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Mary-Taylor Valand
28/Gender Nonconforming/denver, co    work for your own bliss and it will spread
United States    INFJ Male Gemini
My cat is a wonderful person.
george glass
Los Angeles   
AZ    a girl in the world.
living that college life. message me with edits please.
Beth Taylor
i never paid much attention to abandoned buildings until i became one
Zoë Bestel
Middle of Nowhere    songwriter. tea adorer. book reader. ukulele player. i write songs. but i guess they are really musical poems.
Joshua Haines
26/M/Father, Husband, Writer    Wear a mask.
I'm not a threat but I am insane
Greenville, sc    My life is messy but I’ll choose to love it anyway. I’m here to vent.
Kyle Kulseth
M/Bozeman, MT    Hi, I'm Kyle. Hello Poetry is where people like us go when we realize we're not talented enough for! I write ornery bummer stuff, ...
Jeremy Boyd
Maryland    joke joke
Stephanie Lynn
Illinois    Be yourself as God made you to be, there is no other you and there is no other me.
Aly the Pear
Iowa    I am Alyssa and this is a collection of my wildly mediocre melancholy poetry. Enjoy.
Sacramento, CA, USA    trying
Walt Disney World    I write, but I'm not sure why.
Julie Butler
CA    more.
Alinne Hayward
Nick Hernandez
Los Angeles    Im Nick, Im 24 and I write in a notebook, but I guess this is cool too.
Lora Cerdan
Philippines    I'm a fictional character in a non-fictional world.
Haydn Swan
Purgatory    ''Come take a walk, join me in my moonlit charade, shadows play, darkness sings, the curtain opens and the act begins ... '' I am ...
Austin Heath
Cleveland, OH    ~Princess Sleepyhead; He/Him Musician, writer, nihilist, feminist, and Street Fighter enthusiast.
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