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How do you deal with pain I ask, I cannot see behind the mask.

I punched until bare knuckles torn. I cannot wait until reborn.

I drank until I ran away, I come back home a wasted day.

I call my friends to no avail. I haven't eaten I'm turning pale.

My sleep is restless, night sweat's soaked. I screamed until on tears I choked.

She does not understand my pain. I don't know, who I am to blame.

It was love I had but now is lost. This memory it must be flossed.

It is indeed my heart she broke. I swear to God I will not ****.

I will face my demons, bring it on. Until I see my troubles gone.
I'm twisted,
I'm backwards ,
I'm all wound up,

Turmoil plucks my heart strings creating a symphony of confusion,
Their shriek is shrill and penetrates all levels of my consciousness

It burns,
a blazing fire reborn from the ashes of a left over pain that had been long forgotten,
Receptors singed but still quite intact
Am I a puzzle or a teacup, shattered on the floor

Does grinding down graphite dull down the pain?
I can't for the life of me keep an orchid alive.
I've had three or four but they never survive.
I may try once more in hopes to achieve,
the most beautiful flower I've ever perceived.
Running through frozen fields of morning frost
Blinded by Winter Sunrise golden rays
The crunching of grass beneath every step
My Sanctuary
Cookie crumbs painted on chubby cheeks grinning angel faced,
Golden rays of Summer's end bounce off brilliant blonde curls,
Enlightened blue eyes, forever captured skies.
Drunken camaraderie, Casey who's hair grows fire,
Who's laugh pierces the silence and looks that pierce the hearts of men,
Who's drama cannot be contained in a glass bottle, or two glass bottles,
We walk with no intention, speaking of camping and snow storms to rival an Alaskan winter breeze
We drink, laugh, smoke, chat, whoop, shriek, spit and holler
A playground hit and run witnessed only by the steel barred helicopter pilot,
Who speaks of *** as though she wants none of it,
but then again, neither do I,
Young Moon grins, yet stars still hide from this city, and all cities.
Waiting to find you in nature before showing off the mysterious wonder of night.
One day I'll be someone you can talk to,
I'll know what it's like,
know how to feel,
to express this emotion that bubbles in the pit of my gut,
Conditioned to feel nothing,
Nothing, nothing, nothing...
This armour is slowly being taken off, dissolving,
No longer strengthened by the acidity of self destruction,
What's left is closer to the bandages of the ancient Egyptian mummies,
My emotions, themselves drind out and mummified, begin to rehydrate
9 to 5 ain’t no way to live,
same **** day after day
Fake small talk,
four cups of coffee,
I hate this working man’s way.

Can’t stare at this screen
someone fix that machine
When the hell can we go outside?
But we’ve got debt to pay
and pride to keep
so we’ll all just stay inside

We’re all just
slaves to the money
working for some honey
trying to make Momma proud

But as you climb that corporate ladder
thinking ‘Does this really matter?
Or am I stuck inside a living hell?’

Tell me why all these bodies
meant for living,
stuck inside this social prison,
haven’t figured out a better way

To pay the bills
and have time for thrills
without wasting an entire day?

We’re all just
slaves to the money,
working for some honey,
trying to make Momma proud.

But as you climb that corporate ladder,
think, ‘Does this really matter?
Or am I stuck inside a living hell?’

We’re all just
slaves to the money,
working for some honey,
trying to make Momma proud.

But as you climb that corporate ladder,
think, ‘Does this really matter?
Or am I stuck inside a living hell?’
Dear Stranger,

I hope your day was well. I also hope you see tomorrow in a brighter light. Every day deserves to be seen in a brighter light than the day before. I hope you fall asleep and wake up with a smile on your face. I know that is wishful thinking; nobody ever truly wishes to get out of bed.

Dear Stranger,

I hope someone has told you that heartache is one of those stupid necessities of life and has given you a shoulder to lean on when you needed one. It amazes me how comforting one of the boniest parts of the body can truly be.

Dear Stranger,

I hope you realize or will realize that life doesn’t have to be fair to be wonderful. People will be taken from you. People will leave you behind. Other people will excel in places you will not. Terrible things will happen that you will not be able to fix.

That does not mean that the warmth that surrounds you when you hug someone who cares is insignificant. That does not mean that those butterflies creeping in towards your belly when you catch the smile of a pretty girl or boy aren’t worth chasing. That doesn’t mean that when you stand facing the ocean with the tide rolling in, kissing your toes and ankles, that you should feel insignificant in the grand scheme of things. You should know those things you feel are here to help you feel alive. So soak in everything they have to offer and if you can sincerely, pass them on.
I've seen so much heartache and sadness on this website and I wanted to reach out with a little kindess. So this is for you, all of you. To you, I wish nothing but the best.

I know this isn't necessarily a poem, but I hope it has the same effect even though it may be a little more direct.
When my lady was a baby
said her mother kept up daisies,
she'd pick 'em in the yard,
let 'em shine up on the windowsill

Well those daisies, they went lazy
lost their color, drove her crazy
made her sad to say they always lost their will

Now she speaks to me with those eyes,
looks for color in the night skies
plants a garden full of roses,
paints these daisies on our baby's walls

Lovely lullabies in her voice
"Dear, if it were my choice,
this home would be our flower
and I'd never let its petals fall"

Yes, this home would be our flower
and I'd never let its petals fall.
November 9, 2013
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