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Maria Rodriguez Feb 2013
Clammy hands
Fumbling fingers
Shuddering breaths
Then the pounding of your heart
Where there was total confidence
There is now nothing but doubts
Eating away at you
What seemed like a good idea
Now seems like the biggest of mistakes
Can't take it back
Have to live with the consequences
Made your choice
Now live with it
Was it worth the risk to your heart?
January 21, 2013
Maria Rodriguez Feb 2013
A plastic smile
Fragile as glass

Easily made
Easily broken

A reminder of something lost
Something hard to find.

A plastic smile
Fragile as glass

So easy to make
So easy to break

Lost hopes
Broken dreams

Shattered in pieces
Never to be put back together

A plastic smile
Fragile as glass

Made in hopes,
That it won't be broken again.
January 21,2013
Maria Rodriguez Jan 2013
You say you want me,
        But not for forever.
You say you need me,
        But not for forever.
You say you love me,
        But not for forever.
You fill me with hope,
        But you will yank it all away when you are done with me.
You tell me such sweet lies,
        But you are just slowly breaking my heart with each word.
You say you love me, you need me, you ask me to be yours,
        *But not for forever.
Maria Rodriguez Oct 2012
Can't  find you
I've  been looking for so long
Where are you?
Are you searching for me?
I can't  keep living this way
I'm  tired of looking only to come up empty
Why can't  I  find you?
Are you hiding?
I've  waited so long for you
I want so bad to find you
I need you in my life

I know you'll  be exactly what I  need
I've  waited this long
I'll keep waiting
Untill it's my time to find you
"God has someone really special for you.
That's  why you've  had to wait so long."
How I  hope this is true
Have to be patient
I'll find you when I'm  ment to
but please hurry
I need you so much
I'm  so lonely without you.
Maria Rodriguez Oct 2012
Waiting for things to change.
Waiting for things to get better.
Gotta stop waiting
Gotta make things better.
I need help
I need you
Please be there for me always
Please don't  ever leave me
Make me yours
Make me special
I need you
I love you
Don't  leave me all alone
Not again
I won't  survive
Maria Rodriguez Oct 2012
And just before he feel asleep
He whispered
"You're just as lost as I am"
It's the sadest yet most sweet
Thing anyone has said to me.
Just knowing that there really is
Someone just like me
Lost and alone
Even though we are surrounded
By those that say they love us.
You listened
Even though you barely know me.
You held me while I cried
And just let me be.
Not trying to give me empty words.
Giving me comfort without even trying to.
You let me in and held my hand.
It was lovely
I will never forget.
Thank you
It means more than you will ever know.
Maria Rodriguez Sep 2012
Can you see inside me
To that place
Where all my fears live and grow
Eating away at me.
Have you seen
That place inside me
So full of darkness
And hate
So much hate it's hard
So hard, to hard to hide it.
A place filled with bitterness
And cold.
A coldness so strong
It seems nothing can melt it.
Have you seen that place inside me?
A place that scares me
And will never be filled with light
Can you see it?
It's such a small part of me
But it's filled with all the things
I try to hide from everyone
Especially from myself
I don't know how to change it
Can you see it?
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