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  Apr 2016 Marissa Sparks
I'd heard, that when one door closes
Another opens
When she closed her door to you,
I opened mine
Still, you looked at that closed door
When it rained
My door stayed open
It snowed
I kept that door opened
You went right on
Eternally watching her closed door
Mine stayed open
The trouble with an open door,
Is that people can come in
And take
They took
Still, you watched her closed door
Now, I have no door left to close
  Apr 2016 Marissa Sparks
We are none truly alone,
I've written of this before
I shall write of our souls
And the invisible chains, once more

We are all connected,
By these universal chains
From the beggar on the corner,
To the broker squandering gains

We are seven billion shades,
Different shades of the same hue
From me here in my mountains,
Across the earth to you

Whether you're a dancer,
Stepping to a tune
Or a night fisherman,
Gathering food, under the moon

These universal chains,
They bind us each together
That's what the universe wanted,
And so it is forever

Each time you defame,
Your fellow human across the way
You're defaming part of yourself,
So be careful what you say

This is how its been since the beginning
This is how it is until the end
Be kind to each other,
Remember we're all akin
Oh wow! Thank you my fellow poets. Thank you for reading and liking my words.<3
  Apr 2016 Marissa Sparks
Who are we to say,
that a love is not to be?
That a love does not belong,
and can never be set free?

Who are we to think,
that a kind is not our people?
That a kind is far beneath us,
and will never be as equal?

Who are we to feel,
that a face can look unusual?
That a face must be a canvas,
and be painted to be beautiful?

Who are we to judge?
To say love is prohibited?
To think below of others?  
To feel minds can be limited?
Marissa Sparks Apr 2016
the way your eyes light up
the way you say my name
something about you makes me feel so safe
your hand in mine
locked and intertwined
face to face
my favorite place
the trace of your hand upon my skin
breathe in
breathe out
letting every moment sink in
your heart beat against mine
the reassuring factor that everything is fine
when I pull you tighter
I can't get close enough
so darling look in my eyes
we don't have to make everything so tough
there doesn't have to be broken pieces
we'll build from the ground up
this too shall pass
so let's hold fast
to everything we know
we'll grow up
we'll grow old
and still
I will love your heart of gold


— The End —