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martin challis Jan 2018
You have outstretched arms
You are on the beach
You are receiving the towel
That will wipe the sting of salt and glare away
You are relieved in the moment this occurs
And look back to the waves that have just released you

Later that day after bathing
You recall the moment
Your skin
Your nature
And what has washed away

Martinos @ 2018
martin challis Jan 2018
in the sea

of night

each star

a flood

of light

and the

milky way

a riptide

of delight

Martinos @  2018
martin challis Jan 2018
In the homecoming


in the barring


of letting go


of craving


at the welcome


at the termination


with waking up


with shutting out


in kindness


in aggression

self harm

upon reflection


upon dogmatism


with helpfulness

endless option

with ill-will




within each experience

the possibility

of discovery

Martinos © 2017
martin challis Aug 2017
Your thoughts are your prison
Or your prairie

Your body is a signature
Of the decisions you make

Your family
Is humanity

The expanding universe
Is a metaphor for your consciousness

Breath and space in your heart and mind
Becomes an infinite resource

Martinos @ 2017
martin challis Aug 2017
when the child comes to you as the voice of disquiet
will you sit with him? will you hold his heart in yours?
will you say to him – you are loved and i will hear you?
and will you tell him that he can come again
as often he needs – until a time when he does not?
will you show him love and kindness, and have him know
emerging from that new quietness
you are sure to find the solace and the guidance
you both seek?

martinos © 2017
martin challis Jul 2017
for J

she has a heart of light
she will touch you
with her radiance

when you see this
you will realise
your own illumination

who is she?

Martinos @ 2017
martin challis Jul 2017
Fire the candle
Crack the day
Light of life
Lift and sway

Up step up steep
Up there lit
Up to where
Archangels sit

Make ready song
Septets and airs
A vital throng
To catch our cares

Make ready step
Make ready light
Make peace within
Give love with might

Call an angel
One then two,
Call to bring
The world anew

Fire the candle
Crack the day
Bring love alive
Make love the way

Martinos © 2017
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