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Sep 2016 · 855
marina Sep 2016
call me an architect with shaking
hands, building buildings built
to crumble --
     if that what it takes to
     keep you, so be it;
     i'll find you in the rubble
unsure about this
playing with polyptoton
Sep 2016 · 870
marina Sep 2016
he likes to call me dollface

and i let him unravel my threads,
because i'm not quite porcelain like he seems
to think - more so a rag doll, yarn for
hair, buttons for eyes, soft and

we started as a series of stolen things:
glances, secrets, moments in a walk-in freezer,
and i keep wondering how that all led us
here, stealing time as
he lights a bowl and i
dance circles in his living room

all the while he is watching
like he is in a museum, and i am
art behind a glass to
stare at, never

he reaches out and falls short,
calls me over but never follows through,
pulls my threads and
sews me up again
each time
he calls me
same boy from snapshots
in case that wasn't obvious
i'll probably delete this later
Jul 2016 · 848
marina Jul 2016
your hand on my elbow,
shoulder, wrist, and i
pretend not to

you sing quietly on the
way home, like maybe i won't
hear you but
i always do

call me doll, and that's
i can be yours to
play with

we smoke together for the
first time, and you blow
rings, and i dance
for you

chew me up, spit me
out, it's fine just as long as you
don't watch me clean my

you mention your girlfriend's
name and i
too confused to think straight
Jun 2016 · 949
marina Jun 2016
i spent my nights writing wishes into
paper cranes after we broke down, a repetition
of ink to paper - fold, press, release -

your name, your name, your name,
became habit every time i picked up the pen

when i dream of walking through
haunted houses, i hear voices through the
open windows, i swear it is you saying
come home, baby, come home

a draft cuts through each whisper and i pretend
it is your breath on my neck,
that your hands will follow, but when i turn
it is only the breeze from a crane beating its wings.

when it storms, the dock we used to
share secrets on floods - my fingers scratch
at my thighs like i am picking apart the wooden planks,
my skin splinters in all the places i have ever
been touched by you.  

i fold myself into a ship and sail where you can't
this burns too much to read it back,
and i feel very heavy right now.
Jun 2016 · 784
diary entry
marina Jun 2016
we lounge in the backseat to
wait out the rain.

your fingers still against my
thigh, grapefruit juice drips down my chin,
and we stare ahead like this is
what we were meant for --

you pack another bowl, lana sings
on, jazzy and sweet, and i

i overflow
from 4/28
Jun 2016 · 722
marina Jun 2016
i hear the phone ring when
it doesn't, the door open
when it's locked, the
light switch flip when
it's off and i turn around and
look for you
Feb 2016 · 494
marina Feb 2016
we go out after the first storm
like explorers in new terrain, and
these steps are gentle and uncertain,
this world is new.
it is still grey but you point to a patch
of sun between the clouds and say,
that's what you look like beside
everyone else
and i used to think
i stuck out like a **** in the midst of flowers
but you make me feel like i am a butterfly
amongst unchanging caterpillars.
a gust of wind pushes rain drops off the
tree leaves - they cling to your mouth like
fresh dew or sweat beads, and i
want to kiss them clean
i look at you and after two years it still feels like falling in love for the first time
Dec 2015 · 506
marina Dec 2015
your hands are a double edged
sword, but i am learning
how to lace my skin with steel
and you can not
cut me
Oct 2015 · 381
marina Oct 2015
we are to big for this space

there must be some law or
science that says it isn't possible
for us to fill the same air, and yet
here we are again, breathing
into each other's worlds,
inhalations of new life, exhales of
little deaths and

we are defying every rule we were told,
every promise we made to stay away,
every regulation made for our own good

it is dangerous and explosive and beautiful
Oct 2015 · 336
marina Oct 2015
she tells me i am
and when she
looks at me the
way she does,
for a moment,
i feel like it
i'm understanding that this is the way friends are supposed to make you feel

i told my story here:
Sep 2015 · 821
marina Sep 2015
i keep thinking about the way
your fingers don't leave bruises on
my hips the way they used do

when did you stop trying to hold
on so tight? when did you stop
Sep 2015 · 315
marina Sep 2015
benjamin tells me that
i should take my anxiety and
hold it away for a while,
let the restlessness build up
and then channel the overwhelming
into a sense of euphoria,
my own twisted high

and i don't know how, but
i will try my best for him,
i will try my best,
i will try
he has a different way of seeing good and bad
marina Sep 2015
i used to have all the words
in the world
at the tips of my fingers,
waiting to be written
down or maybe even
touched to my lips
to be sung

have i said all there
is to be said?
May 2015 · 380
in one breath
marina May 2015
it feels like we have been
moving away from each other,
there is more space
between the pillows and sheets,
i am forgetting what the tips
of your fingers feel like
(even when they are on me)

slow down with me, grant
i want to breathe with you,
i want to be with you

untuck your shirt,
lay your head down,
stop running to
whatever is next,
the future is not now,
be here again, be
now again, be mine
so i guess i've been gone for a while
Nov 2014 · 847
marina Nov 2014
it seems like time is tearing us

i am reaching out to you from a
different dimension, from ten years from
now, or two years ago
and i look like nothing but a ghost

be quiet, and maybe
you will
hear me
Nov 2014 · 681
i am proud of myself
marina Nov 2014
i am not my
mother's daughter or
my sister's shadow
or my family
none of that is
enough to
contain me or
portray me any
my mom is disappointed and i will not regret my choices because of that. i am the only one that will dictate what i do with my body
Nov 2014 · 2.4k
marina Nov 2014
your bones fit into the holes
of mine , and maybe it hasn't always
been that way, but we've collided enough
times that i have invented craters just
for you, so, please,
don't leave them empty
crash into me
Oct 2014 · 539
rest now
marina Oct 2014
i want you to tell
me that none of this
that one day i will
be okay, someday soon
i'll forget about pain
i am tired
Oct 2014 · 412
june fourth
marina Oct 2014
i was not tired of
running until
the first time
you held my
hand and said
its okay,
be still,
be quiet,
be brave

with you,
time moves

and i
Sep 2014 · 408
marina Sep 2014
(i am tired of being
the part of your song that
cannot be finished)

      -- my hands get cold
      quickly, so take them please,
      tell me you'll love me
      for one more night and
      i'll ******* like i
      believe it,
      i'll do you a favor and
      pretend it never happened
      come morning if you
      pretend that you need me
      for now--

will you not write me
down because you're scared,
or because you don't
know how?
found in my drafts
Sep 2014 · 372
marina Sep 2014
i hate katie
for making you
cry, and i
hate your mom
for making
you feel like
you deserved
what you got,
but mostly,
i hate that
you and i
are so far
apart, that
i've become
your last -
resort call

i want to
be your best
friend again
i'm just trying to be honest more
Sep 2014 · 377
innocence lost
marina Sep 2014
i wish you didn't
treat me right,
because i'm so
******* tired
of loving you
more than you
love me
i thought it ****** the other way around, but i was wrong
marina Aug 2014
sometimes if
you linger long
enough, i can
still feel you
even after you've
gone, i can still
feel you,
i can still
Aug 2014 · 840
a letter
marina Aug 2014
these are the things
your mother never taught you:
someday you will break down
at a  traffic light, and you will
call your dad and cry and
it will be okay
you will fail math class
your first try, but eventually
you will get it right
some days you will feel burnt,
knuckles bruised and shoulders
shaking; you're too old to cry
but when no one is around
you will lose it
one day you will meet a girl who
changes everything, a girl who
looks at you like she believes that
under your skin you are
an ocean
under your skin you are
an ocean
i wish i could make sense for you
Aug 2014 · 510
marina Aug 2014
i cannot imagine
a day better than
laughter in the
air pockets
of tipped canoes
and lying out
on a boat
to watch the stars
with you
i found some old poetry
i'm also reconnecting with the friend i wrote this about
and it feels good
Aug 2014 · 471
honest songs
marina Aug 2014
strip me down
so that i'm just
skin and bone;
tell me i am
that you could
ever want,
tell me i am
tell me i am
Aug 2014 · 633
one two three drink
marina Aug 2014
i am licking
last night's prayers
off of my lips
and hoping that
this can
still be made
Aug 2014 · 887
like like love
marina Aug 2014
is       it
so hard to
tell          you
g o o d n i g h t
when i know
i'll see you
i read once that
the soul doesn't know
time   or   reason,   it   only
understands when it's
not whole.  i guess
that means
m   y
piece  ,  the
one    i've    thought
was too lost to be found
(my      hands      don't
s h a k e     w h e n
y  o  u   '  r  e
Aug 2014 · 490
what if what if
marina Aug 2014
she says
you have become
so good at
rationalizing your
that you've come
to a place where
you're not even
realizing when
you have a chance
if you would just

and i started to
what if i never
more than
seventy-five percent
of what i could
Aug 2014 · 389
a letter (10w)
marina Aug 2014
and this
t  i  m  e,
i will not
beg  you
t            o
s       t       a       y
i am learning how to say goodbye instead
marina Jul 2014
i have burned bridges
and put out their fires with
bare hands, tried to make
something of the ashes
because i always thought
moving forward was the
best way to deal until
i wasn't able to go back
Jul 2014 · 684
check yes or no
marina Jul 2014
my mother tells me to
choose wisely, and
i don't know if it's wise,
but there is no choice-

my answer will always be
Jul 2014 · 1.3k
i've never loved like this
marina Jul 2014
i         had         a
dream last night
that     you     fell
in      love     with
someone        else
and     i    realized
that  i  don't want
to      spend     the
rest        of       my
life    scared   that
i  might  lose  you

i         want        to
spend    that  time
waking             up
next      to       you,
seeing               the
world    with   you,
learning    how   to
grow   old  bravely
with                 you

and       i      guess  
what    i'm  trying
to         say         is

marry              me
Jul 2014 · 474
i want to be brave
marina Jul 2014
i feel like the
world is both
too big and
too small

i am being
swallowed whole,
but i have no
place to run,
nowhere to go
i want to be able to say it out loud
marina Jun 2014
he says
you're worth

and he
kisses me
like he
[ ]
Jun 2014 · 954
hotel thoughts
marina Jun 2014
i can't remember
what it's like to sleep in sheets
that don't smell like you

the day we went to the aquarium
was the day i decided to let myself fall
in love with you, and by 11:54 that
night i was practically suffocating
under the weight of words i did not
know how to say, so i simply took your
hands in mine and hoped that you
could read between the songs that i
whispered as you fell asleep.

we aren't much older
now, but wiser nonetheless,
and i have figured it out
you are beautiful
and i am not so scared and
i love you
marina Jun 2014
i want to live my life slow
and sweet, high on your couch,
lana del rey on repeat
Jun 2014 · 797
what if
marina Jun 2014
i am scared
you will tire
of hearing
me say
'i love
Jun 2014 · 618
marina Jun 2014
the boy you love is in your bed and
he is shaking

you wonder if it will always be like this,
tremors through his arms and legs, or if this
is only because he is wrapped in sheets that
smell like someone else.  so you offer him a bowl,
partly to calm him down but mostly because
when he takes a drag he cups his hands and
bows his head and it looks to you like he is
praying and his hands are still shaking and you
wonder if he has faith in anything and if not
maybe that thing could be you

so you clime beside him and you inhale as
he exhales and for a moment he is

the boy you love is in your bed and
you are shaking
Jun 2014 · 484
marina Jun 2014
kissing you felt like
swallowing fire, like drowning
in thin air, like causing an earthquake
under just my skin

and it was perfect
so i kissed him
marina Jun 2014
and it goes like this:
one day you will look at me
and tell me i'm beautiful like
you always do and i will
not be able to take it anymore

i've been trying hard not to
be in love with you like i know i always
have been, because since day one
i never wanted to just ******* or lie to you
or push you away

i just

beautiful you, with
your quirked eyebrow and your
mother's nose and your love of
stormy afternoons and most recently

(i think about you all the time)
you tell me, like i don't understand
but one day you will learn that
i have written hundreds of lines of
poetry about you and i hope that they
will make you
marina May 2014
like any
i'm obsessed
with being
some one
i do not want to tell stories, i want to live them
May 2014 · 1.5k
i hope you're okay
marina May 2014
every wall of this house reminds me
of you-

reminds me that you are 591 miles
away, and i haven't heard from you
for seventeen days, and i am beginning
to worry

before you left we sat on the
couch and i asked you to promise
me you would stay alive.
when i held out my pinkie you couldn't
take it, and i always tried to make sure
you'd never see me cry, but i couldn't
stand the thought of living
around your ghost and i guess i just
                                                   lost it

there is a cold spot on the sofa and
i wonder if it is you
i wish i were brave enough to ask
May 2014 · 1.3k
turn-up wednesday
marina May 2014
it is summer again, and
we are getting high underneath
the tanglewood bridge

our shoulders stick together
with sweat, one of us coughing,
inexperienced, the other

it is summer again, and
i don't remember a day when i
didn't want to spend
all my time with
idk this is just a thought more than a poem
May 2014 · 639
marina May 2014
you took every
fear i had about
and turned them
from mountains to
speed bumps,
reminding me
to slow down,
but never stop
i either get ahead of myself or nowhere at all
but he makes sure that i where i need to be and i love him for that
May 2014 · 1.1k
clean slate
marina May 2014
i want to cut myself
open, and pour out every
word i thought about
telling you but never did

and stitch myself
up without anyone's help,
and clean away everything
i have depended on to fill
empty spaces, and replace it
with something new

i want to paint over my
wounds so that i don't have
to be reminded of what
i went through to get here

i want to be beautiful without
you, i want to be courageous
May 2014 · 484
marina May 2014
i want to glitter
like dust does in
instead i'm sick
marina May 2014
you said
i heard that when
people are in love,
their hearts beat in sync

and you squeezed
my fingers
where my  pulse
raced in time with
[ ]
May 2014 · 625
marina May 2014
i am trying
to convince myself
that we are
he has a tumor on his brain
marina May 2014
i've been thinking about
how your favourite word
is ephemeral because
everything in your life
is so ******* fleeting

and i don't want to be
that way too
he says he still loves me and he has spent too much time not letting me know
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