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Marie-Lyne Mar 2022
You will never find a soul similiar to yours
Marie-Lyne Feb 2022
I need to use my mother tongue
Whenever I feel down
To express my feelings
To talk about what bothers me
Marie-Lyne Feb 2022
What I don’t talk about
Is that sometimes I feel like an outsider
Like I don’t matter
Like I can’t do it
That things are impossible to achieve
I feel weird talking with my french accent
I don’t fit in
Marie-Lyne Feb 2022
Your identity
is something rare
manifest it
talk about it
Marie-Lyne Feb 2022
You will find yourself
no matter how much time
you spend searching
Marie-Lyne Feb 2022
Stop hiding
Start showing up for yourself
Stop hiding
Your fear can push you closer to your goals
Stop hiding
You are here now so take advantage of it
Marie-Lyne Feb 2022
It will happen to you
one day
out of nowhere
after a long day
You go back home
you take a shower
you start to prepare dinner
and then suddenly
you look outside
The fresh air visits you
You close your eyes
You feel a divine serenity
and your mind starts playing
all the events from your youth
Comme back child, here is your home
you are welcome
you are loved
Carry on even if fear lives in your heart
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