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Mark Lecuona Feb 2020
I walked away from things in my hand
It’s in my head now, it’s nothing I planned
You have to live in a way to survive
I’m not staying behind, nothing needed to arrive

Every good memory I have, it’s about you now
So easy to substitute, I know what you’re about
I don’t want to steal yours from you
But what I have to give is only what is true

The paper that pressed roses is long gone
The rain that once said wait another day
Became the sunlight I live in today
It’s my world now, everywhere I belong

I once had bloodshot eyes
Now they’re in the back of my head
The legend that was, the failure that is
I'm building a new life instead

The moments in time we give away
We make more of it because we know it
They’re gone and it has to mean something
Pretending there's no crime I did commit

I’m not recreating, I’m not planting
The flowers I pick now are my own
That’s how I know what I’m thinking
For you, that's how I reveal the unknown
Mark Lecuona Feb 2020
What is a real man
Crying in the ocean so there is no record of it?
Being brave
Attacking the world because his own has ended?
Searing eyes
Burning a hole into you knowing what he wants?
What is a real man
Loving a woman so she will know the difference?
Being gentle
Caressing a sage bush because God is watching?
Acting mysterious
Like a light that can make shadows in the night?
What is a real man
Waiting years and years without compromise?
A dreamer
But living life between open and closed eyes?
A truth seeker
Knowing what he sees is not what you see?
What is a real man
Uplifting joy within his heart so you may know?
Anger and fear
To lash out or run away in equal measures?
Love and peace
Knowing the impossible lives inside his heart?
Mark Lecuona Feb 2020
i’m not worried about the sun shining anymore
there’s no prison in my heart
the walls have all burned down

there’s no need for untold stories from before
i’ve survived them all at once
the light became their sound

the sunset survives living on the other side
i learned how to believe in it’s trip
there isn’t any theory about electricity
i came to know the ways of the ship

i brought it indoors underneath my throat
that way it can breathe in peace
without a sword above it's crown

the way you live is safe now inside my boat
the darkening of your skin
my warmth all around

the love we have survives inside the truth
telling each other about our trip
what we can see will never fade from view
not if you believe the sun is my ship
Mark Lecuona Feb 2020
I know you're in our place
Maybe thinking of my name
And what it means now
Let me tell you it's no game

We can laugh in bed
Talk serious at the ranch
Let our hearts bleed like freedom
Carve our names on a branch

I know what I want
It's you on the inside
What you think
How it feels
I'm coming home
With arms open wide

I know how to love you now
You showed me as you loved me
A woman teaches a man how
Now your eyes at night are all I see

I know what I want
I know what I want
Love from the inside
Love from the inside

Your beautiful face is just the start
Just the start
Mark Lecuona Dec 2017
I don’t want a domestic engineer
I don’t need to live off your career
Only the things I know and feel
But cannot say unless you are here

I don’t need more than two candles
And shadows on painted toed sandals
Only the things that a smile can feel
And never spoiled by doubting vandals

Every girl has a man waiting somewhere
That’s how she keeps her interest to herself
I’m gonna’ have to change her point of view
Instead of me she takes pictures of herself

I don’t want to just pass the time
I don’t want how are you I’m fine
Walk past me looking too busy
How can I unclutter your mind?

Every girl has a man waiting somewhere
That’s how she keeps her interest to herself
I’m gonna’ have to change her point of view
If she’ll just look up she’ll see something else
Mark Lecuona Dec 2017
I'm not crazy enough
To believe the world can be one
But I know a home and food
Is the way peace will come

It's not the race we should fear
It's the man who cannot feed his son
When it becomes nothing but blame
Anger lives where there once was none

How many times
How many times
Did someone give you a hand
Why is it so easy
To forget who lost their land?

How far the living have come
Though the dead cannot speak
What is the world of heaven about
Is it the only thing the poor can eat?

He doesn't want you to hate him
He was happy just the other day
Someone gave him a smile
It reminded him love is not far away

How many times
How many times
Did someone give you love
Why is it so easy
To forget what peace is made of
Mark Lecuona Dec 2017
How clever must I be
First I must untwine
The heart from the mind
Then I will speak plainly
And not in rhyme
You won’t know what
There won’t be a sign
It will only be a feeling
You’ll be happy this time

I don’t need toys anymore
Not if they cost money
That’s not important to me
Not like it was before
I can only see what is free
The way I think of you
Easing the pain you see
If I could make you notice
The sand cannot be the sea

She tried to ignore me
But maybe not
That’s what desire thought
I imagine what I can’t see
It’s not what can be bought
Not what had cause to weep
What life finally taught
Was how alone fear can be
If my heart says it cannot
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