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Nov 2022 · 581
ro Nov 2022
i'm so in love with the idea of you in my head it's driving me insane.
Jul 2022 · 210
ro Jul 2022
i don't know,
why is it so hard,
to call you.
Jul 2022 · 129
ro Jul 2022
living in my bubble,
with nothing but,
oxygen to keep me company.
Jul 2022 · 113
ro Jul 2022
every word i've written,
about you or not you in here,
is to force myself to feel.
Jul 2022 · 74
not even regret.
ro Jul 2022
i cut my hair,
really short,
and i did it,
not because i want to,
but to feel something.

spoiler alert,
i felt nothing again.
Jul 2022 · 102
ro Jul 2022
i am okay,
just not the okay,
everyone else is.
Jul 2022 · 94
ro Jul 2022
i have become immune to feelings and it hurts so bad to the point it doesn't.
Jul 2022 · 80
part of me wishes you did
ro Jul 2022
if only you had met me,
when i was me,
we would've been,
Jul 2022 · 80
i'm losing it.
ro Jul 2022
i don't miss,
i don't love,
i don't hate,
i don't feel,
i'm barely existing.
Jul 2022 · 448
behind my non-feelings
ro Jul 2022
you called me,
i felt nothing,
nothing feels anymore,
and the terryifing part?
i don't think it's you.
Jul 2022 · 292
ro Jul 2022
i wanna talk to you again,
to apologise,
for not being.
Jul 2022 · 73
i am tired.
ro Jul 2022
i started my journey full,
through all that keeps happening,
i am nothing but emptiness,
of self loathe and painful quietness.
Jul 2022 · 76
ro Jul 2022
the writer in me,
is just as bad,
as me.
Jul 2022 · 65
i'm sorry
ro Jul 2022
sorry to your heart,
sorry to your time,
sorry to all i've wasted,
attempting to be available.
Jul 2022 · 59
i hope i'm not lying
ro Jul 2022
i do not miss you,
i just miss who i was,
with you.
ro Jul 2022
you read out loud,
the words i so wanted to hear,
and i imagined it was me,
for the two minutes you read,
but in reality,
you were trying to get her back,
with my opinion,
and it felt like nothing.
Jun 2022 · 81
i'm tired
ro Jun 2022
you know it's bad,
when i listen to the voice,
of the unknown,
to calm me down.
Jun 2022 · 84
will it?
ro Jun 2022
will it all be okay as they all say?
Jun 2022 · 415
my head hurts
ro Jun 2022
everything hurts,
and i'm not sure i can,
feel any of it.
Jun 2022 · 83
is it?
ro Jun 2022
is the future,
as terrifying,
as it appears.
Jun 2022 · 75
i am
ro Jun 2022
i'm scared of all i am,
and all i'm not.
Jun 2022 · 67
ro Jun 2022
i lost all senses,
can someone please,
tell me how i should feel.
May 2022 · 87
i feel awful
ro May 2022
i went on a date,
with someone who's not you,
i felt sick to my stomach,
am i a monster,
or did you make me one.
May 2022 · 71
ro May 2022
it hurts how you don't even count me,
as someone you had,
or as someone who had you.
May 2022 · 62
her again and again
ro May 2022
she's everything i'm not,
while that doesn't mean,
i'm any less than her,
then why does it feel,
so much like it.
May 2022 · 50
her again
ro May 2022
you called her your soulmate,
wasn't i yours,
or do souls,
change too.
May 2022 · 83
ro May 2022
she seems nice,
you finally found her,
after all.
May 2022 · 301
i do
ro May 2022
i still love you.
i just never said it out loud.
Jun 2021 · 933
ro Jun 2021
the idea,
i have of you,
in my mind,
is taking over.
Jun 2021 · 553
ro Jun 2021
was i too bad,
to fall in love,
Jun 2021 · 134
ro Jun 2021
your feelings for me,
where do you hide them?
Mar 2021 · 128
ro Mar 2021
hope you stare at your phone,
when our hour stares back,
and think of me,
at least once.
Mar 2021 · 116
ro Mar 2021
did you really love me,
or was i a rebound,
to get through,
the heartbreak,
she is.
Mar 2021 · 139
ro Mar 2021
i promise i have no idea,
how to love one,
let alone,
Mar 2021 · 103
ro Mar 2021
i miss all you are,
and all you are not.
Mar 2021 · 118
ro Mar 2021
did i love you,
do i.
Mar 2021 · 99
ro Mar 2021
heard your voice,
less than an hour ago,
spent more thinking,
about you.
Mar 2021 · 94
ro Mar 2021
kept waiting for your name,
to pop up on my screen,
didn't feel nothing,
when it did,
Mar 2021 · 105
ro Mar 2021
i am who i am,
for myself,
not for you,
never for you.
Mar 2021 · 122
ro Mar 2021
i am nothing but,
a bridge you cross,
to go to her.
Mar 2021 · 446
ro Mar 2021
isn't it funny,
how you,
go back,
to her?
Mar 2021 · 110
ro Mar 2021
loving me,
to you,
was a shield,
to keep you safe,
from her love,
you coward.
Mar 2021 · 108
ro Mar 2021
i was too scar(r)ed,
and he didn't love me enough.
Mar 2021 · 86
ro Mar 2021
saw you two mondays in a row,
i don't think you love me anymore.
Mar 2021 · 879
ro Mar 2021
i fell in love,
with the idea,
of you,
and not you.
Mar 2021 · 123
ro Mar 2021
i have failed to love you,
for i do not know how,
to love.
Feb 2021 · 209
ro Feb 2021
out of all the lies,
you claimed to love,
who i was then.
Feb 2021 · 129
ro Feb 2021
how could it all be lies,
when it felt more true,
than my aching bones.
Feb 2021 · 103
ro Feb 2021
you used me to forget,
i used you to remember.
Feb 2021 · 92
ro Feb 2021
i am losing my soul,
barely holding onto my body,
how much longer will i last,
i wonder.
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