mr E Nov 2020
Love yourself
Before you love another
Or else you'll always wander
And wonder
What love is.
Nov 2020 · 50
Mr E Nov 2020
They say to forgive thy neighbor

No matter the wrongs he does to you

But there are those of you reading this, I wager

Who believe you're more wretched than what you're due

They say to forgive thy neighbor

And of course, that is always true

But I tell you this, to yourself, do not belabor

Sometimes, the one forgiven, must be you.
Nov 2020 · 50
To be loved
Mr E Nov 2020
What a peculiar phrase
To fall in love.
As if to lower oneself
To something
or trip
from unbalance.

To fall in love infers
That we plummet
and topple.

Yes, to fall in love
How peculiar
Nov 2020 · 324
Mr E Nov 2020
He sat atop his marble throne
In silks of radiant hue.
His enemies, to wolves he'd thrown
His decrees were swift and true.

In his right hand he held power to love
In his left, the power to destroy.
Atop his towering throne above
Iron grip he did employ.

He came from nothing and now had all
And cut down a thousand men.
Saw the rise of brutes and fall
And vowed to rid the world of them.

Atop his regal pedestal of stone
On the backs of nameless men.
Alone atop that white marble bone
A tyrant sat just as back then.
Nov 2020 · 47
Mr E Nov 2020
I peer out again
To the courtyard outside my window
Where I face the many neighbors
I never see

I see evidence of life
But never life itself

Sometimes, I wonder.
If I live in a vacant building
Alone amongst spirits
With a sunlit Courtyard
All for me
Nov 2020 · 211
If I'm a Monster
Mr E Nov 2020
If I'm a monster

Then you are too

Don't lie to me

And say you never knew.

You're a monster

Through and through

For I based myself

To be just like you.
Nov 2020 · 53
The Pity of the Cheat
Mr E Nov 2020
There is a sadness to the cheater
Whether he be a cheater of love
Or knowledge
Of ideas or simply looks.

Done maliciously,
A cheater can hurt
They can steal
And their conduct
Can sting.

But some cheaters,
Most cheaters,
Are afraid
Afraid of what
They do not have.

Corner cutters
And "good enough" types
Too afraid to give it their all
There is a battle of thought within them,
To take something else when they believe,
They can't meet expectations alone.

Pity the cheaters that act out of fear
Their hearts are made of paper
And their courage is held up with wire
Resorting to steal and lie because
They do not trust themselves.
Oct 2020 · 55
Like a Knife
Mr E Oct 2020
Hatred is not evil
It is a spawn of evil
Born from it
Caused by it

Like a knife
It is wielded
By some who want peace
And others destruction

Do not hate hate
Grip it tightly
Master it
And let it set the fires

Within your soul
Sep 2020 · 129
Mr E Sep 2020
It takes a village to raise a child.
Conversely, it takes a village
To destroy a child.
And that child
Whom the village
Does not embrace
Will burn it down
To feel its warmth
Rendition of an Ethiopian Proverb
Sep 2020 · 105
Apology to my past self
Mr E Sep 2020
I'm so sorry
That I did not treat you better
And that
I let my anxieties
Ruin the moment
Sep 2020 · 62
Mr E Sep 2020
There is something seductive about your words
Your ideas and thoughts
Your confidence
Are more seducing than
Anything you could wear
Sep 2020 · 74
Today unlike Tomorrow
Mr E Sep 2020
Your shadow may weigh
the same,
As if you weren't there
At all.

But your actions
Sep 2020 · 176
Have you?
Mr E Sep 2020
Have you ever stayed up
If they truly
Love you back?
Sep 2020 · 556
The Greatest Sadness
Mr E Sep 2020
The greatest sadness

one can bare

is to regret

as the clock

reaches zero.
Sep 2020 · 44
Running in the Rain
Mr E Sep 2020
Why would I run through the gale for you?
When all you do is make me cry?
After all that you have put me through
Sometimes I wonder if you try

Why would I soak myself?
Through the sheets of rain
As you put my heart up on the shelf
You stay dry while I'm damp with pain

There was a time I would run after you
When the harsh winds and showers mattered not
Long ago when your character was true
Before my heart began to rot

Before the mold ate away what was once there
Now sour tastes and bitter tang
Back when we were warm and fair
Now from the rafters my heart does hang

I do not think I would step outside today
While maelstroms crash and strain
I choke on these words but I must say
I would not run after you through that soaking rain.
Aug 2020 · 42
Mr E Aug 2020
Puzzle pieces of fumbled assortment
A smell of cardboard chips
Bedlam ensues
When scattered and afraid

But a piece thinks it unselfish
To join hands with another neighbor
A myriad of frightened fragments
Can surely make for a beautiful picture
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