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I bet I could convince myself I want to see you again
To get my hat back at least
But if I saw you again
I bet you could convince me it was a bad idea
Nothing in the fridge by whiskey and beer
Nothing in the cupboards but mice, rice and pasta
One cigarette to last me a month
The TV has been shut off
My couch has holes in it like me hat and socks
I wonder what my ma would say
If she saw that my wife had left me
With nothing but whiskey and beer and mice and rise and pasta.
But never a poem.
One* of the things faith tells me
About how Two live my life
Is to love my Three neighbours
(Next door, next door but one and next door but two)
Even though one of them carried a knife.
Four it says in the old scriptures
To love all those around us
Even the MP's with their meals of Five courses
When there are people starving on the street
Begging for Sixpence for something to eat
And some people say that's greed
But I've got to tell you that makes me kind of...angry
Because how can we be free when there are Seven rules
To live by to shape our personality. SEVEN.
Seven rules to tell us how to live,
Seven days in which God created...this
And Seven things that are considered a sin.

But can I just say,
Who wants to worship a God, who does not feel love?
Who disagrees with passion,
And ***,
And lust?
Who wants a God with a heart of stone,
Who would condem a person to hell
For feeling a little... alone?
And didn't God demand our love for him?
But why should we love this *****
Who is incapable of returning it?

And we should not eat or drink
More than is needed to keep us living.
Ha! I'd like him to take a trip down here
Where our monthy wage are the only things that are thinning.
He'd take one look at the girls of Birkenhead,
And throw up McNuggets all over their head.

But aren't we forgetting that he ordered his son
To deliver millions of fish to everyone?
Sorry but is that not gluttony?
Or was he just feeling generous that particular Tuesday?

He also demands that every person on this earth
Should follow his rules.
All *Seven
billion of them.
Simply Greed.

And if these rules are not followed
We shall be punished for it tomorrow.
So it says in John 3:36
"Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life,
But whoever rejects the Son,
God's wrath will remain on him"
So right there: God is a wrathful God.
Well, we might as well all go home to
...Fold our socks.

Because I'm sorry but I cannot believe
These are acts of compassion,
He floods the entire earth for not doing what he was saying.
Noah knows, you need only ask him.

And if we worship another God,
We are marrooned on an Island called Hell
Filled with all the burning souls,
Well take me there then
At least I know I'll meet The Rolling Stones.

So God is envious it is clear to see
And if we use his name in vein,
He gets even more pissy.
So he's got pride.
And Laziness is an obvious one,
To do his work he employed his Son.

**So let's do what we want,
Sin if we must.
What other ways are there
To have the utmost fun?
The Seven Deadly Sins
Even after everything
The moon does not envy the sun
Because the sun sees the fun
But the moon sees the love.
Lets get elegantly ****** on wine
And make the last train just in -
Oh we've missed it
Was it supposed to be this way,
Or was there a fault in our stars?
A collision of worlds
That tore us apart?
I once read that it is not our stars,
But ourselves that hold the answer.
Was it fate that brought us here
Or was it simply chance?
Someone must be punishing me,
Punishing you
For a mistake we once made.
It may have been our foolishness
Of falling in love at such a young age.
Our lives, though limited,
Had so much more to give
To the world and to each other
But neither one of us can live.
The pain that demands to be felt
Is slowly breaking my heart.
And the constellations in the sky
Are my thoughts of you, turned into stars.
And looking up at the vast infinity,
Makes me realize you are mine.
I’m swinging on my garden swing
Kissing you as I kiss the sky.
For one of my favourite books: A Fault In Our Stars by John Green
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