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 Apr 2017 Martin Bailes
Children gassed in Syria by Sarin provided by Trump's Pal Putin. Those same poor people Trump wanted to ban from leaving that hell andcome to America, he now pretends outrage.

Hello Poetry will survive.. You will survive any changes the owner makes.  Where is the outrage for events taking lives, a fool ruling our country through collusion with Putin?
HePo ain't nearly as serious as events taking place in Syria.
 Apr 2017 Martin Bailes
K Mae
 Apr 2017 Martin Bailes
K Mae
crested crag-spines rising
bones fierce of ancient dragons
calling out to Naga

Bloom  feminine essence, Flow !
Feed my ancient undulations

wearied now to hills
sighing down with last exhaled
memory of color
washed, washed,
baked by endless sun
 Apr 2017 Martin Bailes
She loves me
she loves me knot
tied tiny sneakers
on size 4 foot
tall small boy
photographed in
black and white
TV shows nowadays
no one knows.

This is why I'm here:
listen, little ear drop,
to the bark of the dog.
Beware. Alert.
A new world is rolling.
Rolling your way
Teresa climbs on the bus
before the sun, if she has
the fare

to get there, where she
makes the bread; she's been at this
two of her nineteen years  

yet she has fears, they will
come for her--green card or not;
though they like her rolls

she kneads the big *****, pulls,
pinches, a sculpting of dough, a laying
of trays, one after another

then, from the Iglesias,
they come, decked in their finery
though she does not see

she only hears the litany
of language she can't comprehend,
a clanging of trays, laughter

the urging of the jefe to work
faster, bake the bread; the communion
wafers did not fill them

now they are here, breaking fast,
forgetting the words they just heard
the songs they sang

Teresa does not complain; she
is glad to feed the worshipers, though
they will never know her name

nor will they stop for
her in the pouring rain,
the blistering sun

Teresa never wavers
next Sabbath will be the same:
dawn, the dough, the oven

it is the work--her hands
which make the bread others break,
the grace granted to serve

holy, holy, holy...
 Mar 2017 Martin Bailes
What level of warrior
do you claim to be
when you maim the weak
and wreak havoc when you speak
of sick sentiments?

You build your armaments
stockpile rifles, semi-automatics,
and handguns
shoot animals for fun.

I do not begrudge that.
I merely judge the fact
that you lack any tact
as you cry out the government
is coming to take them back.

You were afraid of the democrat,
the one you despised because he was black
perhaps you felt that he would
pay us all back for the two hundred
and forty plus years of
treating brown people like trash.

However, despite your rants
despite the Sandy Hook massacre,
the nightclub, the church
Columbine, and all other hurt
in the multitudinous mass shootings
I have not seen any government scheme
to take your guns or gun rights away.
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