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  Feb 2015 MartinaLove
the closer you are
the harder it will be to see
everything that i am.
I will only appear to you
blurred and distorted.
if you really want to see me,
know me for all that i am,
get back, back away.
moving in closer is not the right way.
you see
your focus can't stay fixed
for life is a blur
and you'll constantly have to change your perspective
to truly see it
to  truly see me
and everything that we are.
MartinaLove Jan 2015
I will wrap you with my heart as
small as you are -
Let you go from my brain


remove your delicious incisors
from my breast.
Sting of salt in that open wound;
shutter that vulnerability -

no one wants to see.

I will carry you in my pocket

pressed up to that sharp bone
until I forget -
and in the cycle, wash you out.
MartinaLove Jan 2015
I'm not afraid of shadows; I'm woeful for what I do to them.
Traveling nearly 93 million miles unobstructed until
i get in the way.
B-b-but my shadow lingers; delicately licks my spine
making me shiver.
Seeking pleasure outside my means, I reach
for it and fall to the ground,
metallic kiss with my teeth.
we've all tried to chase it;
elusive and spry this depth
always one step ahead unless We
make peace.

Flat, rectangular boxes hum in the distance -
Take this to feel [              ]
better, saner, safer, thinner, smarter -
anything but you.

but you are me. eye see you.
I will wrap my polished dna around your rusted parts
and oil your chamber with tantric love
until you swell
with majesty; overfilled with law of attraction
and vibrate with hums of mantras -

Body satiated and laden with sweat, we hold
sweaty palms to racing heart and sync.
The light within aligns with shadow
and our race is done.
On the horizon - a new hope begun.
MartinaLove Jan 2015
Under the watchful gaze of two suns
I lean in to kiss your dry lips.
Technicolor fissures in Space -
hold onto me

       every different lifetime
leads me back to you and comes
circle - The Earth
tips like the time
you spilled cardamom in the *** brownies
making love sour for a week

       We made sense sometimes;
even in this parallel universe - where moons
kiss and galaxies weep -
We burned into the heart, moments inverse
and our souls steadied the pace.

       Dripping stardust and covered in Love-
it's understood.  We are never apart -
Always One.
But I bait my breath each time I'm born
letting go only - when I hold your hand
MartinaLove Jan 2015
I don't recognize that face -
there is no memory,
of him and me -
it's erased hastily -
smudged as my makeup
from my eyes.

how many broken promises
fill the emptiness
in a life; and the fear
of being alone
is like a watchful dog
she sits and stares into the spaces
that cannot be atoned.

Which voice lies silent
when shades grow brighter
than light?
Remorse taste like metal
or **** as artificially sweetened lips.

Familiar places will fall
just as you will,
fall into patterns of willful deceit -
their shapes twist into grotesque masks
that quickly transform to smiles
when you look - see.
MartinaLove Dec 2014
Dear ____

I found a letter the other night that I had written to you years ago.  The note said that you were my soulmate and that one day* you would realize it and come back to me and I'd wait for you forever.  So here's another letter that I will send...out here in this space where anyone can read it and interpret it as he may...

You will never realize I'm the one for you because you can't see who you are.  Underneath the layers of skin and bones, you're more.  That heart that beats and those addictions you crave glaze the truth in your soul and distract you by keeping you deep into the ground instead of planting on top of it.  I'm sorry that you never got to reciprocate the love I gave because you will never know a family, a home, or a future that surpassed your greatest dreams.  You will know mediocrity.  And to be honest, that makes me more sad than you could ever imagine....

And really, I don't care.  I do, but I don't because I feel like I ought to and that's the only reason I still even entertain these thoughts.  Do you understand?  I guess you can not give a **** and that's fine but there will come a day (it always comes) when you  see me (bump into me perhaps?) and you will apologize and see that I was right.  But I will be living the extraordinary life and even your disquiet will not dim my light.

We chose before we were born into these human, frail bodies - our souls would do this dance.  So, thanks.  For teaching me exactly what NOT to do. And for being the beautiful ******* that you are

Love always,
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