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Mar 2014
Was it supposed to be this way,
Or was there a fault in our stars?
A collision of worlds
That tore us apart?
I once read that it is not our stars,
But ourselves that hold the answer.
Was it fate that brought us here
Or was it simply chance?
Someone must be punishing me,
Punishing you
For a mistake we once made.
It may have been our foolishness
Of falling in love at such a young age.
Our lives, though limited,
Had so much more to give
To the world and to each other
But neither one of us can live.
The pain that demands to be felt
Is slowly breaking my heart.
And the constellations in the sky
Are my thoughts of you, turned into stars.
And looking up at the vast infinity,
Makes me realize you are mine.
Iā€™m swinging on my garden swing
Kissing you as I kiss the sky.
For one of my favourite books: A Fault In Our Stars by John Green
Megan Lacey Slade
Written by
Megan Lacey Slade  Liverpool
   Theia Gwen
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