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4.1k · Sep 2012
The Spartan
Mr E Sep 2012
I fought
I fought
I fought my friends.
I fought with all my might.
I fought until the air in my lungs dispersed into the night.
I hacked I slashed and crumpled my foes
And one by one they fell.
With victory near, and victory close
Tonight I dine in hell.
3.2k · Oct 2015
Come Wayward Souls
Mr E Oct 2015
Come Wayward Souls
that wander in the darkness.
There is a light for the lost and the meek.
Sorrow and fear
are easily forgotten,
when you submit to the soil of the earth.
Grow tiny see,
you are gone to the tree.
Rise, till your leaves fill the sky,
until your sighs fill the air in the night.
Lift your mighty limbs,
and give praise
to the fire.
Lyrics from one of my favorite songs from the show Over the Garden Wall. Lyrics are not my own.
2.9k · Sep 2012
Game of Life
Mr E Sep 2012
With different people come different skills,
in the game of life which we all play.
And like a game of chess , each piece,
unique in its own way.

To the smallest pawn to the greatest knight,
each piece reflects who we are inside.
But as one might think a disadvantage is at hand,
that the pawn has not any chance.

With the queen’s strong offense,
and the bishops swift attack,
the pawn’s presence is sadly overlooked.

For many see it as a worthless runt,
only used in the scheme of the king and ignored
until the bitter end.

But in fact the pawn is the most courageous of them all.
The only piece who knows how to charge.
Fearless and brave, it surges forward,
unhesitant and void of fear.
Who won’t retreat when defeat is near.

So who are you? Which one are you?
The decisive knight, the stubborn king,
the blunt rook, the potent queen?
The swift bishop or the valiant pawn?
All of which reflects who we are.
2.6k · Aug 2014
Sociopathic Comforts
Mr E Aug 2014
Rain is such a beautiful thing
The way the drops splash
Drenching all in a liquid sheet
All encompassing it rains for miles
Swallowing the world in a dreary state

I love the rain
Rain means no smiles
No sunny days
A world with rain
Where the people feel my sorrow
Where my darkness becomes reality
And no matter how much they despise it
They cannot escape

Rain is cruel
Trapping you
Holding you
Rain is misery
Rain is my reality
That I gladly give to you
Mr E Apr 2013
I need as many bullets I can have
To stuff them down
Packed in my mags
So I may say so valiantly
You cannot take my guns from me
Because you see,
You better leave me be
For I have weapons
So I must not flee
And leave my pride behind
I need capacities for a war
To  take down my hunting prey
So if you come door to door
My guns are mine
And if you try
I will bring you a civil war
Do not take my guns from me
The second amendment does decree!
That I have the strict liberty
To protect myself with unstoppable force
The government wants my guns from me
So they may enslave my family
Big Brother is watching so carefully
But my guns will deny them victory
My guns will revolt against them fast
Take those guns from me, put a time limit on my play things
Because surely that will make me less of a man
Without his guns he is hopeless
1.9k · Mar 2013
Who is Alive
Mr E Mar 2013
A man once said the world is dead
But what does it mean to be alive?
To act, to think, to do, but isn't that the life of what a machine must do?
What does it mean to be alive?
To feel the wind across your face, the burning sun beating down as we run this race,this puzzling thing we call life
But What does it mean to be alive?
A pain of guilt, the shame of doubt? The things which make us who we are?
What on earth does it really mean, to truly be alive?
Be yourself is what they preach, individuality at its peak
But is it unique to be yourself, if everyone else does the same?
Is their truly any way to be alive in this game?
A man once said the world is dead
And maybe he was right
That every person "lives" their lives in a carcass and cocoon
Never fully grasping the outside world, where true life could but loom
What does it mean to be alive?
To be free from all scorn and ridicule?
Without a doubt the world will accept you, no matter, who you are
I cannot say if we are alive but its a place we all but dread
In this life we are a walking dead, pretending we are
1.4k · Jan 2014
My Garden of Eden
Mr E Jan 2014
From where I sit I stare blankly
Nostalgia takes over, remembering the times of old
A tear runs down my eye so quiet
For those memories are only that
Yet I yearn to revisit those warming times
Where I like to think I had a plan
But here I lay
Only left to dig up my lost memories
Crying we could never hold that moment again
But smile because we were given the chance
Soft music wafts throughout my head
I look deep down the wishing well of time
And scoop my past in the cusp of my hand
I sigh at the magic it emits
For that magic is me
Intertwined with who I am today
The garden planted so long ago
Sprouted and in fullest bloom
Each flower like a story
Every **** like an unexpected journey
The sun shimmering through the sunflower sea
I lay with my hand over my forehead
Humming with the subtle tunes of a lovely life
The cicadas buzz with the swaying of plants
Wispy clouds never ceasing to say hello
I dare not shut my eyes in fear I will lose what I have here
I palm the dirt beneath my resting spot
For this dirt holds my roots
My past and cradles my future
This garden here beyond the sky
My garden.
Is my home
1.3k · Feb 2013
Scramble Damble Doo
Mr E Feb 2013
Have you heard?
Have you heard?
Of the land of Scramble Doo?
It's a place of pure joy in
Scramble Damble Doo
I tell ye the truth
Of this land not faraway
I journey through it en mass
Each passing day!
Call it Damble Doo Scramble
Or Doo Scramble Damble
Or anything you want! They were but example
But don't let anyone tell you how to unscramble your own place of joy
For Scramble Damble Doo lies in every girl and boy!
Find your joy and keep it close!
1.3k · Nov 2013
The Candle
Mr E Nov 2013
A candle burnt through the dark
Light piercing through the shades of doubt
And all alone it flickered and fought
To shine across the barren land
As faint as it whispered cross' the moors  
The subtle tune it played ever grande
Catching your ear and welcoming you home
It brought you back to good hands again
Through wind and rain did this valiant light
Best the hurricanes and storm
Blazing loud and ever so bright!
To provide the softest warmth
For those who found this candle here
Resting in this secluded spot
It hoped and dreamed it could brighten your life
When wearied souls thought so sorrowfully not.
1.2k · Sep 2012
Mr E Sep 2012
Lights dim,
Sky grey, falling back into its peaceful slumber
Quiet house with an orchestra of the night playing outside the window
Cracked ever so slightly the world breathes its final breathes before dipping into steady sleep
Warm shower, accompanied with fresh scents
Warm sheets ruffled around you
Cocooned like a caterpillar before flight
Bed is where I belong.
1.2k · Dec 2013
Mr E Dec 2013
We like to think we are hard to understand
Intricate mazes with twisting chaotic paths
Leading to numerous outcomes
Mysteries woven within our stories
Constantly changing and always anew
We like to believe we are elaborate structures
Constructs of pure ingenuity
Winding corridors with infinite knowledge
With mysterious doors holding plethoras of secrets
Darkened halls to shroud our true motives
Stairways up and down, leading anywhere and everywhere
We like to fool the world
Building these zig-zagging stories
Losing the truth the farther we burrow
Forgetting who we are in the labyrinths of our minds
Forever lost in what we have become
We lied to ourselves
With broken confidence, striving to be who we want
Rather than who we are
Living in a world of other grande designs
Trying to keep up against time itself
We doubted ourselves
Unable to look at the mirrors which spoke the most truth
Turning away and hiding in the lies we fortified around us
The barricaded conscience, locked away and ignored
Emotion took hold and there you sat
We all sat and wondered
Where would "I" fit in this broken world
Of towering deceptive motives
Glimmering pedestals of deceit
Trick rooms and evil men
We all asked ourselves "Where will I go"
When people see the place I've hidden myself away
Calling us out, asking to venture, deep through our halls
We felt simple opposed to the world
Far greater stories, fascinating, colorful
And our structures crumbled
And there we sat
Alone, where the world could see what we ignored in that mirror
But we understood
That Truth can set you free
Despite the lies we make ourselves believe
For simplicity is truth itself
1.2k · Jan 2014
Mr E Jan 2014
When ships set sail, their masts held high
Daunting flags, painting the sky
With rails gold rimmed
And sails sharp trimmed
A crowd appears, waving adieu, goodbye
Thunderous roar, unequaled praise
Wind catching sheets
Anchors raised
A bell rings softly and waves do lap
Against the hull of a wooden throne

From far off shores this scene is spied
With two friends of oars we've always tried
To reach for that deck
In fervent eye
Climb on board or surely die
Tattered clothes, sailors cap
Smudge on cheek
Shirt of burlap
We push off deck
Yet crowd is gone
A journey ventured with bright sun dawned

Water ripples with our wake
Small and steady pulses we make
Though we row to catch schooner bold
As we creak of wooden old
Land gestures for us to stay
Why venture out on choppy bay?
Whispers roll and caustic laugh
With sun beat oars a line is set
No motive sweeter, nor regret
Sweat beads mix with salty froth

Cutting across the water green
Battleship chugs with billowed steam
A voice escapes you as you scream
Sputtering away, with muted cries
And oars but stop
Far from home
As head does drop
Splintered hull tears apart
We're left to cling to shattered planks
And fight to stay afloat

With far off yacht a speck
Atone for water slapping neck
We groan with defeated boat and deck
Driftwood in salty surf
Connecting with shore
We walk back to land
Imprints swallowed by golden sand
A new rowboat to be procured
Again we build to flag down our Brig
And stand upon its polished bow
We persist to where we are but now
As we strive to grasp victory bell
We strive ever onward
To sail with our destined
1.2k · Sep 2012
I Once...
Mr E Sep 2012
I once had dreams of faraway places
Pedestals of riches and fame
Cliche mansions and women abroad
Knowing the ins and outs of the game
The cars were sublime and I,
Drunk with the light of the lime
Had no worries or any shame
For the world that I ran, was ran by a man
who owned an untouchable name
I once saw myself a god
The commander of the land
Leader of the people
Laws written by my hand
A hero of the world
With roaring trumpets vast
And if I would be the one
I'd surely be the last
But in the end when
A dream is just a dream
You wake yourself and realize
You still paddle realities stream
I once, he once, she once, they once
All had dreams like I
Imagination gets you to the edge
Persistence lets you fly.
1.1k · Apr 2015
White Rose and Broken Bones
Mr E Apr 2015
They said, my life, would never bother me
Though rainy and fleeted
Quaint hearted I would be
I laughed, I cried
I took life for what it'd be
But fool I had been
For a second to believe.

I woke, one day
Not tucked inside my bed
But yet, I dreamt
It had all been in my head
Like colors, abound
Perhaps it'd been a dream
It all, looked fake
Slowly drifting off like steam.

I walked, the road
Dusty as they came
And carried, my load
Myself I had to blame
The green, had gone
And now had only grey
Forever, this world
Bound I'd always stay.

The night, had come
But stars would never shine
Just black and cold
To me it fit my crime
I dug, my hole
And took my sweetest time
And laid, awhile
Just laying there I cried.

The cold, came in
Slowly eating me
I'd died awhile
Just bones was lost old me
I saw, my hole
Of where it used to be
For a rose, had grown
And I was finally free.
1.1k · Dec 2013
Swift Song of Endurance
Mr E Dec 2013
There once was a tune which did but play
A melody of heavenly descent
Able to mend the broken heart of man
Washing desolation of the soul
All doubt drowned out and gone
And sewing the pieces back again
But this song when final notes sound
Would take the life of those who heard
So no man listened or attempted to endure
In fear of the consequences of its curse
Until there stepped a broken boy
Torn by shame and shattered dreams
With nothing to his name he grit his teeth
Immersing his mind in the deep waters of this elegant sound
Journeying through the crescendos and diminuendos of life itself
When final verse of notes did play
Opening his eyes, the old man which took the boys place
Realized, that he was reborn again
And his desolate life was good again
Thanks to his decision
To endure that song
As he died with a smile upon his face
1.0k · Nov 2013
Red Snow in the Ghetto
Mr E Nov 2013
My breath rose above my head, the cold gushing into my lungs
The wind rattled the barbwire fence as I waited there so quiet, so alone
The warm cup of coffee rested in my hands, its aroma engulfing my station
I looked out over the barren fields in which I was positioned to look over
I could see the watch tower high, above the roofs and chimneys vast
Snow began to fall, large flakes and eddying flurries
Getting up from my seat I gazed out at winters first storm
A ****** war it had been, so many soldiers lost, friends and families gone
Wind seemed to pass through my jacket, it whipped my cheeks and brow
I needed only to clear the trek of land between the wall and the brush, I ran
Hoisting my gun upon my shoulder I walked out onto the ledge
I spotted a shadow dancing through the light, I called out but it was no use
"Stoppen!" I hear through the scream of the wind, I looked back for only a second
The lone guard reaching his hand across the rail, begging me to halt
Stop I say, as I grasp my cap, Please stop or I will shoot
I lift my gun around my head and **** back the metal bolt
Ground beneath me thumps against my boots
And the guard's voice is no longer heard
My hands do tremble in the cold, but also from the sorrow
I aim down my sights and with a loud ring the rifle lets out a howl
I tell myself I am finally free, from the jail which held me back
I feel a sting in my shoulder and I fall to the powdered ground, my  scarf falls off of my neck
The runaway then loses his footing and slumps to the ground without noise
*I dip my head low and carry on with my duties, as the snow is painted scarlet red
1.0k · Apr 2013
We ALL Watched
Mr E Apr 2013
Before I grew up so fast
I once believed I was a good kid, back when I had never seen the world
Where life was just like the stages of the day and moments passed and carried on
But that day I always remember when a new emotion, where I was hurled
To a new territory, to a never before seen place
Where kids began to find it funny on what others looked like
How it mattered to have a flawless face
No blemishes
No scars
No indications of any irregularity could be found
For if it was, kids ended up"outside the club"
Forever bound
To the snickers of others
And incessant gossip of cliques
Where mothers and fathers would ask you how your day went
But all you ever said was "fine"
Not wanting to say what he or she at school had said
Which made you feel self conscience for the briefest of moments
The first time someone had mentioned that of the few
Eligible to possibly join that group
Your nose was too big or your ethnicity didn't match up
And you sauntered on down the hall alone between each passing class
Each day became another fight
To impress the people you envied so
And though you say you envied not
It was always in the back of your mind
Keeping up with the fashion trends
Bending your mind to things you'd "get used to"
And forcing yourself to be who you were not
Each passing day metaphorically new.
The make-up or new shoes you had to acquire
Becoming a liar, and for those passing moments  
Refusing to admit you changed, you turned into the envy you held inside
And anger formed
For as long as you sought to be the one that held the "popular seat"
You could not meet the standards of those who ran the school
Those who set those fashion trends and controlled the halls
With glaring eyes, bending the heads of those who weren't "cool" to their feet
Your anger became a sorrowful doubt
Doubt which turned your insides out
Doubling the pain of exclusion
And adding only insult to the injury
Perhaps one day you realized fast,
That maybe at last you're free from those kids
Who held your talent down to shame
And made lunch a funny game
To see if maybe today you would sit alone
Again and again, each passing day
And I apologize
For on that day
Under that quiet December sky
I witnessed that game, the cool kids played
And sat back and only observed
For who was I to say anything
Paint a target on my back
Yet confidence I did so lack
And on that day I went on my way
As if nothing had ever happened.
Perhaps we all went through this once
Witnesses to a bully
Name called "stupid or "dunce"
Yet we all sat back and watched
And till today I sit
Typing this apology
Realizing I could have made a difference
1.0k · Jan 2014
How Weird it Seems
Mr E Jan 2014
How weird it seems
So long ago
I feared that you would truly
Never ever know
That I-
Though you didn't need me
I promised I would show you
A well remembered time
And it seemed to be
My turning key
For you to call me mine

How Weird it seems
So long ago
I remember you and my
First Christmas evening snow
Like it was yesterday
Together we--kept warm
Behind the fire I realized
What now I know
I just don't love you
You're much more than that
Simple words like Love
Could never handle fact

So weird it seems
As you stand so still
In front of alter
You truly always forever will
Be my purest joy
My, saving grace
Though they laughed
Hate could never chase
Our Love away

How Weird it seems
They'll never know
What it means
When your eyes sparkle
So long ago
The laughs we shared
The shouts that rang
The ups and downs
Which always sang
We were imperfect
But thats the most perfect
Thing we shared

So Weird it seems
So long ago
We were young and open-minded
Always going with the flow
But now we're here
With olden days
Walking through the same city
Every corner and every way
We'd walk before
But I can't be sad
In a world with you
For every day is always brighter
Every second so much sweeter
Every moment seems to be just like a dream
So weird it seems
Possible lyrics for a song? Just a draft
972 · Oct 2012
Solemn Serenity
Mr E Oct 2012
This quiet of the night.
A serenade to my soul.
Hushed whispers of the nothing.
Frozen landscapes, and silent halls.

Stillness yet unmatched.
But peace appreciated.
This nothing that I drift through.
The serenade of my soul.
896 · Mar 2013
The Ocean Vast
Mr E Mar 2013
The moon was bright that very night
Where my dreams took me to an ocean vast
No land in sight and to my fright
Nightfall had overtaken the land
I kept my head above the waves
But alas to my dismay
I saw the slithering of serpents
Wallow in the depths below
An eerie cry of an unknown beast
Could be heard beneath the waves
Lights did flicker and large jawed fish swam by
As I swam in this ocean vast
Spiny fins dipped out of the water but returned so quickly
Down, down under
And I swam in this ocean vast, utterly alone
I soon came across a giant squid with its large eye directly below me
Spanning several yards, it glowed beneath the waves
As quickly as it had come, it shot away and down below
Where the other serpents and beasts did lurk
Waiting to drag me under
I saw another light
This one came forward and I dove under to see it close
The darkness of this world below
As I swam toward the light
Down in this ocean vast
As I came upon this glowing orb
It bobbed and danced around
And led me to it's barred teeth
Waiting for its prey.
849 · Jan 2014
Commercial Face
Mr E Jan 2014
You saw him once
At school one time
Or was it twice?
That other time too
Maybe four times
But always in the hall
His name was never known
Like a cloud in the sky
Or a tree in the park
Always there but never acknowledged
Forgettable was an easy way of saying it
But you never really thought about it anyway
Like an ad on t.v. would be a humble example
Entertaining you for mere seconds
Until flowing naturally from your attention
Even worse "that kid" was like
The faces in those commercials
Never remembered unless he was there
Flickering, as if he would burn out
Annoyed even.
When he came and conversed
The boy without a name
You did not know what to call him
(With that commercial face)
So you smiled and nodded and carried on
But then when the commercials end
The news comes back on
Something terrible happened
To a kid you saw before
But the commercials come on
And life keeps going
The face disappears
But he can only hope
You bothered,
To learn his name
821 · Sep 2012
Talk is Cheap
Mr E Sep 2012
Words that point
Jagged to the touch
Words that slice and belittle
Do they hurt that much?
Words are merely perspectives
Shaped by those who speak
Some to hurt some to help
Don't let them show you're weak
For you posses the words that shape your own heart
and destiny
Don't let them make you cry or ever make you weep
For action costs so much more, when you know that talk is cheap.
809 · Sep 2012
Mr E Sep 2012
Fingers pointed
Outstretched and extended
Imposing itself, on what is intended
Innocence gone, like dust in the wind
Authority waning, dispersed, and thinned
Take them away, where out they'll be thrown
But those without sin may cast the first stone.
802 · Jan 2013
Don't point fingers at me
Mr E Jan 2013
I am a weapon you created
Yet cannot handle
I was forged to **** evil
Yet I **** the innocent
With me you can massacre in a blink of an eye
But I didn't **** anyone of course
So don't point fingers at me
796 · Sep 2012
Pale Shade Grey
Mr E Sep 2012
Through the light
of pale shade grey
There will come another day
When men fight men
****** battles afar
and fools search for a brighter star
Ash and soot is second skin
and tears of children wash their face
A day, a day , of a dooming place
When church bells ring to sound alarm
and the shrieks of metal tearing apart
Smoke covered feelings of those victims of war
The houses and families no more.
Anger and hate send bullets ablaze
and fires ravage this place
Kings and Monarchs live in fear
for their machines know what is clear
no feelings nor emotions resound in our creations
Bound to destroy
all the nations.
787 · Oct 2015
Mr E Oct 2015
I walk by them often
you have too.
The fakers who judge what you do,
who pretend to be,
more than they are.
Who believe they're safe,
down to the core.
Who paint their faces different hues,
who laugh and smile when others do.
Oh the fakers, movers, and shakers,
why do I let you stay?
And let you judge another day?
785 · Feb 2013
Petty Observations
Mr E Feb 2013
Your charm surely caught me by surprise,
That beach blond hair, those sky blue eyes
Perfect smile and pearly whites
You were an angel to the world
But it seems you aren't what many think
I see right through that mask you wear
But I am not here to belittle your name
I only sit back and observe
779 · Dec 2012
Sandy Hook Shootings
Mr E Dec 2012
Lives cut short
Lost but never forgot
These times leave a fresh cut
On the arms of humanity
Words could only begin to explain
A tragedy
A villainous crime
Let us find a solution to our problems
And hold one another close till the end of time.
751 · Apr 2013
When Will this End?
Mr E Apr 2013
I cannot speak for anyone but me
But what I watch is what I see
What will it take to someday break free
From this violence, we must flee
When will adults look around the room
And apologize for their sins
Where egos and rank have no bearing
Ending hate before it begins
When will the ones who run this world
Shatter the cycles of pain
Dismantle all the ignorance
Washed away with heavy rain
When will the day come where I will be allowed to travel
To any place
Where I will not be discriminated for ethnicity or race
When will a time come near, where children play with no fear
Of strangers who play with them, with strangers they call friends
When will the people shout for change? When will they rise and say enough?
Enough with the killing
Enough with the death
Enough with the battle fields, enough with the wars
No more shattered windows or broken down doors
How much blood must be spilled to change the world?
Enough to paint a city red?
When will people cast down their stones and cherish life rather than being dead?
I cannot speak for anyone but me
But what I watch is what I see
And I see a world, a dysfunctional world
Talking too much
But taking no action
749 · May 2013
Auld Lang Sine
Mr E May 2013
Dust did settle soft, upon the bookshelf near the sill
Like Autumn leaves, books scattered the floor
Across the rug of amber golden till
A mahogany desk filled the corner wall
A waste basket still vacant with crumpled rough drafts of previous attempts
Held the memories of good times and bad
Times etched into our memory
To be held onto and carefully nurtured
To fall back on when our world is a rainy set
A warm candle burnt beside lamp, laying so carefully over the desk
Like a balancing act it stood so still
Only for the flame to flicker
Dust did settle soft, upon the bookshelf near the sill
This which sparked my imagination, my head in which to fill
Mr E Apr 2013
No man is born with intolerance in his heart
No man is born with hate
But as he grows he learns all to well
That hatred is but fate
A seed is planted many times over
In many forms and all too great
But the farmer must be
The one who must see
How well that seed must grow
No man is born with evil nature
No man is born with sin
But the painter alone paints the canvas broad
And from their does hate begin
A carpenter must chisel away
The form of his grande design
Shaping the wood and carving what could
Become his source of hatred someday
But in the end you become
Whatever you've shaped by your own hand
But the truth of the matter is this
The sun still shines on the wicked man.
705 · Sep 2013
Maybe We Are
Mr E Sep 2013
Maybe we are the incessant voices crying out for change
Individuals who voice their thoughts
Who give their ideas a color
Adding to the collage of passions that piece together this dying world
Maybe we have a thought which we hold on to no matter what
This passion guiding us to the future we do not fully understand
But know is right,
An idea which shapes our minds and souls
Maybe we are the weak and weary
Whose voices will be carried on the faintest of rhythms
But to those who hear will snuggle under the warm idea we share with the world
And under this quilt of patchwork interests we find solitude in one another
Maybe we want to have an impact on the future
Where perspective will no longer buffer our progress
But accumulate into an unstoppable flood
Where one idea will be carried on the shoulders of his son
Or cradled so lightly in the arms of her daughter
Maybe we wish to see a world where you can be who you are
And be a glowing beacon to your kin
Where your memory will shine for generations to come
Without being forgotten or lost in the eternities of time
Maybe we wish to be heard, rather than standing back
Beneath the arrogance of man
Who clamor upon one another to be listened to
Trampled like newborns to their mother
Leaving behind the ones who are not as strong
Maybe we want something more
Yet not know what that may be
And so we wait here
As this cruel world decrees
Waiting for our turn to be heard
699 · Jun 2013
Destiny's Curse
Mr E Jun 2013
Shattering the glass which held our fate
Across the dunes of time do we make
Forging the destiny we wish to create
Pushing foes with our wake
Remembering why we fight this war
Why we press through and through
Smashing destiny, we fight for much more
We fight to be
686 · Mar 2013
Mr E Mar 2013
Truth keeps humanity from becoming too boastful
The things we hide would drag our pride
Down to embarrassing lows
Secrets hidden about ourselves
Never to be revealed or ever known
And those secrets hide our true nature
To save ourselves from our destruction
Truth keeps humanity from being truthful in this world
So in a sense, like a double edged sword, we are bound by what is true in ourselves
But gags us all in the end.
663 · Jan 2013
Shower World
Mr E Jan 2013
I do my deepest thinking in the steam of my shower room,
I let my mind wander 'cross the landscape and fantasy worlds
Putting myself in the shoes of my favorite characters
And what I would have done instead
Wandering the impossible
Proving the world wrong with my sheer abilities
Thinking of the greatest comebacks to any mean thing someone has ever told me
My singing is superb
Unmatched and hitting every key right
Adding my own lyrics when I fail to remember the real ones
But when I'm done my adventure ends
The storybook closes till the next time I return
And I step back out into the cold world with warm ideas
Fresh from my own shower world
654 · Apr 2013
Forgive Me
Mr E Apr 2013
Forgive me Lord for I have sinned
These scrapes and bruises that mark my body
Tattooed to my soul, my purity thinned
I walk down my own laid out path  
Turning head and closing eye
For I know not your darkest wrath
Your brightest love or majesty high
I have yet to find why I traverse this land
But as I walk I stumble
I've come up short too many times to count
Too many times I wish I could do it over
And I curse myself and grit my teeth
Pressing on, pressing onward, my body beat
Forgive me Lord for I have sinned
The profane words that leave my mouth
Venomous ideas corroding my mind
I am slowly walking to my end along the currents of time
I'd ask for strength, but what father would receive
A son who has chosen to leave
To turn away from amazing grace
I am a vagabond in this world
Tears rushing down my face
My world is but an empty place
Are we born to see the dark world
Encase me?
Forgive me Lord for I have sinned-
I have no clue in what to think
No clue on earth on how to feel
Could it be true that you are real?
I know not where I can find you
I know not where to go
But please forgive me
For I have sinned
But I pray there is time
To grow
650 · Nov 2016
Biased Snowflakes
Mr E Nov 2016
When there is infinity,
there is never truly uniqueness.
Perhaps in the moment,
a minor blip in existence.
But an atom in the never-ending string,
is only that.
They say a snowflake is never the same
as the others that fall around it.
For some that is a warming thought indeed.
But they are all snowflakes one in the same.
648 · May 2013
Birthday Wishes
Mr E May 2013
I feel no older than I had been the day before
But yet we celebrate it all the same
As if walking through a brand new door
Or completing another level in the game
But Happy Birthday to me
Am I allowed to say things like that?
I surely guess we will see
The next trick I can pull out of my hat
Hopefully it will take me far
628 · Feb 2013
Peaceful Slumber
Mr E Feb 2013
I awoke in a field of pure gold
Swaying in the breeze
The sun shined upon my breast
And warmed the earth around me
Laying in a field, of sweet serenity
I wished I had not woken up
For that dream was good to me.
619 · Feb 2013
Feelings for You
Mr E Feb 2013
You're chestnut eyes catch the color of perfection
A smile that melts any heart
Though many may look at what you have on the outside
I simply love you for who you are
When you laugh I laugh as well
Even if I didn't hear what had been said
It's contagious and harmonious to my ears
A sweet lullaby inside my head
The silk you call hair falls graciously around
That masterpiece you call a face
All I ever see is a blinding work of art
And saddened by the absence of its grace
I often find myself at a loss of words
Whenever I attempt to say a thing
But to think I have your attention for a second
Is a triumph of each and every day
I may not have everything you want, but trust me
If you gave me a chance
I would be there when you fell
And gladly offer you my hand
I'm not in it for the action
I'm in it to know you are mine
As selfish as that may seem
I will love you forever  
I will love you till the end of time
596 · Feb 2017
Three Boxes and a Wall
Mr E Feb 2017
Imagine for an instant,
three men and many crates,
a wall as tall as the second man,
and on other side a baseball game.
The first man is the shortest,
the second decent size,
the last man is the tallest,
who needs no box to see o'er rise.
Suppose we gave them equality,
all three men and one box each.
The first man would still not see,
the second could peek yet barely reach.
The third would watch it perfectly,
yet only two men could watch the game,
what a predicament equality is,
when the result is not the same.
Suppose we gave them justice,
two crates for the smallest man,
one for the second,
and none for the tall man.
All three would see the game,
yet equality was not used
It only goes to show us,
how "equality" is abused.
Though all received the same amount,
one could still not see.
So if you truly want to help a man,
give him justice not equality.


IF you truly care for every man,
change the system, flip the rules.
And if you have the chance,
put up a fence in that walls place.
So men of all heights can see through it,
transparent for all who face.
595 · Sep 2012
Lapis Philosophorum
Mr E Sep 2012
Luminous rock to guide my will
Bloodying the hands of those that want
So greedily does power seep
In to the hands of men
Stone of power and righteous thought
To heal the wounds that mark my taut
Fragile body and weary mind
Are you worthy to be so sought?
Power of kings
And Power of Gods
When men fight men with battles fought
Doth happiness lie in unfathomed might?



589 · Oct 2014
Mr E Oct 2014
I am in a constant battle
A ceaseless war between what I desire
And what I know is truth
The truth that what I desire is distant
Scarce and miles from where I stand
A balanced plate on a stick
Ready to fall
At any time
With the slightest touch
I force myself to be content
Suppressing the jealousy and pain
The heartache

I am a stone balanced upright in a dense forest
Waiting and waiting
For someone
To find me delicately placed
And relieve me of my duty
To carry me home
And hold me close
And tell me they need me there
578 · Apr 2014
Mr E Apr 2014
Life comes like a smack,
Which slaps the fact
Right back
At you
If you react
Shows what you lack
Or if you're on track
Emotions in tact
Slipping past the smallest crack
Into a dismal state
And all these things proliferate
As they irritate and exaggerate
Is it always fate to wait
And see this all crumble down
For as we sit and stay a while
As another tile in this grand design
I only watch as time ticks by
Asking why did it have to ever leave me.
577 · Dec 2013
Take my Hand
Mr E Dec 2013
Unknown, so far yet right before us
Paths divided we choose our destiny
Leaning on the hopes of adventure
Forging onward, we all secretly pray
That life will give great tales
Of heroic feats
And golden days
Moments of grand designs
Friendships lain
Enemies slain
Times where endurance is our only ally
But we endure all the same.
People say these are lies
Fictional worlds
Empty rooms, but
Look past the flat world we inhabit
Into the adventure of our lives
The running water and quiet forest trails
Soft sunlit evenings and mountainous storms
This world we live
The greatest map ever made
Holds chances for legacy to be born
But only if you grasp it
Take it in your hands
Feel it burn
See its light break through your fingers
Glimmering it desires a main character, you
Let it drip down your arms
Across your chest encasing your soul
Look onward my friend
And join me on this adventure.
575 · Jan 2015
Filthy Gladiators
Mr E Jan 2015
I hate you
Every brick in your walls
Each and every hallway
Your system is rotten
And your school is destructive
Constantly taking the best and reducing them to nothing
Your smell still lingers on my clothes
Memories still pollute my mind
The jail I sat inside for three whole years still eats me away inside
Why did I ever look up to your banners
How could I ever be proud
To die inside a prison like yours and waste my talents away
I hate you villainous ****
Your colors of Red Black and Grey
I curse my first entrance to your school
And I'll hate you till the end of all days
To a school who helped me realize that change is sometimes and in this case the best course of action. I do not miss you, you only brought me down.
574 · Sep 2012
Mr E Sep 2012
Hushed words whispered, in the dead of night
Causing a stir in that ghostly town
Lies twisted and mangled
Between the limbs of trees surrounding these poor souls
A hunt to find who is right but telling the tale of who is left
Hung on the limbs of the trees that surround these poor souls
Do the innocent find themselves swaying in the breeze.
567 · Oct 2013
Illusions of Freedom
Mr E Oct 2013
How free are we to be who we see
Looking back so timid in our reflections
For we have fees for living free
In this world of beautiful "perfections"
A world so vast and without contrast
We are given the great powers of choice
To do as we think and say how we feel
To believe in our hearts we have no bounds
Look closely and with curious eye
Will spy on the most concealed of truths
That we live inside the largest cage
And true freedom is for fools
The illusion of freedom is a slippery thing
It bucks and kicks from our minds
As we drink the comforting lies we are fed
That we
Will always
Be free.
Just a Draft--nothing more
565 · Oct 2014
White Knight
Mr E Oct 2014
--We live in a broken world--
A reality where man must prove that he is true
Wearing the white cape of justice
Wielding the piercing blade of truth
And puncturing the shadowy veil of evil
Man must act
Grasping the medals he is awarded
Framing the honors he has received
The small bleary eyed boy
With his fathers helmet atop his head
Will grow to fight his own battles
And down steep slopes
But he shall take up his fathers sword
And wield it once more
In the field of battle it shall cut through the shroud
With silken cape trailing behind him
And evil shall be vanquished


We do indeed live in a broken world
And the greed of man has seeped through and through
Infecting the positions of kings
Poisoning the lips of law
And in this broken world
Where a soldier of peace as ironic it may be heard
Will need to pierce the veil within himself
Where the dark has slowly grasped
And where doubt has taken root
For shall he do as commanded
Or fasten the helmet upon his head
In defiance
Becoming the enemy of the kingdom he once so loved
The white knight of justice will choose
And he shall be revered as the traitorous blood
Who turned his back to his fellow man
But in his heart
In this broken world
He shall know he still holds his fathers honor
Forever and ever
--Man's white knight--
Sometimes man must play the villain to save everything he cares for.
559 · Oct 2015
Mr E Oct 2015
Sometimes you must do bad things,
to stop bad people.
My only question is,
if you do bad things to good people to stop them,
which are you?
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