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Jul 2022 · 57
Le Trio Joubran...
Marie-Lyne Jul 2022
Their music have the power to erase identities
For an hour and a half we forget where we come from
We are mesmerized by three souls dancing with their ouds
Their music make us feel nostalgic to places and people we will never visit again
We are in the presence of chaos, beautiful sunsets and wildfires emerging from a crescendo of melodies
Every person in the audience felt like they belong to this circle of life that they have created in their songs
You can understand them without words
You can enter their world of passion and feel alive, content and calm
Even your negative thoughts leave you
You are in the presence of performers who transformed your mundane reality into a majestic scenery that you can’t stop staring at!
#le #trio #joubran
Jun 2022 · 46
Marie-Lyne Jun 2022
You keep going
No matter what
No matter how tired you are
and how much time it’s going to take you
May 2022 · 162
Marie-Lyne May 2022
Gives me anxiety
May 2022 · 178
Marie-Lyne May 2022
Is my coping mechanism
May 2022 · 60
Always tell yourself
Marie-Lyne May 2022
I will not give up on my dream
No matter how many times I doubt yourself
Apr 2022 · 105
Know your worth
Marie-Lyne Apr 2022
Get away
from anything
That makes
you suffer
Apr 2022 · 49
Positive Vibes
Marie-Lyne Apr 2022
You are enough
No matter how many times
you start again
Mar 2022 · 70
Marie-Lyne Mar 2022
You will never find a soul similiar to yours
Feb 2022 · 101
Marie-Lyne Feb 2022
I need to use my mother tongue
Whenever I feel down
To express my feelings
To talk about what bothers me
Feb 2022 · 159
Marie-Lyne Feb 2022
What I don’t talk about
Is that sometimes I feel like an outsider
Like I don’t matter
Like I can’t do it
That things are impossible to achieve
I feel weird talking with my french accent
I don’t fit in
Feb 2022 · 45
Identity crisis
Marie-Lyne Feb 2022
Your identity
is something rare
manifest it
talk about it
Feb 2022 · 57
Marie-Lyne Feb 2022
You will find yourself
no matter how much time
you spend searching
Feb 2022 · 35
Stop hiding
Marie-Lyne Feb 2022
Stop hiding
Start showing up for yourself
Stop hiding
Your fear can push you closer to your goals
Stop hiding
You are here now so take advantage of it
Feb 2022 · 70
Marie-Lyne Feb 2022
It will happen to you
one day
out of nowhere
after a long day
You go back home
you take a shower
you start to prepare dinner
and then suddenly
you look outside
The fresh air visits you
You close your eyes
You feel a divine serenity
and your mind starts playing
all the events from your youth
Comme back child, here is your home
you are welcome
you are loved
Carry on even if fear lives in your heart
Feb 2022 · 452
Marie-Lyne Feb 2022
On the road
you’ll find answers
to your concerns
and death will integrate
the circle of life
Feb 2022 · 541
A message for you
Marie-Lyne Feb 2022
I never hated you
And I never will
Jan 2022 · 67
Hello, 2022
Marie-Lyne Jan 2022
I am grateful for the little things that pass by as mundane and unimportant
I am grateful for my family that strengthens me
everytime I want to give up
I am grateful for routines that organize my life
I am grateful for everything that makes life boring
I am grateful for my negative and bad days
I am grateful for the snow and the fresh air
I am grateful for my soul for never leaving my body
2022, I believe you’ll make feel more grateful
Jan 2022 · 582
Marie-Lyne Jan 2022
You are not stuck
if you live in the same space
You are stuck
When you wake up everyday with the same mindset
Jan 2022 · 100
Les musées de Paris
Marie-Lyne Jan 2022
Remind us
That even dead people
Still get visits and attention.
Jan 2022 · 304
Montréal,je t’aime.
Marie-Lyne Jan 2022
Travelling make us
More grateful
And appreciative
Of what we already have
Jan 2022 · 59
I’m back
Marie-Lyne Jan 2022
It feels good to be home again
In our comfort zone
In our bed
In our space
Dec 2021 · 188
Marie-Lyne Dec 2021
Makes me
My self worth
Dec 2021 · 177
Sociology of life
Marie-Lyne Dec 2021
Life is absurd
Full of injustice
Social problems
Is it okay if we feel
And shocked ?
Nov 2021 · 63
Le spectacle
Marie-Lyne Nov 2021
When family reunites
They are supposed to talk about their needs
What bothers them
What make them suffer
It’s not a spectacle
Where you only talk about the positive things
Just to show that you’re strong
Stop acting
It’s not a tv show
Nov 2021 · 252
Marie-Lyne Nov 2021
If it takes time
It’s worth it
Nov 2021 · 159
End of semester motivation
Marie-Lyne Nov 2021
Trust the process
Results take time
You can do this
Your exams will pass
Your mental health is more important
Take your time to achieve things
Have patience
You are enough
Nov 2021 · 54
La neige
Marie-Lyne Nov 2021
Snow is an ennemy
That you’ll learn
To conquer
Nov 2021 · 37
Marie-Lyne Nov 2021
**** whoever turns your reality
Into a lie
Oct 2021 · 661
Marie-Lyne Oct 2021
You deserve
the same amount of love
you invest in other people
Oct 2021 · 329
Marie-Lyne Oct 2021
Try again eveytime you fail
Oct 2021 · 61
Marie-Lyne Oct 2021
Leave what makes you feel anxious
Sep 2021 · 70
Marie-Lyne Sep 2021
Don’t let society
Put you in box
Where you repeat patterns
Of how you’re supposed to live
Don’t listen to all their negative voices
You alone are capable
Of complete greatness
You can accomplish your dreams
Don’t rely on anyone’s presence
Be there for yourself
Your relationship with your soul is
The most important
Improve your capabilities
Get out
Have fun,
Travel and see life as it is
A chance to change your destiny
Aug 2021 · 65
Marie-Lyne Aug 2021
I lost myself
Trying to find you
Jul 2021 · 58
A lazy afternoon
Marie-Lyne Jul 2021
I always feel the need to go out
To walk aimlessly in streets I never visited
To explore new spaces
To meet the faces of strangers
To stare at artistic buildings
To enter random bookstores
and pick up coffee on the way home
Jul 2021 · 275
Marie-Lyne Jul 2021
You can be sad
But you can make yourself happy
Jul 2021 · 66
Do it !
Marie-Lyne Jul 2021
If it matters
If it’s your passion
And one of the rare things that can make you grow
Do it !
Jul 2021 · 62
Marie-Lyne Jul 2021
Keep hope aside
So whenever you want to give up
You’ll use
Jul 2021 · 136
More grateful
Marie-Lyne Jul 2021
Ask yourself everyday : What are the things I can change so I can feel more grateful?
Jul 2021 · 364
Accomplished goals
Marie-Lyne Jul 2021
Have faith in better days
In a better future
Look forward for accomplished goals
Jul 2021 · 56
Marie-Lyne Jul 2021
Keep space from the people who drain your energy
Stop seeking approval from everyone
Accept life even when it gets boring
And you lose the meaning of it sometimes
Jul 2021 · 56
Time is never important
Marie-Lyne Jul 2021
Believe in yourself
In your magic
You have endless potential
You can fulfill dreams
No matter how many it takes
Time is never important
Jul 2021 · 66
Let there be love
Marie-Lyne Jul 2021
Let there be love
Wherever you planted your regrets, sufferings and endless betrayals
Do not keep track of everything
But let go of all this weight
You can choose what you deserve
You are never stuck
Jul 2021 · 59
Marie-Lyne Jul 2021
I want to bathe in happiness
Let my skin touch the roots of gratefulness
And dip my soul in magical lands
Where my inspiration is constantly flourishing
Jun 2021 · 170
Marie-Lyne Jun 2021
We can stop talking to someone
We care about
And keep a safe distance
To allow ourselves to feel
And have the chance
To think
And reflect
Jun 2021 · 554
Marie-Lyne Jun 2021
We all need space
to figure out
what suits us the most
Jun 2021 · 367
Marie-Lyne Jun 2021
Never let someone convince you
That you have big dreams
Jun 2021 · 67
Marie-Lyne Jun 2021
Wake up everyday
And choose happiness
and inspiration
Jun 2021 · 49
Move on
Marie-Lyne Jun 2021
Move on
And stop worrying
Move on
And allow yourself to have bad days
Move on and choose yourself
Every time you want to give up
Move on
So the sadness will stop taking root in your soul
Stop having hope in a change of scenario
Stop overthinking
You are too precious to feel like this
You don’t deserve what happened to you
You are stronger than you think
Marie-Lyne Jun 2021
The one going through a break-up
The people who stopped talking to someone
They used to care about
Do not let them in again
No matter how many times they said they are sorry
Stop giving them the permission
To try again
Don’t let them disrespect you
Move on
Move on
Stop thinking about them
Stop allowing them a space in your heart
And in your mind
Believe in yourself
You deserve better
You are more
Than this relationship
You can be disappointed
But still choose
To move on
You can compare it to a failure
But you can still move on
It can hurt
But you can still move on
May 2021 · 79
Marie-Lyne May 2021
There are so many opportunities
Out there
Yet why do I feel stuck?
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