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this all could have been mine
geometric shape wallpaper
and dashes, dots on my sheets
mom making my bed
smoking non-filtereds
and staring in the direction of
old globes and stuffed squirrels
posters of campuses i should i have attended

shirt no pants
no shirts
scribbling something partially worth reading
legs crossed
listening to that song for the fiftieth time
ashing on the floor
waiting by the phone for you and only you

but this isnt home
i didnt grow up here
i slept here
i embraced those who meant something
i giggled till tears
dripped into my oil paints
but even watered down they were made of use

a spring in this bed is
right the **** up my ***
springy is what they call me now
ill scrape those stickers off
a six inch blade till dawn
and i would be no closer

to those days where i cheesed
where you begged for me
where i began to loose myself
where i became less of a person
and more of a character to you all

my home is not here
and if you try to get me to own
a single element of it all
ill decry it
i know its not healthy
but i was thinking
that i could make up the difference

in my bedroom
not only with my hands on you
a gentle graze
or light and deserving
application of the pucker
but with my pen to pulp
and a gush to the world
so that a secret might
be known to us all
not just me
firm bedding
When I grow up I'm going to be
Crazy as in
Super as in
Extra Human
So the most **Normal
the women of the past keep
there was another yesterday
arrived from out of
she wanted to see
I told her

I don't want to see
I won't see them.
it would be
gruesome and

I know some people who can
watch the same movie
more than

not me.
once I know the
once I know the
whether it's happy or
unhappy or
just plain

for me
that movie is
and that's why
I refuse
to let
any of my
old movies play
over and over again
I cried
It felt good
Now I am over it
 Jan 2013 Michael Sinclaire
Punctuated sighs, where paused commas seek sweet breath, to rest.
Death to a flower
The season draws to an end
Stalk and leaf melt
And their heads finally bend

Settling in for sleep
Yesterday still a light thought
Crushing petals
Winter was finally caught

They lay down their pride
To a soft and easy breath
Stronger in dream
Smiling, conceding to death

Dead rest with comrades
But they too lay amongst foes
Caring nothing
With a deep sigh, so it goes
I watched the ashes rise, the wood burn, and the fire play
I stood there in disbelief that something so gorgeous was standing before me
I was taken aback when the flames first burned, I hadn't much to say
The crowd stood stunned, the wait was over and I finally felt free

Packed and bundled closely, fifteen thousand huddling together
Until the fire began to burn strong, keeping us warm in the cold weather

No thoughts danced through my mind like they usually would
Wonder and silence held my mind captive, as in that moment they could

My breath caught a few times and my eyes let one tear run free
For what I was looking at was like nothing I thought I'd ever see

Now my mind keeps prisoner the memories of that night
When the Phoenix kept burning, rising high and so bright
There is nothing left for me here,
no job, school nor mother
no place of my own.
This town of my birth,
can no longer be home.
I learned all I could,
Now I ****, moan and groan.

My love wants to leave,
And so do I.
Friends and family will be missed,
but I must say “Good Bye”

After my voyage out west,
I’ll be back in the spring,
to explore the mysteries of life.
Enoch it’s you I will bring.
Will that not suffice?
Mind refreshed for a quest.
Together again,
no longer depressed.
A journey will be had,
for us, Gods of men.
I'll mostly sit on walls dangling my feet
To tease the swarming trappers
Who nip the dead skin that falls from my soles
Like feeding fish alone in the tank
Who are submitted to the distorted faces
Of their peers amidst
The crashing waves of the surface world
Above where God and his friends are
Smoking cigarettes and listening
To the sounds of Getz
The Golden Boy
While ignoring me until they meet
The one who sits on walls
Dangling his feet.
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