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Kenēn Apr 2020
the path i took
welcomed no strangers
so when i am lost
i am lost alone
Kenēn Aug 2017
'Wag muna nating tuldukan
Ang paglalakbay sa dilim
Kung saan ito patungo
Alamin muna natin bago gumabi

Malay mo sulit pala ang lahat ng luha at tula
Ang mga pakikinig sa ulan
Ang mga bakanteng titig sa kawalan
Ang madalas na pagpigil sa sariling tumakbo palayo

Palayo sa hapo
Sa sakit na medyo sobra na
Sa pilit na bulong na 'kaya pa'
Siguro, siguro...

Palapit na ang bituin at buwan
Magsisimula na ang sayaw ng mga alitaptap
Kaya dito muna tayo
Wag muna nating tuldukan.
Kenēn Jul 2017
'Twas the end to all days
The moon will cast its light tonight
Tomorrow laughter will resound
Of joys and mocking sadness
But the care has been cast to wind
Upon the abandonment of life
You'd know there's no honor in silence.
Kenēn Mar 2017
When I am grasping for you
It's like chasing summer all around the continents
The heat that serenades your heart
Shining upon those caverns of iced droplets
Which heavens forbids
To be walked upon
or be gazed on.
Kenēn Mar 2017
Go implies leaving.
The separation of ways.
And of course the unsaid 'whys'.
Kenēn Mar 2017
It's either love or vengeance
No healing in between
Because love
is not a sickness and vengeance
My friend cannot be healed.
Kenēn Mar 2017
I don't need a monologue about freeing love
I want to talk about the binding ones
The ones that leaves no bruises
But broken bones and torn muscles
and the love limps
aches, shakes and longs to quit
To crawl away from this madness of heaven
But as I've said, binding.
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