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3d · 32
Sometimes when all feels gloomy
Sometimes when you're filled with doubt
All you need is some introspect
And time to figure it all out
I was an easy target and your eyes were set to ****
You can’t ever recognize them all
They’ll mold into everything you lack
And just when you begin to fall
They’ll decide not to love you back
You always said you were bad at words
I guess music was more of your thing
But how can we communicate
When neither one of us can sing
4d · 32
When you just can't turn the page
because it was your favorite chapter
It’s hard to see the future
when there's no happily ever after
6d · 188
I couldn't fit into your world
but you camouflaged in mine
Now you are nowhere to be found
but I still feel intertwined
7d · 32
You were really insecure about very minor things
Guess that’s why you ran away, to repair your broken wings
Sep 8 · 20
When you hold it all in
When you can’t say goodbye
Thats when it just festers
It ***** you up inside
Sep 8 · 23
It’s hard not to be offended
To see your true imitative self  
When you literally pretended
To be someone entirely else
Sep 2 · 26
When it’s all completely over
When everything’s jaded
It’s easy to say it wasn’t love
When everything’s faded
Aug 30 · 21
The way that you treated people
How you left them in the dark
I knew you were a death eater
By the way you left your mark
Aug 27 · 214
Out of the norm
For you I once tried to color outside the lines
But you made me realize I prefer black and white
Aug 26 · 25
Out of sight, out of mind
Rearview mirror, left behind
Aug 24 · 36
Misery’s my muse
It’s just not as easy as some people think
how can I be happy if pain is my ink?
Aug 24 · 129
I can’t convince you to look at the sky when you’re fixated on the ground
I can’t continue to chase you when you don’t ever want to be found
Aug 22 · 14
I hesitated and then restrained myself
The moment passed - you never knew how I felt
Aug 22 · 30
Our ping pong witty banter or your penetrating stare
The electricity my fingers felt running through your hair
A cig always in your hand & a smirk always on your face
These are some of the images that can never be erased
Aug 18 · 33
What you saw in the mirror I never could see
Because when I looked at you I also saw me
Aug 13 · 132
All I wanted was your time
But you were busy you said
All I wanted were your words
But you just left me on read
All I wanted was your love
But you ruined me instead
Jul 31 · 32
And I stood still
While the world spun on without me
And I stayed lost
Because no one ever found me
Jul 6 · 38
The art of detachment
You made it look so easy
Like we’d never even met
Leaving me here with only
These memories that I’ve kept
Jun 29 · 40
You can try to erase or delete me
but the heart never forgets completely
Jun 28 · 42
I couldn’t comprehend
I couldn’t let go
I couldn’t understand
But now I know...
Now I know.
Jun 28 · 38
Were you a reprieve
Were you just a fake
Were you real love
Or my worst mistake
Jun 28 · 36
I like to escape reality
But Its good to keep a tether
Or else I would just float away
As if I were a feather
Jun 28 · 31
I’m a sensitive flower
That you do not deserve
So here in isolation
My petals I’ll preserve
Jun 28 · 31
The sun taught me to move on
the moon told me to let go
but the stars are the ones who convinced me
That forgetting means to grow
Jun 28 · 26
Water seeps into their cracks
Provides them with what they lack
Fills them up so they feel whole
Diving deep into their soul
When they leave it evaporates
Replacing love with just hate
Jun 17 · 21
Wave the white flag, I’ve officially retreated
I’m never gonna get the closure I needed
Jun 17 · 28
Can’t stop the heart from breaking
But what can ease the aching?
Jun 17 · 38
Black flame
When love consumes you with desire
...That’s what you get when you play with fire
Jun 17 · 42
My axis keeps on shifting
Can’t stop my mind from drifting
When nothing feels uplifting
And it just hurts existing
Jun 9 · 41
I can say now you taught me some lessons
Guess you’re a nightmare wrapped in a blessing
May 31 · 77
Can’t erase your memory
Can’t stop reliving the pain
I want to rip my heart out
I want to burn my brain
May 27 · 39
Alchemy means I can convert pain to gold  
But it takes lots of pain to transform your soul
May 24 · 380
Chameleons are the worst
They learn your favorite color
So they know which trance
They should use to put you under
May 23 · 54
Curtain call
Rewrite the script
Rehire the cast
Because this run
Wasn’t meant to last
May 21 · 53
Plot twist
Our movie was my favorite
but the ending made me cry
the characters were not killed
but the love between them died
May 21 · 737
This isn’t a poem nor a prose
I just wanted everyone to know
That these couplets are simply practice
Until my muse becomes more active
May 21 · 60
Out of focus
My feelings are diminished
You tarnished your own image
But now I must restore my vision
So I may see you with precision
May 17 · 42
once bitten, twice shy
How to recognize a snake
They usually have green eyes
Don’t you make the same mistake
Of not seeing their disguise
May 6 · 37
If only you could see what’s
So you could know which way to turn
But that’s just not the way life goes
Only the hard way must you learn
Apr 23 · 43
Suppose I’ve been postponing my healing
Guess I procrastinate even with pain
Suppose to forget all our memories
Guess it’s war between my heart and my brain
Apr 21 · 53
He’s not on my timeline
He’s made it very clear
His thoughts aren’t linear
No weeks or months or years
Apr 21 · 48
The thing I always think about
The thing that makes me wonder
Which drawer do you keep me in?
Which file am I under?
Apr 13 · 30
Full of regret, wishing that I could undo
Every decision that ever led me to you
Apr 1 · 35
How can you possibly force feelings to fade?
Except bury them deep and store them away
They cannot be destroyed just like they cannot be made
Hoping eventually they are resurrected someday
Feb 28 · 147
In your little world I’m not on your mind
In your little world everything’s just fine
But in my little world everything hurts
In my little world you’re just an excerpt
Jan 7 · 58
Gun shy
Oh Chameleon, you play so many roles
But for me I’ve never meet a kindred soul
As familiar as yours, why must you run?
Love doesn’t come in the shape of a gun
Jan 7 · 48
I’ve spent a lot of time cultivating my uniqueness to just pour it all out for free
But I will let you share this lonely and destitute space with me
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