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3d · 93
Reality can be such an unforgiving *****
When you realize fairytale endings don’t exist
7d · 101
Love is the rarest and the most magical feeling
When you’re forced to destroy it, it loses all meaning
7d · 22
Sometimes you just have to face the hard facts
I love someone who doesn’t love me back
May 17 · 93
Time and time I remind myself again
He will never be my version of him
Apr 19 · 33
I was very lost, feeling blue
Random encounter, Deja vu
Maybe I just hope that it’s true
That what you seek is seeking you
Apr 6 · 71
I remember the last time that you kissed me
Or the last time you licked my face
If I knew I was running against the clock
Then I would have picked up my pace
Apr 4 · 55
Another flame, another burn
How come I never ever learn
Apr 4 · 223
The one question I couldn’t ask
Is how come you don’t love me back
Feb 25 · 88
I suppose we all grieve in our own way
I guess big hearts stay broken, don’t they?
Feb 21 · 43
Depth finder
Beholder of beauty
I wish I could find someone who sees what I see
But more importantly
I wish I could find someone who’d let me be me
Feb 13 · 50
I don't know what I'm doing
I cannot find my way
Growing more and more stagnant
Another Groundhog Day
Feb 13 · 126
Mi casa
Writing eases the pain
It makes me feel less alone
When the words come pouring out
It makes me feel at home
Jan 28 · 34
Wish I could write something to bring you back
But those type of words are the ones I lack
Jan 26 · 125
It’s not as if you were even my best
It just was so effortless....effortless
Jan 22 · 177
Quill spills
Poetry is like a deep well
Which your soul leaks ink from
Jan 16 · 135
Avoiding interaction
Dying for a distraction
A chemical reaction
Equals fatal attraction
Jan 13 · 217
You hate it when you feel too deep
You hate when it consumes you
But every time you retreat
Is when I always lose you
Jan 12 · 208
She lets boys try to read her mind
They see it deep behind her eyes
Dark orbs full of such mystery
Yet you'll never know their history
Jan 10 · 410
El fin
I’ll give you everything if I think you’re the one
But once I am through with you I promise I’m done
Jan 5 · 155
Eyes wide shut
The hardest thing it took for me to see
It wasn’t for you what it was to me
Jan 5 · 69
Bad service
Broken connection, the line went dead
Deafening static with things never said
Jan 1 · 53
No rivalries
I’m the saddest girl that ever lived
That’s why no one can match the love I give
Jan 1 · 102
My affliction
The thing that plagued me, what I wish I knew
Was how to get back that version of you
Dec 2018 · 295
Tree house
Melinda Barrett Dec 2018
So if your soul ever feels alone
Carve me out and build a home
Dec 2018 · 94
Melinda Barrett Dec 2018
My trauma, my pain molded & shaped me
Without them this version would cease to be
Dec 2018 · 53
Melinda Barrett Dec 2018
I’ve been writing again which means my hearts been abused
Bleeding out the words until the pain becomes reduced
Dec 2018 · 49
Melinda Barrett Dec 2018
How many soul connections have you had? two, maybe three?
Fate isn’t as clandestine as she pretends to be
Dec 2018 · 166
Melinda Barrett Dec 2018
Love holds you at gunpoint
Intentionally pulls the trigger
Hides the bulletcases
And wonders why you’re gun shy
Dec 2018 · 237
Cloud mine
Melinda Barrett Dec 2018
Reality is unforgiving so I keep my head up in the clouds
Yes I’m introverted because my thoughts are way too loud
Dec 2018 · 33
Melinda Barrett Dec 2018
Maybe the truth would make a difference
Maybe you’re just not the one
Maybe it wouldn’t change a thing
Maybe what’s done is done
Dec 2018 · 49
Shakespeare was my muse
Melinda Barrett Dec 2018
We grew together, we fused
disappearing act, once removed
We blossomed, we unfurled
But we were not meant for this world
Dec 2018 · 414
Melinda Barrett Dec 2018
I can’t tell you anything real
You don’t live in reality
I have to fake how I feel
It tests my own mortality
Nov 2018 · 34
Melinda Barrett Nov 2018
You cut me off at my most vulnerable
You rob me of my feelings
You reduce me to nothing
And Im still left wanting more
Nov 2018 · 171
Selective memory
Melinda Barrett Nov 2018
Red flags you ignore, wave a white one in its place
Just to help you escape once more
From time and space
It's all just background noise when in lovers embrace
One by one memories of you I will erase
Nov 2018 · 220
Practice makes perfect
Melinda Barrett Nov 2018
Ignore the elephant in the room
Hoping you acknowledge it soon
All this time I always thought it was you
But you broke me because you were broken too
Nov 2018 · 53
Melinda Barrett Nov 2018
I’m doing it again
Thinking of how it went wrong
Dream of what it could’ve been
Before you said so long
Nov 2018 · 117
Fatal flaw
Melinda Barrett Nov 2018
I feel bad for my heart, it’s been through a lot
Beaten, bruised, stabbed, nearly fatally shot
Time heals all wounds but it hasn’t forgot

I feel bad for my heart....we’ve been through a lot.
Oct 2018 · 181
Turn of events
Melinda Barrett Oct 2018
Realized too late that you’re a plot with a twist
I’m not the narrator, i’m the protagonist
Oct 2018 · 172
Pipe dreams
Melinda Barrett Oct 2018
I’ve always used books as my crutch to escape. I see now how careless that was. I thought imagination was imperative to a creative mind but it has taken a dark turn in my adulthood. I will always search and dream for things that are not real. Inconceivable things I’ve read about and cultivated over the years. Things that are found only in between pages. I have neglected reality for temporary pleasure and now pain is what I receive.

I am ruined. Spoiled. A dreamer now.
Oct 2018 · 78
Melinda Barrett Oct 2018
I thought that you held the match strong enough to hold the spark
But you won't be the one finding my way out of the dark
It's not that I expect a pristine list of all your credentials
But it's a different kind of pain when you don't live up to your potential
Oct 2018 · 94
Melinda Barrett Oct 2018
And If you were to ask me how I’m feeling
You’re a dime a dozen, I’m one in a million
Sep 2018 · 62
Melinda Barrett Sep 2018
Lightness fades against the dark
Like lovers flame reduced to spark
Sep 2018 · 54
Waiting game
Melinda Barrett Sep 2018
Waiting on love, she better come soon
It's like squinting at the sun wishing for the moon
Sep 2018 · 44
Melinda Barrett Sep 2018
Never know how good you've got it
Til it is just a memory
Everythings temporary
If only eyes could foresee
Sep 2018 · 47
Melinda Barrett Sep 2018
I painted a pretty picture once
I don't think others would compare
But it disappeared somehow
Now all I paint with is despair
Sep 2018 · 94
Melinda Barrett Sep 2018
I don’t want your hard exteriors
Give me your molten interiors
Sep 2018 · 79
Melinda Barrett Sep 2018
When water signs collide
An amalgamation
How could you separate the drops
Of saturated souls
Sep 2018 · 371
Melinda Barrett Sep 2018
Happiness is an elusive thing
Kind of like an invisible string
You try your best to hold on
But life likes to test how strong
Promise of better things ahead
All an illusion, this single thread
Aug 2018 · 139
Melinda Barrett Aug 2018
God I feel like screaming
Harnessing these demons
Can’t pinpoint the reason
Life, what is the meaning?
Aug 2018 · 70
Melinda Barrett Aug 2018
You can lead a fool to love but he’ll just leave you on the brink
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