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Michael Marchese Dec 2016
Twenty sixteen on some shrooms
Was all about them waves
In all the overcrowded rooms
Of resolution slaves
Diggin' raves
While I was ditchin'
This red solo cup existence
By filling up my head with a
Reality resistance

Through the sands of time I sifted
Back to all the wasted years
How my need for speed had shifted
From its crash and burnout gears
Sippin' beers
While I was waitin'
For my turn to dance with Satan
With my blackened liver hopes and dreams
Slowly disintegratin'

My cuckoo clock then hatched a plan
Perhaps in trippin' I would fall
In love with her and understand
The purpose of this droppin' ball
Startin' small
While I was tryin'
To ensure she'd keep replyin'
To the messages I sent
From satellites that I was flyin'

Passion then my only crime
We melted winter snows
But sparks inside my opened mind
Had wilted like a rose
Hittin' lows
While I was missing
My Lucy skylight diamond ring  
Traded in for but a taste
Of the only finer thing

Obsessions made of solid gold
The price of my adventure
Possessions that I could not hold
Outweighed her sweet surrender
As it were
While I was teeming
With a world of peaceful dreaming
I overlooked the only one
That ever gave mine meaning

*And suddenly it seems that I
Am twenty seventeening
Michael Marchese Jan 2017
Now at long last
The year has past
Another now begins
Yet here I am still counting
All the 2016 sins

Let's start with Donald Trump
And this historical election
Another Great Leap Forward
Just back in the wrong direction

Truth itself was scandalous
And lies are still the norm
The media remembered Caitlyn
Then forgot the storm

While we just ate a Twitter feed
Like Russia they were hacking
Uploading Zika viruses
That sent refugees packing

To the blood-addicted streets
From Syria to our front steps
While we kept droppin' photobombs
And hashtag #noregrets

The pigs in blue, the black sheep herd
Still fighting all our battles
Since pale horses still possess
Each head of branded cattle

In this pea-brained agri-culture
Old McDonald take the hint
They're poisoning the wishing well
Just take a sip of Flint

Then dry your lips like Cali'
Where only Prince is sadder
To Wells Fargo draining pockets
None of your lives matter

Colin couldn't stand it
And even Britain's bailin'
As 20,000 people wrote
Harambe on their mail-in

Yet still we had some winners
Like Lebron, Leo and Sioux
But victories for Mother Earth
Are still too small and few

And now we stand
Throughout the land
Divided for the fall
All I can say is how the ****
Do we still drop the ball?
Michael Marchese Aug 2020
We’ll take that republic
The monarchy’s
Old news
And soon we will publish
What constitutes
In what the people
Can finally do to
The tyrants
Still silencing
Riotous styluses
Threats of violence
And weaponized viruses
As they deny
The sound sciences
Highness is
Set upon by
The sirens
Of your highnesses  
Buying compliance  
Since timeless papyruses
Kept adding clients
From granaries minuses
So we could feed
The advent
And repeat the whole process
Make it great
Still running circles around this town...
But then I get sad
I go mad
It’s not working
For so many nights
I have felt her
My worthlessness
In rehearses
Of my darkest urges
In words
I can’t form to her face
But forgetting it
Makes them all
Fall into place
Writing for someone
That’s not even there
Still add songs to her list
That I may never share
When she goes unresponsive
Not sure if she’s conscious
And lately
It feels like she’s fading
For good
I just want to reach out
But not sure if I should
For she wouldn’t
So comparably  
In me delight
Does not seemingly care
What I’m doing tonight
And despite all I’ve done for her
Leaves me in lurches
Just pondering plummets
From summits and perches
Intimate friends
From potentially more
Than beginnings and ends
The quiet disquieting
Dissonance rioting
Try as I might
To prevent it
Worst case scenario
Keep conspiring
Prying my eyes from the screen
Is a chore
I just have to keep looking
Keep checking
For more
Discouraging clues
It’s old news
There is no one to talk to,
Relate to,
Michael Marchese Dec 2021
Feel for
Someone again
Bound in
But nothing prevents
Suicide ideation
Astounded how lonely it gets
All the years
All the milestone thoughts
But no listening ears
Michael Marchese Mar 2018
In lonesome night shadows of present and past
In this castle accursed I’ve stared at aghast
Melancholic reflection, despondent visage
As beside me it withers, a loveless corsage
For no belle of the ball in due time would be mine
When the beauty I covet is songs of old rhyme
Michael Marchese Sep 2018
Out of nothing came something
It must have, it had to
And in its destructive
Rebirth I’d be glad to
Ignite the incipient embers
Of change
And watch as it smolders
Again in the flames
Of interminable
Labyrinthian corridors
Sentient prison walls
Trapped in my nevermores
I didn’t ask to be gifted
Nor cursed
With the revelatory
Epiphany thirst
For an arid and barren
Deserted desire
The moisture eluding
My lips in the fire
Michael Marchese May 2019
This love/hate relationship
Human races is
Making me crazier
Than the creationist
Over and over
Repeating the verses
Conversing with ghosts
Who immerse them
In worthlessness
When in response
Only silence reverberates
And the faint something
Of nothing is heard
By the good word
By the spirited leaders
Atop bottom-feeders
Still feeding their people
The crumbs of deceivers
Though stale it prevails
To curtail what the famished
In their desperation
Need filling
When vanished
Their saviors abandoned their
Faith itself banished
To turn to
And yearn through
The darkest night dim
Light's delusional hope
They'll be welcomed back in
A kingdom
Of the Perfect One's
Lording over their souls
Like a dragon does gold
Michael Marchese Feb 2018
You dug your own graves
With a silver spoon Mita
Then traded away
Chattel slaves for paprika
To feed and to fund
Private armies and states
To invest in your pearly white
Collar bill gates
And keep everyone out
Who had less or made more
Then you capitalized
Off of for-profit war
Like the Western grand dragons
And lion’s share kings
Who demand from us tribute
Of paperweight things
Be it standardized oil
Or genocide gold
It’s all backed by the blood
On this weapon they hold
Michael Marchese Nov 2016
Now spilling I grieve   
For hourglass sands'
Last grain of denial
Has slipped through my hands
No longer to sift
Timeless, through her strands
As if I were mapping
Some uncharted lands

That drew me so near
To exhuming her chest  
X-marking the spot
With secrets confessed
Unearthing the treasures
Of feelings depressed
Removing the locks
As we coalesced

Two beats to appear  
Harmonized in this dance
Two bodies entwined
In twist of fate's chance
Two masquerades lifted
Unveiling romance
But of their true faces
A mere passing glance

An image unclear
Made blurry by shame  
Forever instilled
As picturesque pain
Shattered too soon to fix  
This fragile glass frame
We crashed in the fall
Like downpouring rain

Now after a year
Of splitting apart
How could these torn souls
Glue back to the start
How can you repaint
Two realist a heart  
When distance has made them
Estranged abstract art
Michael Marchese Feb 2017
Is reality real
Or creating a lie
Is alive truly living
Or waiting to die
Is it finding out why
This body exists
Or discovering how
After death it persists
As our conscious amidst
An oblivious bliss
Do we still perceive
Of conception's abyss
Or become nothingness
On a thoughtless vacation
Of permanent time  
Could it be empty spaces
Are all that we find
Devoid in our mind
Would all purpose forego
Each moment of meaning
How could it be so?
With all that we know
And all that we feel
We're still left to question
Is anything real
Michael Marchese Oct 2021
Digital scoreboard
Determines my worth
What I offer this world
Predetermined from birth
And that makes me want more
Swore I’d never be so unsure
Going on thirty
No goals or ambitions
Just making it all
About money
Felt it for you again
Sitting here in the den
When the wolves are most restless
Inside of my head
And I spend,
And I blend,
And I bend
Over lower
Go slower
Stone ronin
My woe
Growing older
But know
I wrote vows
To beholder
Some day
In the once
And hence
Clad in the metal
Shell hell
To invoke her
No emotions
In my soul
That could
Revoke her
How I wrote her
Roller coaster
Now she echoes in
The cognizance
To ghost her
Michael Marchese Oct 2018
My acid brain drizzles
And sizzles with riddles
Of trickle down sickles
That tickle my fancy
To take it all
Make it my own
'Till I fall
But exuberant peace-keeping
Missions are all
I desire
My fuel to the fire
Is never tell me
Not to gods to aspire
To be, more than anything
I ever dreamed
Ever schemed
Could be possible, plausible
Nah! Inconceivably so,
Inexplicable is
Where I let my mind go
Michael Marchese Jul 2020
I have fun
I suppose
But I hate that it goes
By too fast,
Moving past
Before anyone
Or appreciates how
We as people
Could do this forever
Awake the next day
And not even remember
Michael Marchese Apr 2020
Just a funky punk monkey
Still hunkering down
In a bunker
Like nuclear waste
In debunking  
Government sites
Black as nights
Without stars
Shedding light
On the sighting
Not so reality
I have seen
Where the wild things go
In a dream
From a nightmare returned
To tell tales
No one cares
To oblige
Even moments in passing
Me by
To describe
What utopia
Really implies
And belies
To the eye
And its peace of mind’s
Cheapest disguise
As a verdant oasis
Of homeostasis
Devoid of all suffering
Heinous disgraces
But parity
Rarely exists
In such forms  
That impurity
Prurient norms
Haven’t borne
The frail weight of the psalm
Before storm
Or the thinly veiled
Heavy crown
Lying adorns
For each rose has its thorn
And despite the new flower
In bloom on the Horn
By the ivory towers
I was torn
Michael Marchese Dec 2020
Clicking send over
And over
Application submission
On how much
They can accept
From an overly
Kid inept
In the middle class cubicle
Circle of hell
Or I guess purgatory
Awaiting its knell
Michael Marchese Jun 2020
But I wouldn’t just leave you
And grieve over you
Like some sorceress
Her wicked witch brew
I’d return to you
Lost and alone in the world
Like a dog with a mind
To make it
All of yours
Michael Marchese Feb 2018
Consider not death
Beginning, end
But inevitability
Flirting with when
Michael Marchese Aug 2017
All that is distant
Eludes me without her
Devoids me of meaning
She blankets my peaks
In a lingering snow
But she thaws melancholy
In heat of her glow
Like a halo of love
To my archangel wings
I am graced in the presence
Her innocence brings
In a soft as wool smile
Inquisitive stare
As my curious fingers
Puruse through her hair
But it's all in my head
She appears and departs
As the memories fragment
To shards of our hearts
Michael Marchese Jun 2018
Laced with historic allusion
Don’t know what to speak of
Or how to exude it
A presence relentless
In its mystifying
Perplexities tantalus
Solace undying
Engaged in the way
I fall prey
To her spell
When I’m under the cover
Of darkness
I dwell in
Michael Marchese Jun 2021
Still never underestimate the peasantry
The plenary
Pie in the sky
Since humans are
Simplest of
A life’s forms
Only one
Lives for more
Than existence’s
Michael Marchese Feb 2021
So out of focus
Forgetting what hope is
A million plus thoughts
In the time that I wrote this
Descent into madness
My scatterbrain drained,
Don’t have it
The static is torment
A torturous angst
I just want to turn off
Like a ****** to tranqs
And mistakes I keep making
Just making it worse
Everyday is a funeral
Night is the hearse
And by life I mean
Some sort of
Synthezoid cyclical,
Robot repetitive,
Cynical ritual
Such a habitual,
Dismal despair
An implacable dread
Is the burden I bare
Michael Marchese Aug 2021
Failure still clings to me
Brings me
By a deluge of self-pity
Patterns am sodden
Like just when I’ve nearly
Transcended the summit
I slip and instead
Into rock bottom
Come climbing again
Under breath
Mutter curses
The boulder I roll up the *****
Is these verses
Reversals of fortune
Are my second nature
To the ill omen stranger  
Familiar has it become
And scheming
Untimely demises
Of childish dreaming
Refusing to let me
I fear all I will ever
Amount to
Is clear
Just a good for not
On forgotten,
And dying alone
Michael Marchese Nov 2018
Been a minute
Since I took
Half a second glance
And looked
At what resides in each of us
Beneath the surface feature stuff
Reflecting on the one who I
Became, the same brain stimuli
Still unified in all but form
Perplexing, cogent lightning storm
Projected from my eyes, the sun
To wash away what they had done
And none could cast their shade
In my direction
For I was remade
Rejuvenated in the glade
And stayed this way
As far away
From them I journeyed on astray
And lost all track of time
I lost my mind
Intelligent design
Had redefined my evolution,
To divine
And the creation
Making gods of us
Revealed itself
As humankind
Michael Marchese Feb 2021
Someone please tell me
How do you get through?
Do you wake in the morning
And make it come true
The desires compelling you
Onward into
Weeks and months
Then the years
Setting goals,
Playing roles
You envision yourself
In this picturesque pose
Or position
Some service you’ve given
Some function fulfilled
So society’s aegis
Can leave you the bill
And instilling within you
That half empty cup
What to be
When you finally
Like me, grow up
Michael Marchese Sep 2021
Not one thing
Will make itself known,
Aggravate me
Unstable my home
It’s the can’t find a job
Or the wifi won’t work
Undesirable traits
Of my roommates
That irk
And the dread of course
In perpetuity
Renders me impotent
Broken, don’t fix it
I can’t even implement
Simple solutions
To ongoing quandaries
Life cycle spun out
To dry
***** laundry
Michael Marchese May 2020
I’m not playing my games anymore
I want more
For each industry
Is a titanic fraud
And not even
The stars in their skies
I applaud
For behind them
In waiting
Is Erebus
The state
In its making
The home front  
Michael Marchese Aug 2020
Could cut the tension
With a blade
I never understood
The saying
We aren’t friends
But on false pretense
Still depends
A sort of multi-facet,
To minimize
Verbal abuse
And loosen lips
In shared critique
Just bite your tongue
Before you speak
With liberties
You haven’t earned,
Or not yet learned
For we have both
Returned from far
From peace and war
And yet have more
Left to endure
Than how we still
Settle the score
Michael Marchese Nov 2017
For peace is my profession
And I teach it like a Spartan
But my Athens begs the question
Do I come from planet Martian?
To keep council with your leaders
And to teach them how to build
In my likeness amphitheaters
And pay tribute to my guild
My Pax Romana in nirvana
Specializing in the art
Of planting seeds inside Madonnas
With my heathen Eden heart
Michael Marchese Jan 2020
Not about how I look
It’s about how I feel
Don’t aspire to model
Abs of steel
Body images forged
In a foundry of fake
We venerate,
Above normalcy
Informal appearance
To levels demanding
Religious adherence
To some sort of devil’s
Purse-nality cult
Poster-boyish pop stars
Idol minds
We exult
This kid’s an adult
Surely only more harm
Than success
Can result
When alarms aren’t raised
On the pageantry stage
Or the image displayed
Still outweighs
The health craze
Gets away with its ****
As if papists appraised
By the standards we set
For what flesh
Really craves
And the souls it enslaves
When the imp
Just a phase
They say,
Soon it shall pass
Blame society’s
With its constant
Just reflecting what we
Wish to see
Staring back
In the glass
At us
Perfectly snaptured
As dysmorphic actors’
Dystopian future
Like Thatcherites’
Herd-thinning pasture
Refracting attractive
Much faster
Than paces of
Can gasp for
To ask for
A semblance of
At the least
But alas becomes
This beautiful beast
Michael Marchese Nov 2020
Who would indulge me
A read through
Much like everyone
I wish
You’d like what I write
To feel socially valid
Compose you a ballad
Appeal to your tastes
Picky palates
Just need
You to tell me
It’s not even good
So I know that you care
Or if I
Even should
Michael Marchese Jun 2016
Mine is a forlorn optimism
A splendid setting sun
Sinking in somber solitude
Amidst daylight’s dwindling radiance
Canvas of colorful clouds
Painted across the vast emptiness of my soul

Such surfaces shelter submerged secrets
A deep, darkening heart
Clandestine it beats beneath waves I conjure
Rolling rhythmically to the tune of time
Until my tempest symphony crescendos
Upon shores of strife and sorrow

From the sands I behold this spectacle
A temporary testament to eternity
Pondering purpose from this convergence
Oceans of the hopeless forever
Into skies of the faithful infinity
Extending arms towards the unreachable
Michael Marchese Jan 2018
The outside world
Won’t make me a number
A face in the crowd
A pawn in the game
Of the policy punditry
Posting away
For the only fake news
Is same ****, different day
When you’re still stuck inside
An exceptional sentience
Consciousness prism’s
Illumined life sentence’s
Persona schisms
Michael Marchese Jul 2018
Not a moment I dwell
In the ruminant shrooms
Can renew the same feelings
I think are of you
Could be minutes a day
A mere glimpse of your dimple-cheeks
Smiling away
Or immeasurable hours
Of city-star gazing
By your humorous raven
Your optimist inner peace
Playful voice sacred
Melodically lulling
My cares to your side
You confided so quickly
In me and I’ve tried
To enrapture and capture
Each moment and value it
More than I ever would
Meaningless other ****
Just to behold in my hands
Your complexion
To make you the queen
Of my darkest dimension
Michael Marchese Aug 2018
What goes through your head
When you’re on your deathbed
The life flashing before
The oblivion dread
And whatever belief was to you
And your sixth sensory deprivation
In the final formless self-projection unto
The regret, the mistakes
Everything you’d redo
Should you find on the other side
Enlightening you anew
True divination
Michael Marchese May 2019
Afternoon thunderstorms
Burst on the scene
But vanish before
But a lightning bolt seen
And all we can do
Is await it to dissipate
Listen to it
Hit the steel roofing corrugate
Anticipate when the sun
Again shows its face
Maybe this evening
A fleeting glimpse setting
And hopefully heralding
Midnight tranquility
No later torrential
Waking calls
Chilling me
Down to the bone
Guaranteeing tomorrow
I can't charge my phone
For the power again
Will be absent 'till when
I know not
Deprivation from
Illumination will end
And then I can pass time
Blankly staring at screens
Until afternoon thunderstorms
Burst on the scene again
Michael Marchese Jul 2017
In the depths of dungeons lurking
Is my shadow king usurping
Slurping sanguine sassafras
And burning angel demon grass
By stalking silently seductive
Slithering in self-destructive
Tendencies to reconvene
The soaring solace sky serene
And maiden Nature, Mother Earth
To father only peace's birth
To sow my secret garden seed
Across the universes freed
And feed the stars with sacred shines
A shrine to broken valentines
Still beating like a wildebeest
And musing as the lions feast
On pages ripped to shreds in search
Of heights for suicide to perch
Then spread its Daedalus invention
In an Icarus dimension
Where the sun creates the truth
And I spit serpents sharing fruit
Of labors more divine than God
To mortals more machine than flawed
All interlocked existence gears
In chainsaws of their deepest fears
A wasteland of the world to come
Should their young leaders not try some
Of the peoples' right to hear it
Symphonies of human spirit
Painting green in all its blue
With surging crimson passion hue
And seeing through the veil of void
To paradise not yet destroyed
By those who read these words and think
This ink is not the strongest link
Michael Marchese Jun 2019
And as they moved through me
Subdued me
Removed me
From me
I was dying to be,
They renewed me
Imbued me with latent
By rhapsodies
Was I
To the fragrant
Effulgent, ephemeral
Flashes of brilliance
In clashes of titans
And gods of Olympus
Divining themselves
From ethereal epics
Extant in their shape-shifting  
Adventure to find
Where the sea
Meets the sky
Where a pure inspiration
Beholdens the eye
Michael Marchese Jun 2020
We didn’t have much
But made do
With a few
Scattered seeds
Then we hoped,
And we prayed
As they grew
And renewing the earth
Introduced us from birth
How to value
The little
Material worth
Was afforded to us
In surplus
We could trade
Or in selling it for
What we couldn’t have made  
On our own
For such constructs
To a people
Whose ties to the land
Ever has been
Its equal
Michael Marchese Mar 2018
There must be some questions remaining
With answers that wonderful brain is Abstaining
From asking the beings above you
Their nameless  
To shoulder the blame for the way
They pour dirt on the cover up
You can’t uncover it
Something unwilling to let you forget
The debt
Michael Marchese Oct 2021
Weary traveler
Tempered by
So many countless
Faces die
No more to roam
In search
The earth
Has ever been
My home
Since birth
But lately
It seems all too distant
Of some end times
Nothing new begins
Nor blooms
The ardent activist
In years to come
A relic
Of his trips
Through psychedelic
Delving into
With machine's
Planned obsolescence
My transcendence
Just pathetic
To hermetic
Michael Marchese Dec 2016
Is it truly human nature
This fear of the unknown?
We see aliens among us
And we'd rather be alone

Not look inside their homeless void
To seas of stars they drift across
From planets now destroyed
Systems rendered lifeless  
By battle droids we have deployed
And Death-star machinations
Despot warlord tractor beams
Cause anti-gravitations
Of resource, culture, sovereignty
Drained into the mothership
Warp-drives of Lady Liberty's
Distortion of democracy

To us their eyes are oil
Their tongues are suicide
Their offspring are jihadists
That we have crucified

The future of their species
Ethnic cleansed and slaughtered
Galactic-level genocide
By humanoid marauders
Reducing sentient creatures
To ion-cannon fodders
Then activate the forcefields
Preventing the invasion
Of refugees we've added
To the anti-life equation
As worm holes of our hatred grow
Infinitely to all we know

Different in appearance
But of the same design
If we'd but open universal
Borders of the mind
Michael Marchese Jun 2016
I am a shadow of a shadow
Creeping through existence
And the bleakest realities
Of a life bereft of love

I am a faithless angel
Believing in nothing
And praying for the end
Of a life bereft of love

I am a quiet crypt
Entombing a silenced soul
And a muted mind
Of a life bereft of love

I am a vast ocean
Encapsulating emptiness
And the cold dark void
Of a life bereft of love

I am a rotten corpse
Decaying slowly to time
And mundane dreariness
Of a life bereft of love

I am a voracious vampire
Craving the night
And draining the veins
Of a life bereft of love

I am a clandestine mystery
Withholding the secrets
And worthless revelations
Of a life bereft of love

I am a cold-blooded serpent
Slithering in lies
And venomous mendacity
Of a life bereft of love

I am a grim visage
Adopting false smiles
And fallacious contention
Of a life bereft of love

I am a ghost of a phantom
Haunting the living
And those who know not
Of a life bereft of love

I am a hellish demon
Burning in impurity
And corrupted innocence
Of a life bereft of love

I am a lonesome sepulcher
Dwelling in solitude
And self-imposed isolation
Of a life bereft of love

I am a forlorn oblivion
Devouring light
And what radiance remains
Of a life bereft of love

I am a hollow shell
Resonating dins of depravity
And tortured screams
Of a life bereft of love

I am a deceitful siren
Beguiling lost passerby
And luring them to shores
Of a life bereft of love

I am a black rose
Wilting in misery
And withering beauty
Of a life bereft of love

I am a self-destructive beast
Rampaging in anger
And constant frustration
Of a life bereft of love

I am a spreading disease
Afflicting this world
And all of mankind
Of a life bereft of love
Michael Marchese Jan 2020
Journeying on
To beyond
Where the vagabond
Finds himself
And can pride himself strong
In the ways of the Force
And in passing back to it
Feel free
Of remorse
When imposing its will
And exposing his flaws
Predisposes to ****
Or be killed’s
Natural law
Despite awe-stricken drawing
From wellsprings of peace
Muted strokes of ingenious
Can not be made speech
Only incomprehensible
Pensive confessions
In penmanships
Pouring the love
He professes
Select few muses who
Of his true sorrow knew
Was the only “Til Death”
That his vows
Would renew
Michael Marchese Apr 2021
No sense proclaiming
Of any facets
Of this world
I’m alert in
Alive in
Just trying
To see and survive
And prepare for the day
I eventually die
Michael Marchese Jul 2018
The optimists are cute
But so incredibly naive
They think themselves
The fullest living
As they’re dying to believe
Michael Marchese Jun 2021
Hard to commit
When no one gives a ****
When it’s literally
You vs. the world
Call it quits
On convictions
Why give them
A second thought’s
Mindful devotion
When most people
Can’t even fathom
The notion
Surprisingly, as it could be
When religions
Of most
Contain similar
Selfless traditions
At least in description
But seldom in practice
Still spins the world
On its axis
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