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Jul 2017 · 643
Makiya Jul 2017
there is all this tissue before
The Heart

poorly guided fingers     Reach
turning stones in their wake
freeing half-formed ideas

wading through
pools of inhibitions and
Fear and --

there is a Sunset

cheek-to-cheek with Missouri hills in the distance, tickling wildflowers with
bated breath
as you        
Sep 2016 · 797
The Great Battle
Makiya Sep 2016
there wasn't much of a struggle, only
a few words exchanged, one
shot fired      and

no one died.

my body remains, but I lost
my dominant hand, my left

I learn to write again --
my hand grows steadier
with practice each

I lean
a little more to the right
than I used to

& the view from my window has changed.
Sep 2016 · 438
Makiya Sep 2016
from the first kiss of the day
to the last kiss at night
we smirkingly wring the grey waters of
Logic & Reason
from our Passion
(so that it smells like
newly-washed old
bed sheet
deeply rooted in  
Hole-y Memories
Faded 'I love yous'
Nostalgic 'We've done this befores'
Hopeful 'Let's do it agains'
Jan 2016 · 956
Makiya Jan 2016
where will your eyes lay me ?
on the edge of our bed, where years have folded our skin together
in a filter of light

or in some dark place that has yet to find us
in the damp afterplace of things unresolved--

I picture you turning,
my transgressions braided, trailing behind as your steps grow more and more    sure.

Jan 2016 · 486
sally (#2)
Makiya Jan 2016
in  hibitions
these little horses we have yet to

Dec 2015 · 873
Makiya Dec 2015
beige sits in your skin, layers in
various shades. sometimes I mistake it for
pink, in the shadows

but no
mostly just

Nov 2015 · 820
Makiya Nov 2015
last night I had a poem inside me, I lost it on the highway
in the Christmas of red and white continuous light
on either side

there were other thoughts, in other cars - their webs spun & ready

the wind beat against my window, holding the tail of it --
"there's still time"  

but I just looked back at you, driving.
hands sure, your unsmiling lips somehow
still holding,

and remembered this sizzling, poppin' n' fizzing

and could have written
pages and pages and instead

Oct 2015 · 920
walls and all
Makiya Oct 2015
I want to lay blankets over your head,
Hold a flashlight while you read my palm, my wrist my elbowmybreasts
I want to pay homage to your chest and
It's many rhythms, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4
Whatever, I don't know anything about timing,
Or I would have met you 6 years ago,
Before she broke your heart so that by now perhaps it may have grown
The size of this room we share
Instead, for now I'll hear you out in whispers

and in quiet
     morning conversations
Makiya Mar 2015
new day,
old men and

every hour
retains their listless exhaustion;
half-hearts beat in their chests.

"The sky is bright today," I say, making
small talk.

"Don't worry, " he says through a concrete smile,
"we're tinting the windows tomorrow"
Working as a receptionist in a car dealership weighs on me sometimes.
Mar 2015 · 552
Makiya Mar 2015
dressed in shadowed blues,
ashed hues

you sigh --little whisper of wind from your
caves and you think it is
the deepest your chest
will ever sink

don't know how you sit,     curved in
with that            !sky overhead
wish you would look up.
Jan 2015 · 484
ex hilirating
Makiya Jan 2015
like children in church
you make me feel the dangers of
a simple whisper,     heads turn
slow burn

feel it hot on skin, deepening as the stare sets   in
Jan 2015 · 448
Makiya Jan 2015
haze    lifted,

lipped oh's, pink
hope and

I wish sometimes
and sometimes I
forget I have the ability to

I hope sometimes and
sometimes the idea gets caught
on the way up my
at the moment, though
I do wish you weren't caught in the net of stars in my peripheral vision.
Jan 2015 · 483
Makiya Jan 2015
I can re-focus my eyes a million times
and still see only the smile that spreads like butter on hot

you seem a combination of
all the love poems I've ever written      the various parts
of those I have loved, and the parts which
I have not

and you are in every morning, every morning
you have in you; the only reason        for which  
                                                         ­             I wake
Jan 2015 · 646
if you let me,
Makiya Jan 2015
I'll take your breath in
my lungs,      have it ready for la petite mort

your many

exhale &giv;; you
la vie     again,
Dec 2014 · 1.1k
at the dentist's office
Makiya Dec 2014
there's a picture of sunflowers, my favorite
by far. one
leans apart from the congregation, rests
it's head on a wooden fence.
a visible sigh in it's face

it's posture affects --
and though time accelerates,
there is still gold in the lines of my face,
some days    the light catches

and warmth Ihold in my pockets
for days like today, I drizzle it on my tongue.

&my; insides are wrapped in dusty glow
from eons before
I began to wilt
Dec 2014 · 733
Makiya Dec 2014
there are pocket s
of time  we use
to crawl inside one another, sleep like we would
have never known the difference, before       /after

& our excuse is
the skin of our hands meeting that of our thighs and
we are all at once a giant        sigh, together

we come, beautiful,
in the moment s like this,

we shift,

like this
like this
Makiya Dec 2014
, I want more
your cradling arms, your
pushagainst, small brush in passing
that sends a warmth crawling    up      my neck

as much as I am young & new
and pink and yellow just as bright as
a daisy! sometimes

I long, too
for the softness of longevity
like wind on my cheek, you

are almost all light, sometimes, I never

somedays, I'm sure the hue of your skin is
all filter, and I am just romanticizing,
as always

but the red in your beard is all the harshness in the world, sometimes.
and the sound of your laughter fills my head, echoes as if this small room
were an abandoned cathedral


your voice
the first prayer heard in a hundred years.
Dec 2014 · 773
you are such a feeling
Makiya Dec 2014
your skin is not animated as I would have   imagined, a little
freckled, bespeckled with blemishes but I don't
mind those -- only the way your mouth is so pink after kissing me,
only how your tongue blooms from the back of your throat.

you don't     differ from
any lover in any specific way, just
the after, and how I don't feel
cold. no, just

I hear no thunder, see no storm slow approaching,
but rain hits the pavement I stand on, which in it's solidity
impresses upon me the urge to run  -   but I won't just yet
Makiya Nov 2014
left the lid off and it molded over
night, let it sit out a little too
long, the taste is a little off-- I hope you got my message.

my aimless fingers, are spinning webs of websof

probably won't answer.

I have no direction, only
intentions and a bowl full of hope, Ihave
an extra   spoon.

a little past noon, now.

and I find I have trouble
taking you in all at once, there is
a pink-like hue   to all of your newness,
like I'm looking through
rose-colored glasses

like there is always a 'Theme For A Pretty Girl Who Makes You Believe God Exists' playing in the background when you cross the street or
stand, waiting for a friend.

I'm not sure whether it is you I miss, or
the coffee-stained pages of music (at least
I thought it was music)     we made when
we were together.

I often over-romanticize, but
I just thought I'd ask, just thought
I'd see if the breeze I felt was
from an open door or
from the inevitable cracks around the door frame.

I just thought--
I don't know.

oh god.
Makiya Nov 2014
sliced open, out the heart,
the pink of the citrus fruit.

Ate it like a monster.
Oct 2014 · 811
Makiya Oct 2014
every sooften, a day will wash over     leaving me
a little paler, a little thin ner

for the most part I crush it like a can and bury it in my chest,
pretend it's a necklace, wear a face to match
I'll take breaths so deep, but my chest won't move
up    or down, some days

I cut it into pieces, dangle it from the ceiling and watch it glint in the  
sunlight, some days

I pull it over my head like a blanket, and keep the dayshine
at bay, leave my limbs pale a little longer

it's almost a comfort

some days, It's almost as if
I breathe it as it
breathes me and

the wind we create together carries us
in it's length across
the valleys of our        
small universe
Constant Headache - Joyce Manor
Oct 2014 · 708
Makiya Oct 2014
I like to think I have a little moon
behind my lips, that you
could reach in & pluck

and in your eyes, reflecting
the rare bits of light that slip through
the blankets we cover the windows

I never know whether to look away
or to let them fade  
in slow-     motion
Makiya Aug 2014
wish I could push    when push is needed
keep a distance long enough and let the salt set
there is a bitter-
nesslike in the corners of my mouth
that I lick when you are too close,
your sweet becomes the air around me,
your sweet, dear

it is so much to
Aug 2014 · 368
if you pulled back my skin
Makiya Aug 2014
if you pulled back my skin you'd find a layer of grey underneath.
there is nothing new in me, my blood no longer red my flesh no longer
pink just grey and worn parts like the paint thin upon an old metal dinette
set. no ash, for i have not burned, no
mold for nothing could live off of the nothing in me.

then again, there is a heavy in my chest that sits. i cradle it
with my throat (try to pushit   down) and in between
my ears again when i begin to fall asleep, it
urges no dreams but
i like the pressure on my

my lips, my cheeks like a layer
of icing on a display

every soft haired, long
fingers will pass me in strides, avert their eyes and
eventually they won't
see me
at all.
Oct 20th '13
Aug 2014 · 368
Makiya Aug 2014
give me alittle warning, I could
have you  a little place cleared in my lungs
ready for whenever you need
to take a breath, give me a little
warning. I'll have you a
drawer space clear,
a fist's portion of my
heart in which to boil your blood and
a patch of sunlight in my window
for you to lie in,          bloom
Makiya Jul 2014
newspaper pages, leaving ink on my fingertips
a taste I can't get out of my mouth    & I can't re-bite that first bite.
rough, textured like the bottom of a swimming pool and all I want to do
is sit here. run my fingers over.  in the slowmoving distortion of sound and sight.         peaceful, not to know what exactly you're seeing, at first
what exactly you're hearing, at first
but you have to come up for air                          eventually
Makiya Jul 2014
it's like I was tied to a post, never tried
to untie it, myself but

then your subtle hands
all over

and I was    ******

in all this
space, love ly

can just spin, slower and slow er
until I find (read: believe) that
I don't need to

to be

I just have to

May 2014 · 436
Makiya May 2014
you have a downward symmetry about you, your mouth rests a bit too deep in your
chin, so to speak, you
speak in skinlight   my eyes slow to
capture all of you at once, b eaut  iful

honey, you
could speak in deep tones, rich and creamy
hard to swallow but   just

and yet your words bubbleout like brave
little warriors - they emerge in such
formation and
present themselves
, not to
Makiya Apr 2014
wish I could breathe into your everyday.
givealittle, creating potential energy and sending a chain
of buds into  b l o  o   m

cradle you in my          soft palette
                                  a gentle hum, then
swallow you whole, let you sit inside my
throat for a bit, let you glide through just like
a dream out the back
of the neck

you are caught in the net of stars that hangs in my

you are b eami ng
like a beaut, you are
emanating the  

and the slowly things  
and the drops goldenlike
that fall from your mouth          kiss the cement
                                                     when you
I love you and I miss you all the time.
Feb 2014 · 1.2k
Makiya Feb 2014
days are full of tulip lipping, like easy slipping of the
fingers through theory strands, soft-soiled land
    dip      yourself in

nights are littlesilver
slivers of one another, getting smaller and then larger
and then smaller again
I feel like this should be longer.
Feel free to add, if you feel so inclined.
Feb 2014 · 637
I will, if you will
Makiya Feb 2014
push all the air out – roll me up
so that I can cradle all of my solidity(as if it exists at all) and
stay in one place, perhaps grow roots there, as well
and begin to notice the slowly things, the tid bits, the every aspect in
the every eye about this    one    place. Watch it change and mourn it’s

yesterday as if it were a dear friend.
Feb 2014 · 760
my sister's painting
Makiya Feb 2014
the blue&purplelike;
is brush and stroked lightly so, my sister's
painting is brand new, ev'n though her
fingers have since threaded her through continents and
many a limb once thought dead, and then there was

no matter where my compass points,   the north is always new, and
my sister's blue never ages; only gradually does it grow dark in some
places, only over time does it     deepen and
                                                      settlei­n, cozy

nice n' clean, smooth on the surface but it goes
                deeper than you
            could imagine
Jan 2014 · 523
Makiya Jan 2014
today i fell in love with every face that didn't look away when we made eye contact, godjust lean down and (stoopinglike stone arches) lay heavy kisses that ground me so, just so i can stretch my toes and my neck through and pulling every nerve to it's end just
kiss you, too
Nov. 8th 2013
Oct 2013 · 550
Makiya Oct 2013
if I could, I would draw the back of every
time she turned away from me - her hair and how it met the base of the skull and repelled
downward or climbed back up, she'd cut it short and then
watch it grow,            

if I could, I would re-trace her ears and marvel at how the skin joined in perfect harmony behind them. if I could, I would have had her a million times more in between my fingers, running them through her - everyevery I have
and had and
will have.
Sep 2013 · 543
Makiya Sep 2013
i am comforted in my own. just like ice melts, only not so
warm, just warm     enough. lay like a leaf in the sun, holding up lace so that
when i lower it the pattern will be burned into my cheeks, intricate enough
so that people will have to lean inclose
to see

i am ever-changing, like forever-ever, like no mona lisa because
'bullets pass through me and I keep moooooooving'
only the bullets never reach me - i know i'm dreaming when i'm
Sep 2013 · 696
with little variation
Makiya Sep 2013
maybe you can feel me,               the clunk
in my chest                                    in yours

the drop                                    
                                                       in your

maybe you can see it,                   seeing
my eyes open as open                  your
                                      ­                 eyes

maybe you can hear it,                is
the hum inside my                       from your

maybe you can think me            as I
  ­                                                     you
to my best friend, whom I miss.
Aug 2013 · 544
Makiya Aug 2013
Jul 2013 · 777
we're trying
Makiya Jul 2013
the floor is covered in ash, we trudge
through to the kitchen to pour ourselves some coffee,
then to the bedroom to lay in the empty space there, left

our hands are never clean, our feet are always cold and
we don't have enough sense to cover them.

heavy faces, giving off sawdust smiles and
big red-marked cheeks from leaning too ******* other people.
we are craning over one another, reaching past one another, never holding

it's the emptiness left
from the previous emptiness
here, it's

awful here,
it's awful
When someone you love dies, for awhile, so do you.
Jul 2013 · 570
Makiya Jul 2013
guts feel as if they're being pulled through
the world's smallest needle's eye, threading
me into this. my tongue, still sore from this morning's
scalding coffee, I am training it to lay still.
small things begin to grow, reminiscent of
swelling waves, they will crash upon my head.
arms up, kissing my own chest, I do not offer
much protection for myself or
anyone, for that matter.
Makiya Jun 2013
my love is in this place;
runs through it like

and the wind carries our laughter.
Makiya Jun 2013
it helps to cradle your own, in the crook of your elbow like
a catch in the throat, like pulling off a sweater's static cling and
stripping down to nothing but a a set of teeth for eating and
a set of eyes for tearing up when you feel human enough
Apr 2013 · 2.4k
she is/I am
Makiya Apr 2013
inlove with a girl who breathes like
snow so light, it is almost
nothing, nothing at all

inlove with a girl whose skin rubs against mine as
a tongue fondles peaches(cling)

inlove with a girl who sighs like the crest of a wave, falling
to meet the rest of it's body(russsshh)

inlove with a girl whose move-
ments collect eyes like her hair collects
rain or her toes collect sand

inlove like I am
inlove, like I am
Mar 2013 · 694
Makiya Mar 2013
this escapes me like the sigh escapes through the
teeth, feeling lucky to have been breathed
so it can graze lips
and finally d i  s    p       e            r                     s                                      e

                                                                ­                     e
            at                        s                        ­    
                  mo                                r
      ­                                           phe
Makiya Mar 2013
there is no blood rush in this, there is no
heel-over-*** worship, waiting like
an obedient dog

we are getting old, coma-
tose, we are getting more
lace-like and fragile as we

races and
heavy everyday footfalls, good
practice for when we
lose our
don't listen to what they tell you. it's bad for the soul.
Makiya Mar 2013
I will not end for you, no.
I will begin, and I will keep
on beginning.

I will lick peach juices from
my fingertips like mama's milk
dripping from the ****. I will wrap myself in
silk sarongs and stay that way for days,
marveling at the texture of my own skin.
I will run naked through the rain and
liberate myself in knowing that
what will happen will happen and
there is no safe way out. I will sit close
and listen. I will breathe water lying still
in a stream. I will eat poems for
breakfast and I
will slowly learn
how to die.
Makiya Feb 2013
reachreach a
littlemore a

closetoyou, closeto me

close toyou

enough tobe
I really was very drunk.
Makiya Feb 2013
the impression of everything
finally fit into the impression left by the first (as it always does) but

it was only the shallow end, and wonder goes
deeper, at least to the 6ft that goes over my head
(as it always does) and now

I am chopped into several different
pieces like the syllables in a word -- you've gotta

you've gotta get me out
of the brain to the tongue to your
lips and teeth -- so sweet! the satisfying end to

isn't it?
Makiya Jan 2013
I'm up in knots again, today like
tug-of-war inside my chest like
little kids at recess - pulling, pull
ing but it never breaks because
who has upper body strength at age eight?

and tears like ringing a rag, can
never get every drop out.

and every day a bucket of water over my head,
head's so full my eyes could fall out, draw
out my sentences to fill the space between me
(at the top of the lungs like a
yawn perched, but it never rises)
and the space between you (I couldn't
ever fill it.)

the feeling builds and any way I lay
there's a pocket of my body to fill.

so I tuck my knees to my chest,
stretch my chin over top,
no escape, no empty space
curled up

like a newborn baby
so in the morning I
can re-learn how to breathe,
to speak and speak my mind

I can re-trust,
re-hope and re-

breathe new air, just
one day's worth. so I can
re-position myself on the map,
point and say, "I am here!"

and feel it, too.
Dec 2012 · 734
Makiya Dec 2012
arms around you
like a sack of flour

curled up
     so delicate
A Found Poem from the book 'Meet the Austins'.
Dec 2012 · 791
the after
Makiya Dec 2012
I started
my clothes,
hugging them
as though
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