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Gender Nonconforming/Happy Isles    poems are fantasies made to elude reality
M/Las Montanas Del Paso    Philosopher and writer. All material copyrighted.
Norway    I am 45 year old, have 4 children, 1 grandchild. I am musician, Here is a link to my music:
Imad Black
France    I'm here overall to get inspired with the members talent and share something every now and then. I love poetry but I still have a ...
Hurt me with the truth rather than a lie, truth warrants respect, a lie just makes you liar.
Boise Idaho    I actually suck at writing.
Dr O
United States    "The rest of Satan's body was stretched out on the lake of fire like a big whale---the kind that sailors, they say, sometimes mistake for ...
New York, New York    Doctoral candidate at Columbia University

— The End —